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Mini Goldendoodle Grooming: 10 Important Tips

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By Misty Layne

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Congrats on adopting a Mini Goldendoodle! Now comes the fun part—playtime, snuggling, long walks, and grooming. Wait, grooming? Alright, that part probably will be a bit less fun than the rest, but it’s a necessity, especially for the Mini Goldendoodle.

If you’re worried about grooming your new pup—perhaps you’ve never groomed a dog before and aren’t sure where to start or are afraid your dog will hate it—never fear because we have you covered with these 10 important tips for grooming your pet. With these awesome tips, grooming your Mini Goldendoodle will be much simpler, and you’ll both enjoy it more.

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The 10 Mini Goldendoodle Grooming Tips

1. Make sure you have all the required grooming tools.

If you’re doing a full-on groom of your Mini Goldendoodle (bath, brushing, cutting hair, trimming nails, etc.), you need to have all your grooming tools gathered and laid out ahead of time. Leaving your dog in the middle of grooming to grab another tool isn’t something you want to do. But which tools will you need?

You’ll need to have on hand a slicker brush, shampoo and conditioner, a steel comb, clippers, scissors for grooming, nail clippers, towels, a hair dryer, and possibly cutting shears. It’s a lot! You’ll have to find a space large enough to accommodate you, your pup, and all the required tools, too.

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2. Let your dog explore.

This tip isn’t really needed for dogs who are old hands at being groomed. But if this is your dog’s first (or even second or third) time being groomed, it’s wise to let your pet explore all the tools you’ll be using to groom it. Let your Mini Goldendoodle sniff everything and check it out. This should help your pup be less nervous when it comes time to use these tools.

3. Be armed with treats and patience.

It’s to be expected that your Mini Goldendoodle might be nervous when it comes to grooming, particularly if it isn’t used to it. But you can help your pup become more comfortable with grooming by ensuring you have plenty of treats (and praise!) on hand. Treats and praise offer positive reinforcement when your dog is calm; plus, treats can also provide a great distraction if your pet is having trouble staying in place.

Also, remember to be patient with your Mini Goldendoodle if it’s nervous, overly excited, or just overall wriggly!

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4. Brush before bathing!

You might have wondered whether brushing should come before or after bathing. People are torn on that one, and everybody does it differently. But we recommend brushing your dog out before bathing. Why? Because if your Mini Goldendoodle has matted fur and you bathe it, then those mats will become more difficult to get out after bath time as the water makes it grow tighter. But if you brush all the mats and tangles from your dog’s hair before you bathe it, you should have an easier time getting fur nice and neat after the bath.

5. Make bath time fun.

The good news is a lot of Mini Goldendoodles love the water, thanks to their Poodle heritage! However, all dogs are individuals, so yours might not be a huge fan. And whether your dog loves or dislikes water, making bath time fun will make the whole experience better for your pet. How can you make baths fun? Engage with your pet while bathing it by acting just a little excited and talking in upbeat tones. You can also incorporate those treats to keep your pup happy. Or you could turn bath time into a mini spa for your pet!

F1b mini goldendoodle puppy in a wooden bucket
Image Credit: Marcello Sgarlato, Shutterstock

6. Bathe your dog in the sink.

Bathing your Mini Goldendoodle in the sink isn’t necessary, but it will save your back a lot of pain! Not being hunched over a tub for the duration of a bath will be infinitely better for you, so if you have a sink large enough for your Mini Goldendoodle, take advantage. Your dog might also feel a bit safer in a space smaller than a tub, and if you’re using a kitchen sink, the spray hose is perfect for rinsing the dog off!

7. Groom in sections.

If your Mini Goldendoodle is having issues with grooming, whether it’s with the brushing or the clipping, consider breaking grooming down into sections. If your dog has problems staying still while being brushed, aim to brush one section of your pet each day (the face on Monday, the tail on Tuesday, etc.). This should make things easier. And if you’re having trouble with your dog while clipping it, you can do the same by only clipping a section at a time and taking breaks in between.

young woman grooming her mini goldendoodle at home
Image Credit: Kathy images, Shutterstock

8. Use a hair dryer to dry your pet off.

You still want to towel dry your dog off after a bath, of course, but after that, use a hair dryer to finish drying them. This way, you won’t have a wet pup running around the house while it waits to dry. Use the hair dryer at the sink to simplify things; just remember to hold the hair dryer between 12 and 18 inches away from your dog so it doesn’t get too hot.

Does your dog hate the hair dryer? You can try getting your Mini Goldendoodle used to it by having your pet hang out with you while you dry your own hair. Eventually, the noise should bother your dog less!

9. Learn how to trim nails.

Trimming a pet’s nails can be scary; cut too far, and you could end up making them bleed. But your dog’s nails will need to be trimmed. If you’re concerned you’ll injure your pet because you’re unsure how to cut its nails, ask your vet to show you how. They should be happy to help out! Also, keep in mind you’ll definitely need a helper when trimming your Mini Goldendoodle’s nails, as it will be a challenge to hold your dog and safely cut nails simultaneously.

And if you’re having trouble with nail trimming, you can always fall back on a groomer or your vet’s office to help!

groomer cutting paw hairs of curly poodle dog by haircut trimmer in grooming salon
Image Credit: olgsera, Shutterstock

10. Brush your pet each day to prevent tangles and mats.

A Mini Goldendoodle’s hair can be prone to mats and tangles, and you don’t want to deal with them all on the day you bathe your dog, as that will draw out grooming time. Instead, brush your pet for 5–10 minutes each day to eliminate tangles and mats and prevent more from occurring. It’ll save time in the long run!

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Grooming your Mini Goldendoodle can seem like an overwhelming process if you’re new to it, but it doesn’t have to be! Utilizing the tips above can help make bath time and grooming much more pleasant for you and your pet. Plus, these tips make grooming much simpler for you, and with them, you can spend more time enjoying bonding with your pet during grooming sessions rather than being stressed.

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