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18 Types of No-Fuss, Low Maintenance Poodle Cuts (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Poodles are intelligent, happy dogs with beautiful signature coats. The curly canines are consistently successful at dog shows, as their iconic fur is often styled to perfection and paraded around for all to see. But what if you have a poodle that needs a trim, but you don’t want anything too fancy or high maintenance? Luckily, some beautiful poodle cuts are available for your poodle to wear that are elegant, comfortable, and no-fuss (both for you and your dog).

Read on to discover 18 no-fuss, low-maintenance poodle cuts.

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The 18 Types of Low Maintenance Poodle Cuts

1. Summer Cut

This light and airy coat clip is simple to complete and is an easily maintained cut for the summertime. It doesn’t require any special directions or equipment other than a good pair of clippers, so try the summer cut if you want the ultimate stylish yet relaxed coat clip.

  • Easy to do at home
  • No special equipment needed
  • Will help to keep your poodle cool in the summer
  • Very basic

2. Lion Cut

The lion cut is another easy cut to try out at home, but it’s more involved than the summer cut, so you may need some experience with grooming before you attempt it. Elegant and classic, the lion cut allows your pet to stay cool while still looking fabulous.

  • Classic and elegant cut
  • Simple to create
  • Will keep your pet cool in the summertime
  • May need extra grooming supplies if doing it yourself

3. Short Cut

The short cut is similar to the summer cut, but as its name suggests, it’s shorter. Why this clip is no-fuss is a no-brainer; short clips require very little in the way of grooming expertise, equipment, and time. A quick clip and a little maintenance can keep your poodle looking neat, well-groomed, and cool all year round.

  • Extremely easy to achieve
  • No special grooming equipment needed
  • Very basic

4. Miami/Bikini Cut

As one of the most classic poodle cuts, the Miami or bikini cut keeps whole sections of curly, fluffy hair on the body, with purposeful shaved shapes and a shaved face to create an iconic and beautiful shape. The Miami cut requires slightly more upkeep than the short cut, but it helps to emulate the quintessential “French poodle” style without requiring laborious grooming.

  • Elegant and iconic
  • Looks complex without being too involved
  • Some grooming experience is needed to cut yourself

5. Dutch Cut

This clip is on the same level of expertise as the Miami; however, it was fashionable back in the 1950s, when the age of the poodle was at its peak. It’s still popular today and incorporates pom-pom feet and tail into a shorter body coat, with a “necklace” of fluff in a classic poodle shape.

  • A clean cut
  • Doesn’t require an extreme amount of upkeep
  • May require extra grooming supplies to upkeep

6. Modern Cut

This cut is longer than the summer cut but has the same shape, with the fur on the ears and tail kept longer. The modern style resembles the Scandinavian cut, with a blended topknot and shapely legs. While it sounds involved, this clip isn’t complicated and only requires a trip to the groomers for the first shaping, with simple upkeep at home.

  • Does not require extensive upkeep to look fresh
  • Cool enough in the summer to be functional
  • Classic poodle shape
  • May need a trip to the groomers initially to

7. Continental Cut

While this cut isn’t as fuss-free as the last few (in fact, it’s probably the most complex of all of them), we felt we had to mention it as it is the American Kennel Club standard cut for poodles. The pompoms on the dog’s back are designed to warm the joints for ease of use, while the face is shaved to prevent debris from getting into the poodle’s eyes. This clip will need upkeep at home and regular trips to the groomers, but considering its heritage and functionality, it’s a good trade-off.

  • Beautiful and functional cut
  • Strategic placement of shaved and long parts
  • American kennel Club standard
  • Needs regular groomer upkeep

8. German Cut

This simple yet stylish cut is particularly useful for poodles that are unfortunate sufferers of frequent ear infections. The German cut uses shaved areas on the face, ears, and feet to create a fluffy, cloud-like clip on the legs and the top of the head, with a shorter body. This unique style means this clip is also ideal for more active dogs.

  • Good for active dogs
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Looks stylish
  • May need additional grooming equipment to clip the face and ears

9. Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is one of the most popular poodle (and labradoodle) clips today, and it’s easy to see why. The adorable rounding of the face with an all-over fluffy blow dry makes the clip reminiscent of puppyish youth, available at any age. The puppy cut also requires very little maintenance, except for some light trimming to keep the shape of the clip around the tail and face.

  • Hugely popular
  • Quick and easy to maintain
  • Helps to prevent mats and tangles
  • May be too common for those who like their poodle to stand out

10. Princess Cut

This adorable cut is another that may require more regular trips to the groomers than others but is still simple and functional while looking fantastic. The princess cut keeps the fur on the body and legs short, with a shaved face. The ears, pom poms, and ankles are left long and shaped to be rounded, giving off a sweet image, complete with pom poms at the end of the tail for maximum cuteness. This cut is easy to maintain when the groomer sets the lines, so consider this style if you want something that needs simple upkeep for lots of wow factor.

