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7 Spot and Tango Dog Food Alternatives 2024: Healthy Options For Your Pet

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Spot and Tango may be a popular dog food service, but they are also very expensive. Therefore, it isn’t odd to wonder if there are other options out there that are similar (but hopefully cheaper). While there are many similar dog food services out there, they are (sadly) not much cheaper than Spot and Tango.

However, there are some dry dog food brands that are similar to Spot and Tango’s UnKibble recipes that are less expensive, and we’ve found some frozen or semi-fresh foods that are comparable as well.

We’ll go over both sorts of alternatives in this article. Some of them will be cheaper, but others will not. If you’re just looking for an alternative because your dog does not like the Spot and Tango recipes, you’ll find lots of options in this list, too.

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A Quick Look at Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
NUTRO So Simple Adult Beef & Rice Dry Dog Food NUTRO So Simple Adult Beef & Rice Dry Dog Food
  • Features whole grains
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Beef as the first ingredient
  • Second place
    Annamaet Original Option Formula Annamaet Original Option Formula
  • DHA included
  • Probiotics and prebiotics
  • Salmon meal as the first ingredient
  • Third place
    Nature's Diet Fresh Turkey Nature's Diet Fresh Turkey
  • Made in the USA
  • Do not need to refrigerate
  • Human Grade ingredients
  • Pet Wellbeing Premium Holistic Formula Dry Dog Food Pet Wellbeing Premium Holistic Formula Dry Dog Food
  • Holistic
  • Grain Free
  • A ton of variety
  • Caru Daily Dish Turkey Wet Dog Food Caru Daily Dish Turkey Wet Dog Food
  • High moisture for hydration
  • No grains, glutens, or GMOs
  • Made in small batches for quality assurance
  • The 7 Spot and Tango Dog Food Alternatives Compared

    1. Tylee’s Human-Grade Turkey Recipe Frozen Dog Food vs. Spot & Tango Turkey + Red Quinoa 


    Check Chewy Price

    Tylee’s Human-Grade Turkey Recipe Frozen Dog Food is human-grade dog food that is stored in the freezer. When you’re ready to feed it to your canine, you simply thaw it out. It works like many dog food subscription services, but you can find it in some well stores.

    The ingredient list is high-quality, featuring various turkey parts, including turkey heart and liver. These organ meats make the food extremely nutritious while keeping the protein and fat content very high. There are a few fruits and veggies that are also included, such as cranberries and zucchini. However, these are secondary to the meat at the beginning of the ingredient list.

    This food also includes salmon and cod oil, which helps increase the omega fatty acid content. You’ll also find that it’s free from corn, wheat, and soy. Plus, by-products and soy ingredients are also not on the ingredient list.

    Because of the meat-heavy nature of this food, dogs seem to love it. Much of the taste is retained because this food is fresh, so it may be useful for picky eaters.

    2. NUTRO So Simple Adult Beef & Rice Dry Dog Food vs. Spot & Tango UnKibble Beef + Barley


    There is no doubt that Spot and Tango is expensive. However, NUTRO So Simple Adult Beef & Rice Dry Dog Food is a good alternative that is much cheaper and can be found in most pet stores.

    It features beef as the first ingredient, followed by various kinds of whole grains. These grains provide carbohydrates that your canine needs to thrive, as well as high levels of fiber. Many dogs digest grains well, and they may even help with your dog’s stomach.

    Flaxseed is added to improve the omega fatty acid content, which is vital for your dog’s health. For instance, omega fatty acids have been shown to improve most dogs’ skin and coat health.

    This formula is free from corn, wheat, and soy protein. Plus, the food has been cooked in the USA, so you can more reliably depend on its safety.

    3. Annamaet Original Option Formula vs. Spot & Tango UnKibble Cod + Salmon


    While Annamaet Original Option Formula may appear to be regular dry dog food, this could not be further from the truth. This dog food is made with some of the highest quality ingredients around. It features salmon meal as the first ingredient, which is about as good as it gets for most dogs.

