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Sunday Scaries FOMO Bones Review 2024: An Expert Guide

Sara Seitz

By Sara Seitz

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Our Final Verdict

We give Sunday Scaries FOMO Bones a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.75/5

Effectiveness: 4.5/5

Ingredients: 4.8/5

Value: 4.5/5

We’ve all felt that pang of anxiety that comes when the weekend ends. Many of us have the “scaries” sneak up on us even more often than that. But we humans aren’t the only ones who suffer from anxiety—dogs can feel the scaries too!

And that is exactly why Sunday Scaries added FOMO Bones CBD dog treats to their lineup.

Unlike many chill-out dog chews out there, these ones actually contain CBD, not just hemp oil. On top of 5mg of CBD isolate per bone, they feature a long list of herbs known to help pets chill out.

I had the opportunity to try Sunday Scaries FOMO Bones on my senior Dalmatian mix, Ragz. She doesn’t have a lot of anxiety, but she is starting to experience old-dog sleep disturbances. Plus, I was looking for an easier way to give her a nighttime dose of CBD oil.

These FOMO Bones helped with both and had some other unexpected benefits. Keep reading to see my full Sunday Scaries FOMO Bones review and to find out if these CBD treats might be a good fit for your dog.


About Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries CBD Dog Treat - unboxing

Sunday Scaries was founded by Beau and Mike, business partners with dreams of opening restaurants and bars to provide fun to patrons across the country. But after family tragedies and the realities of the industry brought more stress than celebration, they decided to pivot.

Using their experience to guide them, they created a new business to help people find relief from everyday stress. And that’s how Sunday Scaries was born.

Where Are Sunday Scaries’ Products Produced?

The CBD isolate found in FOMO Bones is sourced from KND Labs out of Denver, Colorado. The hemp itself is grown in Northern Colorado. Sunday Scaries is based out of San Diego.

What Type of Dog Are Sunday Scaries FOMO Bones Best Suited For?

FOMO Bones are loaded with herbs and medicinal compounds known to help the body relax. They are a good choice for dogs who suffer from a variety of anxious behaviors, including:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Noise phobia
  • Stranger danger
  • Travel stress
  • Vet or groomer stress
  • Trouble sleeping
  • General anxiety

The bones are fairly large in size but are soft and easy to break in half for small dogs. Large dogs may need two bones to feel the full effects.



Sunday Scaries CBD Dog Treat - products on the counter

Here is an overview of FOMO Bones by Sunday Scaries, including the ingredients, dosing recommendations, and what results to expect.


FOMO Bones are packed with multiple ingredients meant to help dogs chill out and find some peace. Each bone contains five active ingredients, including:

  • CBD Isolate – CBD is a powerful cannabinoid derived from hemp that acts on various receptors in the brain to increase serotonin levels and induce calm.
  • Passion Flower – This medicinal herb helps increase GABA levels in the brain to promote relaxation and reduce anxious thoughts and behaviors.
  • L-tryptophan – This amino acid is a precursor to serotonin, an important hormone responsible for feelings of relaxation and well-being.
  • Valerian Root – Like passion flower, valerian is believed to increase levels of GABA in the brain.
  • Chamomile – This herb has long been used as a relaxant and sleep aid and research suggests it may also have antidepressant effects.

In addition to these stress-relieving ingredients, FOMO Bones also contain a handful of simple inactive ingredients. These include rice bran, cane molasses, tapioca starch, and flavor enhancers such as cheese powder and natural beef protein.


Sunday Scaries makes dosing your dog with FOMO Bones easy.

According to the package, dogs under 50 pounds should get one bone per day and dogs over 50 pounds should get two bones per day.

In my experience, one bone may be too much for small dogs, especially those under 10 pounds. When I gave my Chihuahua a full bone, it made him more anxious rather than less. Luckily, it’s easy to break the bones in half for smaller doses.

Sunday Scaries CBD Dog Treat - ragz looking at the treat

What to Expect

FOMO Bones help dogs relax in stressful situations. In my experience, they work best if you can give them to your dog before they start getting anxious. I recommend at least a half hour before the storm, visitor, or other stimuli they don’t like.

But if your dog is already anxious, FOMO Bones can still help. For my dog, they seemed to start working to calm her down about 15 minutes after I gave her a dose.

After you give the bones, you’ll notice a reduction in anxious behavior such as pacing, barking, whining, chewing, and licking. FOMO Bones may even be enough to help your dog settle down and sleep. For my senior dog, they were very helpful in getting her to sleep through the night.

