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Cat Donut Collar

Let’s face it, traditional cone collars are boring! If you want something that’s a lot more comfortable and fun, you absolutely need this cat donut collar. Shaped like—yep, you’ve guessed it—a donut, this fun novelty collar will stop your kitty from biting and licking at their fur. 


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About this item

Features -
  • Unique donut shape
  • Soft and padded and maximum comfort
  • 5 mouthwatering designs
Materials/care +

The novelty cat donut collar you’ll almost want to eat


Liven up your cat’s recovery with this fun, hilarious cat donut collar. While it is created to stop your cat from licking and biting at their wounds, it can also help to keep your hands and arms protected during routine trips to the vet or while grooming. You can choose from a variety of donut designs, each boasting a realistic effect. 


The soft plush materials help to make this one of the most comfortable cone-style collars on the market. Sold at a great low price, you’ll have hours of fun taking Instagram-ready snaps of your fabulous donut kitty.  

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