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Cat Dancer Toy

Playtime is a vital part of any cat’s routine, but sometimes their routine doesn’t mesh with yours. This cat dancer toy can be removed from its base any time you feel like a round of fun with your cat. Or, reattach it to the base and stick it to a hard surface  when you’d rather let your feline friend do its own thing.


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Features -
  • Suction cup that sticks to doors, windows, and floors
  • Detachable steel rod so that you can interact with your cat
  • Replaceable toy head for when the original toy gets worn out
  • 4 styles to choose from: fish, feathers, mouse, and tail
Materials/care +

Let your cat express its inner ballerina with this enticing cat dancer toy

Cats sleep for long periods during the day, but when they’re awake, they’re sharp, light on their toes, and ready to hunt. That means they have an abundance of energy to burn, and they’ll find a way to burn it whether or not you decide to play with them.


This toy comes with a springy steel rod and a suction cup for when you’re away. Simply remove the rod for playtime or attach  the suction cup to any surface and let your cat decide when to call the shots. The toy is removable in case it starts to wear or you want to fix up something else for your cat to play with.

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