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Cat Treat Ball

These long-lasting treat balls are composed of dried catnip. The balls can be given to your cat to roll around or mounted on a wall with a convenient wall holder. On the backside of the holder, you’ll find an adhesive strip – so you won’t need to worry about screws and screwdrivers.


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About this item

Features -
  • Treat ball with treat holder
  • Natural catnip
  • Plastic freshness cap included
  • Long-lasting
  • Wall-mountable with adhesive patch on the back
Materials/care +

Stick this cat treat ball to the wall and watch your cat keep coming back for more!


Cats are attracted to catnip plants because the smell reminds them of a mate. They’ll chew on catnip plants in the wild and, counterintuitive as it may seem, consuming a lot of catnip tends to make them vomit.


Don’t worry — the vomiting is healthy and helps them to rid themselves of superfluous dirt and hair they might be carrying around in their stomach. Even so, this doesn’t tend to happen with dried catnip and there’s a handy plastic covering you can use to limit your cat’s exposure to the stuff.


After all, it’s a treat ball, not an anytime ball.


These treat balls are dried and condensed, and they come with a wall-mountable holder. The holder itself has an adhesive backing included.

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