    On top of that, it also includes lamb meal and many whole grains. All of the meats are sustainably sourced and grass-fed when applicable. Plus, this formula is supplemented with omega fatty acids and DHA—two important ingredients that are vital for a dog’s brain health, skin, and coat.

    In fact, marine microalgae is included as one of the best sources of DHA out there. This ingredient isn’t found in most other dog foods because it is extremely expensive. Therefore, you are getting what you pay for with this food.

    The formula has also added L-carnitine, which plays a role in fat metabolism. This added nutrient can both help promote fat metabolism and lean muscles.

    Both prebiotics and probiotics have been added to support your canine’s overall gut health.

    4. The Honest Kitchen Chicken Dry Dog Food vs. Spot & Tango UnKibble Chicken + Brown Rice


    When looking at widely available dog foods, The Honest Kitchen Chicken Dry Dog Food is probably one of the most obvious alternatives to Spot and Tango. It is made with completely human-grade ingredients in a human food facility. Therefore, it is about as human-grade as it gets. This food was made under higher safety standards to ensure that it is completely safe for your canine.

    We particularly loved that this food is completely balanced for all life stages. Use it to feed adults, puppies, lactating mothers, and even seniors. You can even use it for large-breed puppies, who usually require special dog food.

    This formula also includes live probiotics, which are vital for your dog’s stomach health.

    Plus, this food is processed a bit differently than other dry dog foods in the market. The ingredients are cold-pressed into bite-sized pieces, which helps them maintain much of their flavor.

    As you might imagine, this food is not made with any feed-grade ingredients, meat meals, or fillers. No artificial flavors or preservatives are used, either.

    5. The Honest Kitchen One Pot Stews Wet Dog Food vs. Spot & Tango Fresh Turkey + Red Quinoa


    Much like their dry food recipe, the Honest Kitchen One Pot Stews Wet Dog Food is made with only human-grade ingredients. It is also made entirely in the USA, so you can feel better about the environment it was made with. Plus, it is made in small batches of bone broth, helping to ensure quality.

    This food is quite expensive, though. Luckily, you can use it as a topper or supplement to their usual meal if you desire. This can help keep the costs down substantially.

    This food also doesn’t include any artificial flavors or preservatives. It also doesn’t come with GMOs, carrageenan, or fillers—all the ingredients have a purpose, and they provide plenty of nutrition.

    Unlike their dry food, this wet food is only good for adults.

    6. Nature’s Diet Fresh Turkey Simply Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Food vs. Spot & Tango UnKibble Turkey + Brown Rice


    Compared to other dog foods on this list, Nature’s Diet Fresh Turkey Simply Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Food does feature more raw and natural ingredients. All the ingredients are human-grade and only the finest ingredients are used. Omega fatty acids are added to help improve your dog’s skin and coat health, which may be essential for some dogs.

    Like most top-of-the-line dog food, this food also includes probiotics and prebiotics. These help mold the digestive system to properly digest food, which can prevent stomach issues further down the line.

    This food is processed with cutting-edge technology that involves both freezing and drying the food, which turns it into almost kibble—but only in form. You don’t have to refrigerate it or worry about it spoiling since it has practically no moisture content.

    This company also makes all of their food in the USA, so you can rest assured that it is high-quality. We also love the addition of pre and probiotics.

    7. Caru Daily Dish Turkey Wet Dog Food vs. Spot & Tango Turkey + Red Quinoa Fresh Dog Food


    For dogs that need extra water, you may want to look at Caru Daily Dish Turkey Wet Dog Food. It is very high in water, as well as turkey broth. This ensures that it provides plenty of extra moisture, which some dogs need. Plus, the meats included are also very nutritious. For instance, it includes turkey and salmon, which provide extra omega fatty acids.

    This food contains absolutely no grains, glutens, or GMOs. It is one of the healthier wet foods on the market. It is slow-cooked to preserve the taste and nutritional value of the food. Because no high temperatures are used, this food is a bit more absorbable than other options out there.

