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Petsense Grooming Prices – 2023 Update

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Pet grooming is most often associated with pet dogs but is also popular for cats and can be used for smaller animals too. It can include bathing, coat and claw trimming, and more and it is not only an aesthetic or cosmetic service but can improve the general wellbeing of your pet. Using a professional groomer is not only beneficial for those that are unable to groom their own pets, but it ensures a professional job.

Prices do vary according to the level of service required, as well as the size of your dog and cat and, essentially, the amount of hair that needs cutting and grooming.

The Importance of Pet Grooming

There are several benefits and purposes to pet grooming. It can help ensure that your pet looks and smells nice, making them more appealing and preventing you from backing away from a mucky pup. But grooming is also good for the dog or cat receiving attention.

Grooming ensures a healthy coat. While dogs and especially cats are fastidious about grooming themselves and keeping their coat in good condition, they aren’t able to get in the shower or trim that bit of fur around their scruff that gets knotted and matted. A professional groomer can.

It can also prevent pain. Matted fur is painful and so too are long nails. Long nails prevent your cat or dog from walking on hard surfaces and, in some cases, they can cause an altered gait. Because your pet avoids putting pressure on their claws, they can twist joints and cause inflammation. Ensuring well-trimmed claws prevents this.

Regular grooming can also help identify some health conditions early. Your pet’s groomer is likely to be the first person to notice signs of inflammation, poor coat condition, or any irritable patches of skin. Armed with the information provided by the groomer, you can adapt a more nutritional or specialist diet and consult your vet for help.

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How Much Does Professional Pet Grooming Cost?

Petsense pet grooming costs vary considerably, primarily according to pet type and the type of grooming service that you want. Large, long-haired dogs will cost a lot more to be groomed than a small, short-haired kitten, for example, because it takes a lot longer to finish the job. You should expect the price to vary from $30 to $90 according to those and other factors. Petsense does not publish prices so you will need to find a local Petsense groomer and get a quote according to yours and your pet’s requirements.

What Do Pet Petsense Pet Grooming Services Include?

All Petsense Pet Salons offer dog grooming services. Basic services include bathing, trimming, brushing, nail trimming, nail filing, and sanitary cleaning. You can also pay extra to upgrade the shampoo used, the application of flea and tick treatment, ear cleaning, and nail polishing. Some services are available as part of packages, for example a bath and trim or bath and full groom service.

Cat grooming is also available but only in select salons.

As part of an initial consultation, the groomer will inspect your cat and dog and inform you of what they believe is needed. They will assess the coat, nails, and teeth, after getting a behavioral and health background from you.

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How Often Do Pets Need Grooming?

How often a dog or cat needs professional grooming depends on a number of factors. If your pet is in generally good condition, has a coat that is easy to care for, and you keep up with regular brushing between grooming visits, you may only need to take them to the salon every three months. If you are unable to regularly brush your pet, or you would rather have the groomer do it for you, monthly visits are advised, and you may need more frequent visits if your pet suffers from any health or coat related issues.

How often you should groom your pet at home also depends on their circumstances. Short-haired cats may only need brushing every week or so, while long-haired dogs with double coats that enjoy puddle jumping might require daily brushing, especially during shedding season. Your Petsense groomer should advise you of the ideal grooming frequency for your circumstances.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Pet Grooming?

Pet insurance does not usually cover grooming, but there are exceptions, and you may be able to find specialist policies that do cover the procedure. If your pet needs professional grooming because of a newly diagnosed health condition, it is worth checking your policy. You may be able to find pet wellness packages. Although these aren’t really insurance policies, they do enable you to effectively spread the cost of grooming and some other required services over the course of the year.

What To Do For Your Pet In Between Grooming Sessions

Whether your dog has monthly or quarterly professional grooming services, there are some things you can do at home to help keep them clean and tidy, and to ensure that the groomer can give you the best service when you do take your dog in.


Typically, a dog needs brushing at least once or twice a week, and ideally every day. Brushing helps keep the coat in check and it can remove knots before they become a problem. The longer brushing is left, the more difficult it becomes. Brushing can also reduce the impact of shedding.

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If you have a regular grooming regimen, then most dogs will not require additional coat trimming between visits, unless they have particularly fast-growing areas. Typical areas that might require additional trims are above the eyes, under the chin, and around the feet and base of the tail.

Nail Clipping

Dogs benefit from having their nails trimmed every month to two months, depending on the length of the nails and factors such as whether they are walked on hard, abrasive surfaces like concrete or spend all their time on grass. You should be able to arrange grooming visits to have this done as often as required, if you don’t want to do it yourself.


Bathing the dog can be a major trial for some dog families. For others, it can take more effort to keep the dog out of the bath. You should bathe your dog if they get really mucky or are in need of it, between visits.

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Pet grooming is an important part of pet ownership, and while some people take on all the grooming themselves, other owners prefer to use a professional groomer at least sometimes. As well as its pet stores, Petsense also has professional grooming salons, all of which deal with dogs, and some also offer cat grooming services. Cost vary, primarily according to the size of the animal and extent of grooming services required, but range from $30 to $90 per session.

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