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Cute Cat Scratcher

These fun, cute boxes come with a scratching pad at the bottom. They’re like a regular cardboard box, but this cardboard box is meant for your cat for once! They’re meant for scratching and look a lot better around the house.



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About this item

Features -
  • Open box with scratcher base
  • Multiple cute designs
  • Corrugated cardboard scratcher
  • Styles: mango, orange, water bottle, sheep, van, car
Materials/care +

Get the cardboard box that’s designed for cats with this cute cat scratcher


You know how the story goes.


You buy a brand new bed or house for your cat with all the accessories available. You spend hours putting the thing together and puzzling over incomplete instructions. 


And when you’re finally done and you take a step back to marvel at your handiwork and show your cat his new upholstery, your cat wants nothing more than to sit in the empty box his new furniture shipped in.


So why not cut out the middleman with this cute box scratcher? It’s that open box your cats seem to love — but it’s also a scratcher with many playful designs available. The scratching pad at the base of the cardboard is on-hand for when your kitty gets the urge. But, unlike a regular old cardboard box, it’s made from corrugated cardboard that’s built for scratching. That means less mess to clean up when your cat is done for the day.

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