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Litter Box Enclosure

Can’t decide whether to splurge on a new litter box or a luxury, raised bed for your cat? This box enclosure lets you make that decision later. With a rustic appearance that looks good against any backdrop and a hinged door with a magnetic seal to keep it closed, it’s appealing both to cats looking for a new favorite spot for naptime or to keep a litter box stowed away and out of sight. The enclosure comes with a thick, comfortable mat and is designed with ease of assembly in mind.


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About this item

Features -
  • Multi-purpose litter box
  • Functions as a side table/cat bed alternative
  • Private for stress-free relief
  • Made from high-quality wood
  • Hinged door with magnetic seal
  • Bears up to 68KG loads
  • Easy to assemble
  • Mat included
  • Colors: rustic brown and light tan
Materials/care +

The litter box enclosure that becomes a house!


Most litter boxes are unsightly and best stowed away in a dark corner. But not this one.


Made from high-quality MDF wooden boards, this box enclosure can be used as a private bedroom with space on top for sundries — or as a litter box. It’s easily assembled and has a hinged door with a magnetic seal for cleaning it out when the time comes. The stylish, gray mat included looks great against the rustic wooden appearance, and the heavy-duty box is sturdy enough even to sit on.

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