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National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day 2024: History & How to Celebrate

Jana Blagojevic

By Jana Blagojevic

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National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day is a day that is meant to raise awareness of the illness called Canine Lymphoma. This day is observed on November 7th and is an excellent way to learn about this disease and its most common symptoms. It is essential to spread awareness on this day and to get more people educated on the matter.

Keep reading below to learn more crucial information about this particular disease.

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When Is Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day?

Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day began when a respected dog agility trainer Terry Simons lost his best friend, Reveille, to a lymphoma. After being devastated by losing a dog that was a part of the family, Simons decided to honor him by forming a foundation called Canine Lymphoma Education Awareness and Research. This foundation deals with properly educating and informing about this cruel disease. In 2015, the Registrar of the National Day Calendar declared November 7th to be the day to observe National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day.

What is Canine Lymphoma?

a veterinarian checking a sick dog using a stethoscope
Image Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko, Pexels

Canine Lymphoma is a common condition in dogs that occurs as a group of lymphocyte cancers. This illness is similar to non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in people, and its treatment methods are almost the same. There are more than 30 types of Canine Lymphoma, although the four most common lymphoma types in dogs are:

  • Alimentary Lymphoma: Targets the intestines and is accountable for less than 10% of canine lymphoma cases.
  • Multicentric Lymphoma: This lymphoma is the most common type in dogs, and it makes up 80% to 85% of canine lymphoma cases. It attacks the lymph nodes, which will cause them to enlarge rapidly.
  • Mediastinal Lymphoma: This type of lymphoma is quite rare, and both the thymus and the mediastinal lymph nodes can enlarge in this case.
  • Extranodal Lymphoma: Extranodal lymphoma attacks only one specific organ, such as the kidneys, eyes, lungs, or skin. The most common type of Extranodal Lymphoma is on the skin and is called Cutaneous Lymphoma.

Recognizing the Signs of Canine Lymphoma

Recognizing the signs of Canine Lymphoma is a crucial step toward a quick recovery. You can find the most common signs below.

  • 3 to 10 times larger lymph nodes than usual
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Scaly lesions developing on the surface of the skin
  • Excessive urinating and constant thirst
  • Non-painful swelling of the lymph nodes in the form of a firm lump that moves under the skin
  • Fever and dehydration
  • Lethargy, weakness, or even anorexia

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The 4 Ways To Observe National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day

1. Take Your Pet for an Annual Check-up

One way to observe Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day is to take your beloved pet to the veterinary clinic for an annual check-up. This way, you will ensure your dog is healthy and can use this day as a reminder to have an annual check-up and reduce the risks of developing an illness.

2. Spread Awareness to Your Friends and Family Members

Make sure to spread the word to your friends and family members and let them know how they can observe this holiday with their pets. Explain to them the importance of commemorating this holiday and the seriousness of Canine Lymphoma.

veterinarian examining a sick Rhodesian ridgeback dog
Image Credit: Zontica, Shutterstock

3. Visit a Shelter

On National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day, consider visiting a local shelter and helping with the animals. If you’re looking for a new dog, consider adopting a puppy or a dog from an animal shelter.

4. Donate to Research Facilities and Foundations

Another great way to show your support for Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day is to donate as much as you can to an organization or foundation researching this disease.

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After reading about ways you can contribute and raise awareness on Canine Lymphoma, you will be making the world a better place for our pets, one step at a time. This horrible disease has plenty of symptoms that can help you discover a problem early on and treat it before it progresses.

Featured Image Credit: Helen of Troy, Shutterstock

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