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Soulistic Cat Food Review 2024: Recalls, Pros & Cons

Shana Loven

By Shana Loven

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Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Soulistic cat food a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Soulistic is a cat food brand that focuses on using quality ingredients to provide hydration for a healthy cat. Owned by Weruva, another popular pet food company, Soulistic can be found at Petco and Amazon. Soulistic is based in the U.S., but their cat food is sourced, packaged, and shipped from a human-grade food-processing facility in Thailand.

Soulistic has developed four lines of food for your favorite feline:
  • Original Recipes – Protein-rich recipes with thick cuts of meat and fish for the pickiest of eaters.
  • Pates – Smooth texture for picky felines, but slightly higher in calories than the Original Recipe line.
  • Moist & Tender – Gravy-coated, deboned meat to entice any feline.
  • Kitten – High-protein recipe in a variety of textures with healthy fats and low carbs for growing kittens.

If you’re concerned about how much water your cat is getting daily, the moisture content in Soulistic cat food will help your kitty’s daily water quota. The company aims to promote feline health through hydration, human-grade, quality ingredients, and the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy life. Keep reading to learn more about Soulistic Cat Food and our reviews of our favorite foods.

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At a Glance: The Best Soulistic Cat Food Recipes

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Soulistic Originals Sweet Salutations Chicken & Tuna Dinner in Gravy Soulistic Originals Sweet Salutations Chicken & Tuna Dinner in Gravy
  • Gluten free
  • Low ash content
  • Produced in a human-grade facility
  • Our Favorite
    Second place
    Soulistic Pate Tuna & Salmon Dinner in a Hydrating Puree Soulistic Pate Tuna & Salmon Dinner in a Hydrating Puree
  • Pate for picky cats
  • Grain and gluten free
  • High moisture content
  • Best for Picky Eaters
    Third place
    Soulistic Moist & Tender Turkey Dinner in Gravy Soulistic Moist & Tender Turkey Dinner in Gravy
  • Preservative-free
  • Contains tasty morsels
  • Gluten and carrageenan free
  • Soulistic Originals Autumn Bounty Chicken Dinner in Pumpkin Soup Soulistic Originals Autumn Bounty Chicken Dinner in Pumpkin Soup
  • GMO-free
  • High moisture
  • Made in a human food facility
  • Soulistic Originals Double Happiness Tuna & Crab Surimi Dinner Soulistic Originals Double Happiness Tuna & Crab Surimi Dinner
  • Gluten-free
  • Moisture rich gelee
  • Made with no artificial flavors
  • Soulistic Cat Food Reviewed

    We set out to learn not only about Soulistic’s wet cat food but also who they are as a company. We learned that they have a mission to bring hydration to all cats and they have high standards for food production with their products. Read on to delve deeper into this company and what they have to offer you and your feline. https://www.instagram.com/p/BT7-pMmjY1d/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

    Who Makes Soulistic and Where Is It Produced?

    Soulistic is owned by the pet food brand Weruva, a U.S.-based company. It is produced in a factory in Thailand that also produces food for people, intended for distribution around the globe. The USFDA recognizes the Thailand FDA, and the production facility is USFDA certified. Thailand-produced pet food faces stricter guidelines for production and quality than comparable foods produced in the U.S.  The production factory also has a top rating from the British Retail Consortium (BRC), an exacting third-party certification that helps consumers and producers of food to feel confident in the standards for packaging, storage, safety, and distribution.

    Which Types of Cats is Soulistic Best Suited For?

    Soulistic is best for cats that enjoy good moist food, or that need to be switched to a wet food due to health concerns. Soulistic focuses on developing foods for picky eaters by using quality ingredients and offering a variety of textures for your cat, so you’re sure to find a food that will whet its appetite. The wet style of food also helps keep your cat hydrated if your cat doesn’t drink water throughout the day. Wet food is also better for cats that get urinary tract infections (UTIs), a common problem for cats because the high moisture content keeps your cat hydrated. It is also low in ash, which is composed of magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, and comes from cooked bone because the company uses bone-free meat to create the food. Low ash helps to protect your cat from UTIs and stones.

    Which Types of Cats Might Do Better with a Different Brand?

    Cats with food allergies, such as fish, might not do well with Soulistic. Many of their proteins have fish as a second ingredient. If your pet has other dietary concerns and doesn’t like wet food, you might want to try a limited-ingredient food. Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet is a grain-free dry cat food made without beef, chicken, or fish, and contains no dairy, no grains, no potatoes, and no chickpeas, which are common food allergens.

    Discussion of the Primary Ingredients (Good and Bad)

    Many of the recipes contain meats in a moisture-rich gravy, gelee, or broth.

