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7 Labradoodle Haircuts & Grooming Styles in 2023 (With Pictures)

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The Labradoodle is a hybrid breed, a cross between the loyal Labrador and the posh Poodle, and has become a popular designer breed in the last few decades. They were first bred in Australia in the late 1980s in an effort to produce a hypoallergenic guide dog and sparked a designer breed revolution.

Not only are Labradoodles great for owners with allergies (though no dog is 100% hypoallergenic), but they are also gentle and sweet dogs that make ideal family pooches too. While they are low-shedding dogs, their thick coats still need regular grooming and brushing, plus a haircut every few months.

Here are seven of the best haircuts for Labradoodles this year that your pooch will love!Divider 8

The 7 Labradoodle Haircuts & Grooming Styles

1. Puppy Cut

Our first Labradoodle haircut style is the Puppy Cut. The “Puppy Cut” is one of the most popular haircuts for Labradoodles and for good reason. The cut is named for its resemblance to the coat that it would have naturally as a puppy. It not only looks great but is also functional, and your pooch can go for a few months without any knotting, matting, or needing another haircut. It is also one of the easiest cuts to do yourself, and if you invest in clippers, you’ll save money on pet grooming bills.

2. Teddy Bear Cut

The “Teddy Bear” cut is another popular Labradoodle haircut and is similar to the Puppy Cut but leaves the hair around the face and legs longer. This cut gives them an adorable Teddy Bear look. It takes a fair bit more maintenance, though, and will need to be done fairly regularly, as the coat is left slightly longer.

3. Lamb Cut

Our next Labradoodle haircut style is the Lamb Cut. This cut was originally designed for Poodles and other breeds with curly coats but works great with Labradoodles too. The coat on their legs is left slightly long and fluffy, while the body and head are sheared short. The ears are left long, giving your pooch an adorable lamb-like appearance. This cut requires slightly more skill to perform but is a great low-maintenance style to keep your Labradoodle knot-free.

4. Kennel Cut

Perfect for summer months, the Kennel Cut is as simple as it gets. Your Labradoodle is shaved all around, down to around ½ inch of hair — except the ears in some cases — which is great for keeping your pooch cool in hot weather. It is also the go-to style if your pooch is covered in matting and knots that cannot be brushed out.

5. Lion Cut

The Lion Cut is fairly self-explanatory: Your labradoodle is shaved all over except for a “mane” around their head and neck and a poof at the very end of their tail. It is a head-turning cut for sure and has become a popular choice among Labradoodle owners. This cut takes some skill, and you’ll likely need to go to a professional groomer to pull it off properly. Also, it takes a fair bit of maintenance, and you’ll need to brush their “mane” at least every other day.

6. Long Clip

This haircut is a simple cut all around the body to around 2 inches long. It will keep your Labradoodle cool but still allow for an adorable wavy and curly coat to comb through. This cut requires regular brushing, though, and you’ll need to visit the groomer often to keep it at the right length.

7. Short Clip

Our last Labradoodle haircut is the Short Clip. Similar to a Kennel Cut but slightly longer, the Short Clip is also ideal for warmer weather. Your Labradoodle is shaved all around to about 1 inch long, except the ears, in some cases. This cut is great for summer and minimizes the need for brushing and grooming, and your pooch will be knot-free for several months.Divider 4

Can you groom a Labradoodle on your own?

With the correct equipment and time and patience, you can take grooming your Labradoodle into your own hands. Make sure their eyes are free from hair so they can see properly, and keep their ears fairly short to prevent matting. Be sure to take care around these sensitive areas, especially with scissors.

Some dogs love to be groomed, while others will run a mile. This has nothing to do with breeds or genetics and everything to do with correct training. For dogs that have long coats that need regular grooming, try and get them accustomed to the process from as young an age as possible. Make the process something to forward to, with treats as rewards and tons of praise!

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Do Labradoodles Need Haircuts?

Keeping your dog’s coat short will help prevent matting and knotting and keep hair from falling out all over your home. Regular haircuts will also keep your Labradoodle cool in the summer months, and you won’t have to brush them as often with shorter cuts!

Featured image credit: Joshborup, Pixabay

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