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Litter Champ vs Litter Genie: Which One Is Better for My Cat?

Jessica Kim

By Jessica Kim

Litter Champ versus Litter Genie - FT

Both Litter Champ and Litter Genie are brands that manufacture pet waste removal systems. They’re most notably known for their high-quality cat waste bins that help reduce odors and make cat litter cleanup a quick and easy process. The products of both brands are popular amongst cat owners, and you can find numerous positive reviews for each one.

There are a few key notable differences between each brand’s pet waste bins, and we’ve done thorough research to provide an accurate analysis and comparison. We’ll go over what the different brands specifically offer and how they perform against each other, and we’ll help you determine which one is best for you.

A Quick Comparison

Brand name Litter Champ Litter Genie
Established 1985 2012
Headquarters Rancho Cucamonga, California North Bergen, New Jersey
Product lines Pet waste bins and accessories Pet waste bins and liners
Parent company/ major Subsidiaries Janibell Angelcare

Brief History of Litter Champ

Litter Champ is a cat litter disposal system that’s owned by Janibell. Janibell is based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, and has been in business for over 30 years. Janibell specializes in manufacturing waste disposal systems for various industries. Along with Litter Champ, the company makes specialized waste bins for both home and commercial settings.

The Litter Champ line of products was created to make litter box cleanup as convenient and quick as possible. The products are also designed to reduce odors and are particularly appealing to multi-cat homes because they can help reduce the time it takes to clean out litter boxes.

LitterChamp Cat Litter Disposal System

Brief History of Litter Genie

Litter Genie is a brand that belongs to Angelcare. Angelcare was founded in 1997 and initially manufactured baby products, including baby monitors and nightlights. The company eventually created the Diaper Genie, which is a specialized waste bin that blocks odors and makes diaper changing and disposal quick and easy.

Angelcare expanded to pet care and created the Litter Genie, which is modeled after the Diaper Genie. Today, it has a few variations of the Litter Genie waste bin and manufactures other litter box products and solutions. It also has another cat litter waste bin design called LitterLocker.

Litter Genie Ultimate Disposal System

Litter Champ Manufacturing

Janibell’s headquarters is in California, but it’s unclear where the company manufactures its products. Litter Champ’s website states that Janibell, Inc. is a “global manufacturer and distributor.”

It’s most likely that Janibell has a manufacturing factory in California as well as other locations throughout the US. Neither Litter Champ nor Janibell explicitly states that their products are all sourced and made in the US. So, they may have factories in international locations, especially if Janibell is a global distributor with an international clientele.

Litter Genie Manufacturing

Litter Genie is also unclear about where its products are manufactured. Its headquarters is in New Jersey, so some items may be manufactured within the state. We also can’t rule out that Litter Genie has factories located in other states. We do know that one product, the Litter Genie Easy Roll, is made in the US, but the exact city and state aren’t specified.

Litter Genie’s parent company, Angelcare, produces a wide variety of baby care and pet wellness products. It distributes products globally, and its main headquarters is in Montreal, Quebec. So, it’s possible that parts and pieces may be manufactured in Canada and other countries outside of the US.

Litter Champ Product Line

Litter Champ is most well-known for the Litter Champ cat litter disposal system. You can find other products manufactured and sold by Litter Champ, including the Litter Pan, Training Champ, and Dooty Champ.

Litter Champ

Litter Champ is a cat litter disposal system that specializes in reducing odors in the home and making cleanup easy for cat owners. With the parent company having an extensive line of baby products, it’s no surprise that Litter Champ is a sturdy canister with a child-proof lock to keep children safe.

The outer layer of Litter Champ is made with non-porous material to prevent odors from getting absorbed. It’s also made with ABS resin, which can withstand physical impact and is resistant to deteriorating from corrosive chemicals. The cat litter scoop that comes with Litter Champ is also made with the same ABS resin, and it conveniently hangs on a hook attached to the side of the canister.

Litter Pan

Litter Pan is Litter Champ’s specially designed litter box that’s suitable for all life stages. It has a low entry point to let small kittens and older cats with arthritis enter and exit easily. The sides have high walls to prevent messes from getting on floors and walls. It’s made with non-porous plastic, so it won’t absorb odors.

Training Champ

Training Champ is a waste disposal system specifically designed for containing used dog training pads. It’s made with similar materials and has a similar design as the Litter Champ, but it has a larger canister.

