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11 Beautiful Mini Goldendoodle Colors (with Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

a mini goldendoodle puppy in a basket

Mini Goldendoodles are amazing pets that not only love their owners but are also gorgeous. Like most dog breeds out there, Mini Goldendoodles have multiple coat colors. If you’re considering one of these dogs as your newest pet, knowing a bit about their colors can help you choose your favorite. Take a look below at 11 beautiful Mini Goldendoodle colors you’ll fall in love with.

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The 11 Mini Goldendoodle Colors

1. Apricot Mini Goldendoodles

Mini goldendoodle
Photo Credit: DiZiga, Shutterstock

Apricot is a gorgeous Mini Goldendoodle color that is considered one of the most popular and sought-after. This orange-colored coat gives a Mini Goldendoodle the look of a cute teddy bear. Apricot Minis are born due to both parents having a recessive gene they pass down. When they are born, it is difficult to tell it’s an Apricot Mini as they have darker coats. The best way to tell is by looking at the eyes and feet. An Apricot Mini will have black eyes with black eye rims. You’ll also notice they have black toenails and nails.

2. Black Mini Goldendoodles

The rare Black Mini Goldendoodle comes from a recessive gene and only shows itself in second or third-generation puppies. You’ll also find that some Poodles, one of the parent breeds, can carry a fading gene that makes their black coats turn gray or silver as they age. That makes the Black Mini Goldendoodle a true rarity in the dog world.

3. Black and White Mini Goldendoodles

In some later-generation Black Mini Doodles, you’ll find white markings or mostly white coats with black markings throughout. These cute dogs are often called by other distinctions such as parti merle, phantom, and brindle. This is due to the markings and where they are located instead of the color itself.

4. Brown Mini Goldendoodles

Miniature Goldendoodle Dog
Photo Credit: Pxhere

The Brown Mini Goldendoodle, or chocolate as some call it, is extremely rare. This color is caused by a gene mutation that both parents must carry and pass down. Due to this gene typically creating a black coat, Brown Minis are often born very dark making them difficult to identify. However, as the pup ages, the coat colors will lighten and change to this beautiful color.

5. Blue Mini Goldendoodles

The Blue Mini Goldendoodle is born with a dark coat that features a steely tint. To achieve this color, both parents must pass down the recessive gene. In many cases, as the pup ages, you’ll notice the coat growing even lighter.

6. Champagne Mini Goldendoodles

Although born dark, the Champagne Mini Goldendoodle features a beautiful light coat with a yellow tint. Like most colors, champagne comes from a recessive gene. This gene is a red one that becomes diluted and forms a yellow tone.

7. Cream Mini Goldendoodles

happy mini goldendoodle at the park
Photo Credit: SoySendra, Shutterstock

A color popular with breeders is the Cream Mini Goldendoodle. This light-colored coat color allows for easy breeding with multiple colors to produce amazing color combinations. This color comes from both parents. Many dogs of this color will have pink noses and paw pads.

8. Gray Mini Goldendoodles

As we’ve already mentioned, Poodles are known for a fading gene. Thanks to this, Gray Mini Goldendoodles are possible. These pups are born with a darker-colored coat that will begin to lighten when they are 6 weeks of age. By the time Gray Mini Goldendoodles are 2 years old, they will have their permanent gray coloring.

9. Red Mini Goldendoodles

a miniature goldendoodle dog sitting near park fountain
Photo Credit: Kathy images, Shutterstock

A Red Mini Goldendoodle is created from both parents passing down a recessive gene. The coat of these dogs appears mahogany and is teddy bear-like in appearance. This beautiful color is one of the most popular among Mini Goldendoodle lovers.

10. Silver Mini Goldendoodles

If you begin noticing your Mini Goldendoodle has silver hair between its toes or silver roots, you may be the owner of a Silver Mini Goldendoodle. Lighter than Gray or Blue varieties, these Mini Goldendoodles begin changing colors between 6 and 10 weeks of age.

11. Golden Mini Goldendoodles

Many of the colors on our list can fall into this category but Golden Mini Goldendoodles deserve their own spot. Golden pups can vary significantly. They can have darker golden shades or lighter and everything in between. You’ll also find that golden colors on a Mini Goldendoodle can change throughout the dog’s life.

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Now that you’ve seen the varying colors of the Mini Goldendoodle, which is your favorite? As you can see, this dog breed embraces colors and makes them unique and gorgeous. No matter the shade you choose, you’ll have an amazing pet that will make you a best friend for years to come.

Featured Image Credit: SoySendra, Shutterstock

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