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Cat Butterfly Toy

This automated butterfly toy hovers around its daisy flower and rotates when played with. The metal wire holding the butterfly is springy, causing the toy to bounce around playfully whenever your cat takes a swipe at it.

It’s an ideal addition to your bored kitty’s toy box.


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About this item

Features -
  • Automatic battery-powered cat toy
  • Rotates when played with
  • Enticing butterfly toy
  • Bounce-back metal wire
  • Stimulates and trains your cat
  • Style: butterfly with daisy flower
Materials/care +

This cat butterfly toy dances around like a dragonfly

Every cat takes to playtime like a duck to water…


But not every cat has the initiative to entertain itself. Sometimes they need the helping hand of an interactive toy to get their juices flowing.


This butterfly toy dangles from a tentative wire. It bounces around vibrantly when played with and rotates on its own — assuming you’ve popped a AAA battery inside. It’s a great way to entertain your cat when you’re too busy or out of the house.

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