    Here are the meats you will find listed as the main ingredient in the Soulistic Cat Food:
    • Poultry (duck, chicken, and turkey)
    • Beef
    • Fish (tuna, salmon, tilapia, and crab)
    • Lamb

    Many of the recipes contain a primary meat but then add in a fish like tuna. If your cat is allergic to fish, you will need to check the list of ingredients carefully before placing an order.

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    A Quick Look at Soulistic Cat Food

    • High-protein cat food
    • Focus on hydration through high moisture content
    • Produced in a human-grade facility
    • Kitten line with high protein and healthy fats for good growth and development
    • Many recipes contain a combination of proteins, usually fish, which can cause allergic reactions

    Recall History

    Soulistic cat food has never been recalled. Soulistic strives to make sure their food is among the best on the market and even touts that their food is made in a human-grade facility. They are focused on high moisture content, along with various vitamins and minerals to promote overall health in felines. hepper cat paw divider

    Reviews of the 3 Best Soulistic Cat Food Recipes

    1. Soulistic Originals Sweet Salutations Wet Cat Food – Best Overall

    Soulistic Originals Sweet Salutations Chicken & Tuna Dinner in Gravy Wet Cat Food

    This shredded recipe is a tasty blend of cage-free chicken and flakes of tuna in a rich gravy, giving your cat a delicious dinner with a high moisture content to stay hydrated. The food is free of gluten, grains, carrageenan, GMOs, and MSG and has no artificial colors or flavors. The tuna is wild-caught, responsibly sourced, and dolphin- and sea turtle-free. The food was produced in a human-grade food-processing facility. The food has a guaranteed 8% protein per can with a maximum moisture of 84% to increase hydration for your cat. It also has a low ash content at 3% and a low phosphorus percentage at .25%. The food is loaded with healthy vitamins and minerals for growth, development, and health.

    • Gluten free
    • Produced in a human-grade facility
    • Low ash content
    • Contains chicken, which may be an allergen
    • Some cats may not like the shredded chicken pieces

    2. Soulistic Hydrating Puree Wet Cat Food – Our Favorite

    Soulistic Pate Tuna & Salmon Dinner in a Hydrating Puree Wet Cat Food

    Soulistic’s Pate Tuna & Salmon Dinner contains responsibly sourced wild-caught salmon and red meat tuna. This pate sits in a hydrating tuna broth and is full of important minerals and vitamins to keep your feline in good health. It is preservative-free and contains no MSG, grains, carrageenan, or gluten. Like all Soulistic cat foods, it is made in a human-grade food-processing facility. This pate contains a minimum of 11% of protein and 2% crude fiber content. The moisture content for this Soulistic pate is 82%, which is not as high as some of the original Soulistic recipes but is still high enough to help hydrate your cat. The maximum ash content is 3% and the food has plenty of vitamins and minerals for your cat’s overall health.
    • Grain and gluten free
    • Pate for picky cats that don’t like shredded meats
    • High moisture content
    • If your cat likes texture, a pate is not for him

    3. Soulistic Wet Cat Food – Best for Picky Eaters

    Soulistic Moist & Tender Turkey Dinner in Gravy Wet Cat Food

    For the turkey-loving kitty in your life, there is the Soulistic Moist and Tender Turkey Dinner in Gravy. The recipe contains minced turkey and red meat tuna to lure in even the pickiest of feline eaters. It has a yummy gravy to help hydrate your cat. It does not contain carrageenan, MSG, gluten, grains, and is GMO-free, and contains no artificial dyes, flavors, or preservatives. This Moist and Tender Turkey Dinner contains 8% crude protein, 1% crude fiber, and has a maximum of 84% moisture. It also contains vitamins and minerals to help promote overall health in your furry feline.
    • Contains tasty morsels for cats who like texture
    • Gluten and carrageenan free
    • Preservative-free
    • Contains tuna
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    What Other Users Are Saying

    We’ve shared our reviews on Soulistic’s wet cat food, but we also checked around the internet to learn what others have to say about Soulistic.

    • Petco – “Cats love it! Having super picky cats, it’s hard to find something they’ll eat but this one works!”
    • Amazon – We checked the Amazon reviews from other cat owners before purchasing our food. You can read these by clicking here.
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    Soulistic has much to offer cat owners looking for the purrfect cat food for their furry feline friends. The company focuses on hydration as a main selling point for their cat food to help felines with urinary tract issues, kidney issues, or for cats that aren’t big water drinkers. The food is produced at a BRC-rated human-grade food facility in Thailand and is low in ash because the company insists on whole cuts of meat without bones. Soulistic offers a variety of textures for your cat, from shredded pieces of protein in their Originals line, to a creamy Pate line, to their Moist & Tender line, which offers bits of protein in a delicious gravy. They even have a kitten line that is high in protein that comes in the same variety of textures. No matter what type of texture your picky kitty prefers, your cat will be sure to find a favorite among the variety that Soulistic has to offer its customers.

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