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Cactus Cat Tree

This hammock cactus cat tree is a hodgepodge of places to scratch when your cat needs to sharpen her claws. Covered in durable sisal string (ideal for sharpening claws and wits), this raised hammock allows your cat to lie around and feel weightless while she takes one of her dozen daily naps – and when she wakes and craves action, there’s a pompom inches away from her nose.


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About this item

Features -
  • Compact two-story cactus tree for lounging around
  • Cactus decoration at the top!
  • Covered in places to scratch
  • Raised hammock to relax in
  • Mimics tree-climbing
  • Soft lounger base
  • Dangling pom pom toy for when your kitty feels bored
  • Color: cactus green
Materials/care +

Your furry buddy will laze around for days with the cactus cat tree


What cat doesn’t love a lazy day around the house?


This cactus-green cactus hammock cat tree is a great place to get some all-important snoozing in. The lounger base is soft and snuggly for curling up and the hammock supports your cat whenever she wants to feel weightless. The enticingly positioned pompom hangs in a convenient place for some quick stress relief, and the whole thing reminds your cat of scaling a tree in the wilds.


The best part is that it’s covered in sisal string: ideal for restless paws looking for somewhere to flex and sharpen those claws.

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