In Summary

  • Fast-acting
  • 5mg of CBD per bone
  • Soft texture
  • Very palatable
  • Easy to dose

  • Small pouches
  • No multi-pack discounts


Key Features

Sunday Scaries CBD Dog Treat - treats on a bowl

High CBD Content

Too many calming “hemp” chews don’t actually have any CBD in them. Rather, they are made of hemp seed oil, which does not contain cannabinoids.

FOMO Bones are different. Each bone contains 5mg of CBD isolate—enough for a maintenance dose of CBD for a 50-pound dog or a high therapeutic dose for a 10-pound dog. Real CBD combined with four other powerful calming ingredients make these bones highly effective for taming anxiety.

Easy to Give

Finding a CBD product that’s potent and easy to administer is a trick. Most oils are highly potent, but can only easily be given if added to food. And most treats that are easy to give to your dog don’t contain much CBD.

FOMO Bones are not only highly potent, but dogs love them. The soft texture and palatable flavor make them just as easy to give your pup as their favorite table scrap.

Fast Acting

All those calming ingredients inside FOMO Bones get to work fast to help your dog face their fears. This is important for dogs dealing with unexpected stress, such as thunderstorms, sudden noises, and visitors.

I typically saw results within 15 minutes after giving my dog a chew. And, as with most CBD products, the results became more powerful the more consistently I used the bones.


Are FOMO Bones a Good Value?

A bag of 20 FOMO Bones costs about $23. This breaks down to about $0.23 per 1 mg of CBD.

A quick Google search tells us that the cost of calming CBD treats for dogs ranges from about $0.13 to $0.28 per mg of CBD. This puts Sunday Scaries in the upper range of options out there. But we also need to consider that these bones contain four additional calming ingredients, more than you’ll find in most other options.

While these are a good value, Sunday Scaries, unfortunately, does not offer discounts for bulk purchases. However, you can get 20% off your order if you opt for a subscription.

Sunday Scaries CBD Dog Treat - a bowl of treats and packaging



Does Sunday Scaries have a money-back guarantee?

Yes! Sunday Scaries offers a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee on all their products. If you aren’t satisfied with how your FOMO Bones are working, contact their helpful and responsive customer service to get your money back.

Are FOMO Bones organic?

No, these CBD treats are not organic. However, they are all-natural and made with GMO-free ingredients and pesticide-free CBD.

Can you give more than the recommended dose?

This depends on the size of your dog and your goals for using the bones. In general, the recommended dose of CBD for dogs is 1 to 5 mg per 10 pounds of body weight. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these bones have additional active ingredients that you may not want to give too much of.

Sunday Scaries CBD Dog Treat - treats on the bowl


Our Experience With Sunday Scaries FOMO Bones

My Dalmatian mix, Ragz, recently turned 13. While she has never been an anxious dog, she does get very reactive around visitors. More recently, she’s also started doing a lot of tossing and turning at night.

I purchased FOMO Bones hoping they would help with these two issues. I was also hopeful they would provide an easier way to give Ragz her nighttime dose of CBD.

She has been on CBD oil for a while now to help with her sore joints. I give her a morning dose with breakfast, but prefer to give her an evening dose before bed, long after she’s had dinner.

The easiest way I’ve found to give it is to drip the oil onto a dog treat. But this gets very messy and a lot of the oil drips off. I was hopeful that using these potent, high-CBD FOMO Bones would be an easier alternative.

The first test, of course, was the taste test. Ragz has turned her nose up on soft treats in the past, but she definitely approved of these. She ate her bone without fuss every night.

After the first night, it was clear these bones helped her relax into bedtime with ease. She sleeps on my husband’s side of the bed and he’s reported that she’s noticeably less disruptive throughout the night.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find that she wasn’t any more stiff or sore in the morning than she is when I give her CBD oil before bedtime. This made me very happy because it is much easier to just toss her a bone before bed than to deal with dosing the oil without food to mix it into.

I also had the opportunity to test the anxiety-squashing power of these bones when Ragz accompanied my husband to work. I gave her a bone before they left and he was amazed at how well she did. She was much less reactive with his coworkers than she typically is, and spent most of the day snoozing below his desk.

She did so well that she now goes to work with my husband at least once per week. Of course, she always gets her FOMO Bone before she heads out the door.

Sunday Scaries CBD Dog Treat - ragz enjoying the treat



If your dog suffers from anxiety about the upcoming work week because they just can’t stand to see you leave on Monday, Sunday Scaries FOMO Bones might be the solution. These CBD chews help ease stress associated with separation anxiety as well as other causes of doggy worry.

For my old pup, they helped her sleep better through the night while also providing a potent enough dose of CBD to ease her achy joints. They also did a wonderful job of taking the scary out of her stranger danger routine. She was far less reactive in social situations with these bones and was much quicker to calm down.

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