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Windmill Cat Toy

Test your cat’s intelligence with this fun and interactive windmill cat toy. Available in several color options, this innovative toy also acts as a self-grooming device. Consisting of three sections, it rotates at the slightest touch to attract your cat’s attention. Fill it with catnip for a calming effect, and you’ll struggle to tear your kitty away from this addictive toy.


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About this item

Features -
  • Multi-purpose design
  • Suction cup allows you to stick the toy to any surface 
  • Spiked texture for grooming
  • Rotates at the slightest touch
Materials/care +

A windmill cat toy that doubles as a self-grooming device


Featuring an innovative design, the windmill cat toy is going to bring your kitty hours of pleasure. Not only does this fun toy test your cat’s intelligence, but it also helps them to stay well-groomed thanks to the spiked center. Your cat can rub their face on the prongs or chew on them to remove excess plaque and tartar.


The two sections on either side can be filled with catnip and bells. While some toys come with bells and catnip already included, this is completely random and not guaranteed. As an additional bonus, the toy rotates from even the lightest touch. It has a suction cup attached, so you can stick it practically anywhere, including windows, doors, walls, or on the floor. 


If you are looking for a toy that can aid in training, relieve anxiety, and improve the intelligence of your lovable feline, the windmill cat toy is exactly what you need.  

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