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Cat Wall Scratcher

These cat-eared wall scratchers can be mounted on any smooth surface with the included suction pads. The scratching pad is made from string for a layer of added durability. Cats sharpen their claws to rip things apart, after all. The toy ball attached to the base is an extra bonus to entice your cat to play or give him something to do with those newly sharpened nippers.


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About this item

Features -
  • String scratching pad for durability
  • Can be mounted on walls, doors, and windows
  • Suction pads included
  • Toy ball attached
  • Colors: gray, orange, and pink
Materials/care +

Your cat can let off steam anywhere with this sleek cat wall scratcher 


It never hurts to have an extra scratching pad or two around the house. When a cat wants to sharpen its claws it’s like having an itch. You don’t go to your designated itch-scratching spot around the house — you simply scratch to make it go away.


These wall scratchers are perfect to round out your cat’s inventory of “good” places to scratch (the ones that are strategically placed away from expensive furniture). Cats are drawn to novelty and playful colors, and the pads come in novel colors with a toy ball attached as an added invitation to interact with them.

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