    Furthermore, these foods are only made in small batches in the USA—this company is completely family-owned. Therefore, the quality tends to be a bit better than other options out there. This recipe also includes extra vitamins and minerals.

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    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Pet Food

    If you can’t purchase Spot and Tango for one reason or another, there are lots of other foods that you may want to try. While these foods aren’t exactly the same, they are similar enough—with most of them being made with completely natural ingredients.


    There are many different types of pet food out there that you can use instead of Spot and Tango. There are some commercial options that are raw and frozen. You thaw these out at your house and then feed them to your canine—just like Spot and Tango. These are usually more expensive, and you have to deal with things like storage in a fridge or freezer.

    Alternatively, you can purchase freeze-dried foods. This is somewhat similar to the raw foods that we previously mentioned. Nutritionally speaking, they are quite similar. However, you don’t have to deal with storing the food or thawing it out. Freeze-dried food is ready to be fed right away.

    There are also dry dog foods and wet dog foods that are similar to Spot and Tango. Of course, these foods are more processed and not necessarily as healthy. However, it all depends on what they are made out of.

    dog eating kibbles
    Image Credit: Mat Coulton, Pixabay

    Kibble Size

    Many dogs can only handle a certain food size. For instance, smaller dogs need a smaller kibble size. Many larger dogs need a larger kibble size. While they can eat smaller kibble, it is often better for their digestion for it to be larger.

    Obviously, this only matters if you are utilizing a kibble or other hard food (like freeze-dried food). If you are using wet food, then the dog will take the size bites that they need to take.

    Protein Source

    Dogs need lots of protein to thrive. It’s how they support their muscles and activity level. Puppies and older dogs need even more protein. Puppies are growing, while senior dogs often lose their ability to absorb protein as effectively.

    Meat-based protein is preferable to other sorts of protein, as it is more absorbable. You don’t want a food that is packed with pea or potato protein, for instance. However, the type of meat may also matter. While all meats are generally the same for most dogs, some have sensitivities.

    If your dog has sensitivities, you’ll want to avoid the food that they are sensitive to. If your dog is allergic to chicken, choose chicken-free food.

    Which protein you’re looking for depends largely on your dog, though. Therefore, we can’t tell you exactly what meat to look for—it depends on the dog.

    Close up of beautiful dog eating from the bowl
    Image Credit: dmytro Zinkevych, Shutterstock

    Added Nutrients

    On top of the meat, most foods will include some sort of added nutrients. While dogs do need a basic sort of nutrient, there are often lots of extras added. For instance, many types of food include glucosamine, which is a joint-supporting nutrient that is vital for joint health. Therefore, it is added to many large dog foods.

    There are lots of other nutrients that are sometimes necessary, as well. For instance, omega fatty acids are commonly added for skin and coat health. They may also help joint health, though this is a bit rarer.


    Grains are a bit of a controversial subject. However, grain-free foods have been tied to various health conditions, including DCM. Therefore, unless your dog is sensitive to grains, you may want to choose a grain-inclusive food instead.

    Many quality foods do not use grains. Instead, they are heavy in peas. However, this is exactly what is associated with heart conditions. You may want to make a point to choose a premium food that also includes grains. While this can be difficult, it isn’t impossible.

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    There are many different alternatives to Spot and Tango. Most of these do not require a subscription, allowing you to purchase as much as you need. They usually have natural, human-grade ingredients. We made a point to include many different options, including raw food and dry food. Therefore, if you just don’t have the fridge space for Spot and Tango, one of these is probably a good option for you!

    We highly recommend Tylee’s Human-Grade Turkey Recipe Frozen Dog Food as a great option if you’re basing it on the food that is closest to Spot and Tango. It is frozen, so you do have to thaw it before feeding.

    Alternatively, you can also use NUTRO So Simple Adult Beef & Rice Dry Dog Food, which is cheaper and a dry food. It is a bit more practical for most people since it costs less and doesn’t need to be thawed out.

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