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Egyptian Cat Collar

These Egyptian-style cat collars come with a tassel and bird-alerting bell to prevent your cat from going on a hunting spree when she’s off adventuring in your yard. The nylon collars are fully adjustable and suitable for most small-to-medium-sized cats.


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About this item

Features -
  • Bohemian-style collar for the lazy lay about
  • Quick-release strap
  • Fluffy tassel included
  • Bird-safe bell attached
  • 4 Styles to choose from
Materials/care +

Give your kitty one of these Egyptian cat collars so that she finally feels like a goddess of the Nile


The Egyptians worshipped the divine  –  and at times aloof  –  air that cats seem to carry with them everywhere. So why not celebrate their millennia-old heritage with an Egyptian-style cat collar?


Made from lightweight nylon material, these collars are adorned with a bell and fluffy tassel for extra jazz. They’re the ideal hippie fashion for your nonconformist kitty.

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