Dooty Champ

Dooty Champ is a pet waste bag for walks and travel. It has a large size to suit all dog breeds, and it’s lightly scented to mask odors. The bags are eco-friendly and made with biodegradable material.

Litter Genie Product Line

Litter Genie exclusively sells cat waste systems, so you’ll find more sizes and varieties of Litter Genie pails. The company currently sells four different waste bins and one litter box.

Litter Genie Pail

The Litter Genie Pail is the main product sold by Litter Genie. It has an odor-locking system with a separate container to store cat litter. It uses a seven-layer refill bag that has a special odor barrier technology to prevent odors from permeating throughout rooms.

The standard Litter Genie Pail has a compact design and can hold up to 14 days of cat litter for one cat. The Litter Genie Pail also comes in Plus and XL models to accommodate multi-cat homes and larger cat breeds.

Litter Genie Easy Roll

The Litter Genie Easy Roll is an updated version of the updated Litter Genie Pail. This pail is made with 99% recycled plastic and has refill rolls that can hold cat litter for up to 8 days. Each roll can last up to 6 months for one cat.

Litter Genie Litter Box

The Litter Genie Litter Box is made with flexible, antimicrobial plastic. It has two handles, so it’s easy to pick up and clean out. It also has tall, thin walls to prevent spraying on walls. Since this litter box is lightweight and flexible, it can easily fit in a variety of spaces.

Litter Champ vs Litter Genie: Price

When it comes to price, Litter Champ and Litter Genie fall into similar price points.

Litter Champ

Litter Champ only has one model for cat litter canisters, and you can usually find it priced similarly to the standard Litter Genie Pail. You can purchase the Training Champ if you’re looking for a larger option. While it’s designed for dog training pads, it can still hold soiled cat litter.

Both Litter Champ and Litter Genie use their own liners. One roll of Litter Champ’s liners can last up to 10 weeks, and they’re usually slightly cheaper than Litter Genie’s liners.

Litter Genie

The most budget-friendly option is the standard Litter Genie Pail. Litter Genie Plus and Litter Genie XL are slightly more expensive, but the price differential isn’t too far from the standard size.

The Litter Genie Easy Roll is the latest model, so it’s more expensive than the standard Litter Genie Pail. The main difference between the two models is the bag disposal systems. The Litter Genie Pail has liner cartridges that rest at the top of the canister while the Litter Genie Easy Roll’s liner compartment is located on the bottom.

One liner cartridge for the standard Litter Genie Pail can last up to 8 weeks. The liner cartridge for the Litter Genie Easy Roll comes with 24 perforated bags, and one cartridge can last for up to 6 months.

Litter Champ vs Litter Genie: Warranty

Currently, only Litter Champ has a warranty on its products.

Litter Champ

Litter Champ offers a 5-year warranty on its products. All you have to do is register your Litter Champ online. The warranty falls under Janibell’s manufacturer’s warranty policy, and you can receive replacements for defective products.

Litter Genie

Litter Genie doesn’t have a warranty or satisfaction guarantee. It sells its products through retail distributors, so refunds and returns will depend on the distributor’s policies.

Litter Champ vs Litter Genie: Customer Service

Litter Champ and Litter Genie offer different customer service experiences. Litter Genie has a more active social media presence and seems to be more interactive with customers than Litter Champ.

Litter Champ

Litter Champ’s customer service can be reached via phone, email, and online form submission. Real customer reviews can be found on Amazon, and many have positive experiences with customer service. Representatives have been courteous and quick and eager to resolve any product issues.

Litter Genie

Litter Genie’s customer service can be reached by completing an online form. The form can be a little difficult for new customers to find. You can access the form by clicking on a purple button located in the right-hand corner of Litter Genie’s website.

Customers generally have a positive experience with Litter Genie’s customer service. It has a relatively fast response rate, and issues are usually resolved quickly. Litter Genie also has a stronger social media presence than Litter Champ. Litter Genie posts regularly, while Litter Champ’s last post was several years ago. It also offers a loyalty program, so you can receive emails with updates and discounts.

Head-to-Head: Litter Champ vs Litter Genie Easy Roll

Litter Champ and Litter Genie Easy Roll are the bestselling products for each brand. One of the best features of the Litter Champ is that it has a foot pedal to lift the lid. The opening also has a child-proof lock on it so that children and pets can’t get inside. It also has a foldable handle near the top so that it’s convenient to carry it around and stow it away in a discreet location until you need to use it. The Litter Champ has a door that opens at the canister’s base, so removing filled bags is easy.