  • Functional and beautiful
  • Looks impressive
  • Can help to keep your dog cool in summer
  • May need more groomer trips than others on this list

11. Teddy Bear Cut

This cute cut is very similar to the puppy cut but is made to emulate the softest teddy bear rather than the sweetest puppy. The fur on the face and the ears are shaped to resemble a teddy’s, with very soft and fluffy lines and rounded ears. The teddy bear clip is just as functional as the puppy cut, and the upkeep is minimal for a suitable and adorable style all year.

  • Easy to style yourself
  • Year-round appropriate
  • Very, very cute
  • May suit smaller dogs or puppies better than large dogs.

12. Cupcake Cut

The cupcake cut is controversial in the poodle grooming world; it seems to have a loyal and dedicated fan base, with just as many people thinking it’s an unflattering style for a dog. The clip focuses on an even, medium-length clip all over the body, with the face shaved and a pointed pom-pom on the top of the head (looking like the icing on a cupcake) and fluffy ears. While it may be strange to some, it’s easy to maintain, and the only difficulty with the clip may come with the close shave needed on the face; if you’re not confident with face trimming, ask a groomer to do it for you.

  • Needs little grooming to upkeep
  • Unusual
  • May need a groomer to help with the close facial clip

13. Town And Country Cut


As one of the most classic and widespread of all poodle cuts, the town and country looks more complicated than it is. Natural-looking fur covers the entire body, with the face left shorter for ease of visibility and hygiene, and the legs look almost cylindrical. This clip is suitable for winter since the hair is long enough to insulate against the cold.

  • Simple yet stylish
  • Easy to clip yourself
  • Good for winter weather
  • As the fur is longer, it may need more regular brushing

14. Lamb Cut

The lamb cut is another clip that only needs a little effort but yields a big payoff. It keeps the coat smooth and uniform throughout the body, with a longer topknot on the head and, sometimes, styled ears. It resembles a more “groomed” version of the town and country cut but still holds its own as an adorable clip that takes a little time to master.

  • Looks well groomed
  • Doesn’t need lots of effort
  • Can help to insulate against cold weather
  • May need more brushing as the fur is longer

15. Scandinavian Cut

This clip is famous in Europe, and for a good reason. The Scandinavian cut keeps most of the fur long and fluffy, with the face, feet, and tail (without pom poms at the end) being kept short. The facial grooming may need to be done by a groomer if you’re not confident doing it yourself. However, this cut is very forgiving because of the fluffy, blow-dried look of the rest of the fur.

  • Very forgiving
  • Looks fancy
  • Only needs a little brushing
  • May need a groomer to complete the face shave

16. Fifth Avenue Cut

The fifth avenue cut is unconventional and not standard to poodles, but it is well adapted and has many merits as a functional coat for an active dog. The fifth avenue is also similar to the town and country cut, with longer hair puffing out over the dog’s knees and feet. It makes the hair shorter around the waist, giving a slimline silhouette to your pretty poodle.

  • Simple and elegant
  • Remains functional for active dogs
  • May need more attention to the ears than other clips

17. Bolero Cut

The bolero cut is a modified version of the fifth avenue clip, using shaved front and rear legs to give a smooth shape and a “cinched” waist. It may need some lines set by a groomer to provide you with a guide, but the bolero can primarily be maintained at home. Because of the style of the cut, it shouldn’t need daily maintenance beyond a little brushing to keep knots from forming.

  • Looks “well-groomed”
  • Only minimal upkeep
  • Sleek finish
  • May need a groomer to perform the first cut

18. Jacket And Pants Cut

This is another controversial cut because of the amount of hair that needs to be shaved to achieve the clip’s unique “jacket and pants” look. The neck and belly area of your poodle will be shaved down to create the look of a separate jacket and pants formed out of the longer hair styled on the legs, tail, and chest. Because of the amount needed to shave, we recommend watching your groomer perform the first cut to get the lines required for upkeep.

  • Unusual
  • Cool in summer
  • Looks “high-maintenance”
  • A significant amount of hair is removed

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These 18 poodle cuts range from a buzz all over to a more fancy, shapely figure, but all are easy to maintain at home with only a little grooming knowledge. Poodles are well known for their curly coats, but without basic daily maintenance, the hair can get tangled and pull painfully on the skin. We kept this in mind when selecting our fuss-free cuts to ensure you’ll only spend the average amount of grooming time.

Featured Image Credit: Tanya, Pixabay

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