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Cat Litter Box Enclosure Bench

Encased in a sturdy metal frame, this cat bench has a hidden enclosure through a narrow hallway. It’s ideal for storing a litter box — the smell is reduced, your cat has total privacy, and the wood material is easily sanitized after the fact. Plus, the box has floor-safe, adjustable feet and won’t trap your fingers when you open the doors.


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Features -
  • Adjustable feet with scratch-proof coverings
  • Safety hinges with durable frame
  • Style: wood
Materials/care +

This stylish cat litter box enclosure bench is a private kitty washroom!


Potty time is private time. Cats prefer to use the bathroom in seclusion. It leaves them feeling vulnerable, and it’s part of the reason they bury their poop when they’re done.


This sleek, wooden enclosure bench is a slice of secrecy for when it’s time to answer nature’s call.


It’s aerated and helps to keep bad smells at bay, and the entrance is narrow enough to prevent most dogs from sniffing about and causing havoc. The safety hinges keep you from trapping your fingers, and it’s easy to open the doors and get to a litter box when it’s time to clean it out.


The feet are height-adjustable and come with floor-safe, scratch-proof coverings, and the sturdy metal frame can support very heavy loads — letting you use the bench as a side-table.

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