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Elizabethan Cat Collar

Fun, colorful, and guaranteed to make you smile, the Elizabethan cat collar is a great investment. Not only does it help to stop your kitty from biting and licking themselves, but it can also help to protect you and others when it comes to grooming or handling a nervous pet. Featuring a bold, novelty flower design, this unique collar is sure to deliver plenty of laughs.   


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About this item

Features -
  • Novelty flower head design
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Multiple uses 
  • 12 exciting colors to choose from
Materials/care +

An Elizabethan cat collar that turns your cat into a personal jester


This colorful Elizabethan cat collar is sure to stop your kitty from licking and biting their wounds. It also helps to protect you from getting bit during grooming or trips to the vet. Available in a range of colors, the flower design is sure to add joy and laughter to your day while giving your cat a fabulous makeover.


Unlike traditional cone collars, this one is made from soft, raw materials. This enhances its comfort and reduces the likelihood that your cat will try to remove it. Medical cones typically come with a boring design, so mix it up with this bright, bold Elizabethan collar. 

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