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Cat Spring Toy

Not every toy needs all the latest accessories. Just ask the company that designed the slinky. These cat spring toys might look simple, but they’ll bounce around erratically and drive your cat mad when they do. They’re flexible enough to resist biting and clawing, and colorful enough to rouse your cat’s curiosity and encourage play.


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About this item

Features -
  • Bouncy spring action
  • Resistant to breaking or fracturing
  • Flexible material
  • 20 springs included
  • Mixed variety of colors
Materials/care +

Watch your cat spring into action with this cat spring toy


Cats love unpredictability in their toys. It’s what gets their hearts pumping and their eyes glowing. Erratic movements catch their attention the most – they mimic the fickle motion of a cat’s natural prey.


These spring toys are designed to do just that. They’re colorful to grab your cat’s attention and bouncy to keep them engaged. Your cat will have difficulty trapping them and will dart around in a frenzy to pin one down. Thanks to the sturdy plastic material, they won’t break easily when they finally get one in their paws — and this value pack of 20 means the odd bit of breakage won’t matter!

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