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Cat Treat Squeeze Tube

Soothe your kitty’s teeth and gums with this fun, interactive cat treat squeeze tube. Made from environmentally-friendly materials, this cute plush toy will quickly become your cat’s favorite treat. Filled with catnip, it will ease your pet’s anxiety, resulting in a calmer, happier demeanor.


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About this item

Features -
  • Teething toy
  • Filled with catnip
  • Available in a choice of designs
Materials/care +

Make teething more comfortable for your kitty with the cat treat squeeze tube


Like dogs, cats go through a teething phase which can be uncomfortable for their teeth and gums. This cat treat squeeze tube helps to ease the pain, giving them something soft yet firm to chew on. To ensure it piques your cat’s interest, it comes filled with tempting catnip. This is guaranteed to calm your pet’s mind and put them in a happier, more relaxed mood.


You can choose from a variety of cute plush designs. Each has been created with eco-friendly materials, and they make a great companion for your pet while you’re away.

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