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Mlem vs Blep: The Differences & Meanings (With Pictures)

Ashley Bates

By Ashley Bates

Mlem vs Blep

In the ever-changing online world, memes surface like crazy every day! Our pets seem to provide lots of top-notch entertainment to online onlookers. So, if you are familiar with the world wide web at all, it’s probably no surprise to you.

But what does it all mean? There are tons of nonsense words floating around attached to pictures, and it’s hard to decipher the code! Two popular words are plastered all over pet memes: Mlem and Blep! Let’s figure out how these terms are used once and for all!

Mlem vs. Blep

To understand these terms a little better, let’s break them down! Two very distinct words, two very distinct meanings—thanks internet!

Mlem Overview

british shorthair cat doing mlem
Photo Credit: PHOTOCREO MichalBednarek, Shutterstock

Mlem, pronounced “mm-le-mm”, is used when a cat, dog, or other animal is sticking out their tongue. For example, if a precious kitty has a bit of their tongue hanging out and touching their lip, you can snap a pic and title it, “Mlem!”

Mlem is reserved for those special moments—the ones where your pet’s tongue is ever-so adorably hanging out of their mouth. Naturally, what else would come to mind when you see this onomatopoeia other than “mlem.”

But who owned it? Was it the cat? The dog? You might not want to be part of this great debate because cat and dog lovers are going at it for ownership of Mlem. Who is the correct one? Well, the term “Mlem” was first seen in 2015 on Imgur and Reddit. It was a video of a cat lapping water. So do cats own the Mlem?

But it’s also been used for Yoshi, the character from Mario, since it sounds so much like his signature sound. One thing is for sure, the Mlem isn’t going away!

If an example of Mlem is what you want, we can’t blame you! Check out this Mlem master. He knows what’s up. Excellent demonstration, if we do say so ourselves.

Blep Overview

tabby cat lying on the grass bleps
Image Credit: Marina Demidiuk, Shutterstock

Now that you have the total skinny on Mlem, let’s get to Blep. What is the difference? Here’s what we know for sure. Blep seems to be a more subtle version of Mlem and it came about after the former. So, Mlem was born and the more specific Blep is a less intense version.

So, it’s a little tongue, not a lot. It’s equivalent to your cat sticking out their tongue in a “na-na-na-na-boo-boo” fashion. This is an action done unwittingly though. They don’t know it’s happening, but the onlooker can certainly enjoy it.

So, you might get a few more Bleps than Mlems thanks to its subtlety. Lyle the cat can Blep all day long.

Brush Up On Your Online Pet Lingo

Now you’ve seen some pretty good demonstrations about the terms Mlem and Blep. Just remember, Mlem is the big tongue, Blep is the little tongue—both are welcomed at all times.

But Mlem and Blep aren’t the only cool words pet lovers toss around these days. There’s more! Brush up on your pet lingo so you can caption your photos correctly!

  • Boop—a bop on the nose
  • Beans—paw pads of your pet
  • Absolute unit—a big, bodacious bag of fur
  • Catto—variation of cat
  • Floof—a very fluffy pet
  • Sploot—a cat or dog sitting sprawled out
orange tabby cat sniffing a man
Image Credit: Magui RF, Shutterstock


What do you think? Do you feel well-versed in the new age pet lingo now? If not, you should really check out some more pet content to get better acquainted with these terms. After all, you can appreciate the posts a lot more when you know what they mean.

Featured Image Credit: (L) Santos Roman, Shutterstock | (R) Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

Ashley Bates

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Ashley Bates is a freelance dog writer and pet enthusiast who is currently studying the art of animal therapy. A mother to four human children— and 23 furry and feathery kids, too – Ashley volunteers at local shelters, advocates for animal well-being, and rescues every creature she finds. Her mission is to create awareness, education, and entertainment about pets to prevent homelessness. Her specialties are cats and ...Read more

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