The Litter Genie Easy Roll prioritizes convenience and makes changing out liners very easy. The liners come in a cardboard cartridge, so all you have to do is insert it into the proper compartment and pull the first liner through the top of the canister. Rather than having a lock on top, the Litter Genie Easy Roll has a sliding handle that you pull to let cat litter fall through to a waste compartment. Once the litter is in the waste compartment, it’s nearly impossible for pets to access it.

Both models are effective in trapping odors and are similar in size. However, the Litter Genie Easy Roll has a slight edge because of the convenience, and it’s a bit more hygienic than the Litter Champ. While it’s nice that the Litter Champ has a foot pedal to open the lid, the cat litter scoop has to come in contact with a plastic flap to allow cat litter to fall through the waste receptacle. This isn’t too much of an issue if you’re using clumping litter, but if you have non-clumping litter, cat urine can easily dry on the flap.

Our Verdict: Litter Genie Easy Roll

Head-to-Head: Litter Champ Litter Box vs Litter Genie Litter Box

While Litter Genie’s Litter Box has a unique and flexible design, we prefer the sturdier Litter Champ Litter Box. This litter box is made with non-porous plastic that doesn’t absorb odors, so it’ll last a longer time. It also has a low entry point so that cats of all ages and sizes can easily step in and out of it. The height of the sides also prevents splashes from getting on your walls.

The Litter Genie’s Litter Box is still a worthy contender, and people who value convenience may prefer it over the Litter Champ’s Litter Box. It comes with handles, so it’s easier to clean. It can also fit in smaller spaces. However, the high entry point may make it difficult for kittens and older cats to enter through and use it.

Our Verdict: Litter Champ Litter Box

Head-to-Head: Litter Champ Liner vs Litter Genie Liner

When it comes to the liners, Litter Champ has the edge. These liners have less product waste, and they’re more eco-friendly. Litter Champ liners are one continuous roll, so you can change the bag size depending on where you tie the ends. The liner is also biodegradable, while Litter Genie’s liner isn’t.

Litter Genie’s liners definitely have a more convenient design. The liner for the standard, Plus, and XL models operate similarly to Litter Champ’s liner, but installing it is much easier because it comes in replacement cartridges that require fewer steps to install than Litter Champ.

The Litter Genie Easy Roll makes replacing liners an even faster process. However, the cartridges are a bit more wasteful. Both bags have several layers to trap odors, so they perform similarly when preventing smells from permeating.

Our Verdict: Litter Champ Liner

Overall Brand Reputation


Edge: Litter Genie

Overall, Litter Genie has the better design. While the Litter Champ has a more convenient cleanup process than the standard Litter Genie Pail, it doesn’t beat the Litter Genie Easy Roll’s design. Litter Champ’s foot pedal may seem convenient at first, but your foot has to constantly press down on the pedal in order to keep the lid open. The Litter Genie’s pails have lids that stay up once you unlock them, so you can easily scoop litter into the canister.


Edge: Litter Champ

Both Litter Champ and Litter Genie have similar prices. However, you’re more likely to save more in the long run if you purchase Litter Champ liners. While there isn’t much of a price differential, Litter Champ’s liners last for up to 10 weeks, while Litter Genie’s standard liners last up to 8 weeks.

The only time you may experience long-term savings is if you use the Litter Genie Easy Roll. It uses a different liner cartridge, and one cartridge can last up to 6 months.


Litter Genie offers more variety, so you can find products that fit your specific living situation. The standard Litter Genie Pail is sufficient for a single cat, while the Litter Genie Plus and Litter Genie XL are great for multi-cat homes and larger cat breeds.

Litter Champ offers just one model, and it’s about the same size as the standard Litter Genie Pail.


Edge: Litter Champ

Litter Champ has less product waste and sells biodegradable liners. Cat owners need to be mindful of their cat products because cat litter is already a significant source of waste. So, using biodegradable liners is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and be an environmentally responsible pet owner.


Overall, we would recommend Litter Genie to most cat owners. One of the main reasons why people purchase cat litter waste bins is for convenience, and Litter Genie Easy Roll has a simpler cleanup process. Litter Genie also offers different models that fit the varying needs of different cat owners. However, if you are looking to shop consciously, Litter Champ is the eco-friendlier option.

When it comes to price and odor control, you won’t find much of a difference between the two brands. So, when considering which product to purchase, make sure to clearly lay out your priorities to help you find the one that best fits your needs.

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