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Warlock Doberman: Pictures, Info, Temperament & Traits

Melissa Gunter

By Melissa Gunter

doberman dog fetching a ball

The Warlock Doberman is a mysterious legend in the dog world. It is also the topic of some debate. Many call the offspring of a purebred Doberman from the 1960s by the name of Champion Borong Warlock, Warlock Dobermans. Others attach this name, along with the name Goliath or King Doberman, to Dobermans who are crossbred with Great Danes and Rottweilers to make a bigger, mixed-breed Doberman. While Champion Borong Warlock was a well-decorated and beloved Dobie of the past, making his bloodline popular, he was simply a purebred Doberman that met all the breed standards. Warlock Dobermans are something else.

Unfortunately, over the years since the passing of Borong the Warlock, many breeders have taken Dobermans and bred them with other breeds to develop litters of pups that grow to be larger than the standard Doberman. People who love Dobies, and their looks, but want a larger dog spend lots of money on these dogs with the belief that they are somehow special due to carrying a champion’s name. While these crossbreeds are large and, in some instances, fiercer than a standard Doberman they won’t meet breed standards and suffer from the health issues relating to bigger dog breeds.

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The Earliest Records of Warlock Dobermans in History

While Borong the Warlock traveled the world with his owner, Henry Frampton, gaining popularity and praise, breeders were wishing they could capitalize on this success. When Borong passed away in the late 1960s, shortly after losing his beloved owner, these breeders saw their opportunity. During the 1970s and 80s, many Warlock Dobermans began to be advertised. Breeders claimed these dogs were special or enhanced thanks to their size. In reality, this was far from the truth. They were simply bred with large dogs to give the appearance of a Doberman that was more powerful.

How Warlock Dobermans Gained Popularity

Warlock Doberman sitting
Image Credit: RODNAE Productions, Pexels

The original Doberman breed gained popularity quickly due to their dedication to their owners, fearsome looks, and intelligence. The Warlock Doberman, however, became popular due to people wanting what they felt was a special Doberman or one that was bigger than others. It was also common for owners to choose Warlock Doberman if they wanted their pet to be feared or seen as a guard dog no one should cross.

Formal Recognition of the Doberman

The Doberman was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1908. They have often been considered royalty in the dog world thanks to their beautiful stature and amazing poise. Unfortunately, due to the mixing of dog breeds, the Warlock Doberman is not officially recognized and most likely, never will be given this same prestige.

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Top 3 Unique Facts About Warlock Dobermans

Here are a few interesting facts you should know about the Warlock Doberman.

1. They Aren’t as Healthy as purebred Dobermans.

Since they have been bred with other large dog breeds, the Warlock Doberman is, unfortunately, not the healthiest dog. These dogs are susceptible to the same illnesses as Dobermans, Great Danes, and Rottweilers. Joint dysplasia, obesity, heart issues, and clotting issues often plague these dogs. You’ll find that Warlock Dobermans often don’t live past their 10th birthday.

adult doberman running
Image By: Viola Polikarpova, Shutterstock

2. Champion Borong the Warlock, the namesake of the Warlock Doberman, is thought to have died of a broken heart.

Borong the Warlock may have won several prizes and awards throughout his lifetime but nothing compared to spending his days with his beloved owner, Henry Frampton. When Henry passed away, Borong followed shortly after. Many believe the champion Doberman grieved himself at the loss of his greatest confidant.

3. Warlock Dobermans can feature either Great Danes or Rottweilers and receive the same name.

Both the Great Dane and the Rottweiler have been used to produce Warlock Dobermans. In the case of the Great Dane, they were used to provide breeders with a larger version of the Doberman. When breeding a Doberman with the Rottweiler, many breeders were aiming to breed a more fearsome and aggressive dog to answer to owners who wanted a more intimidating pet.

Does a Warlock Doberman Make a Good Pet?

Determining whether a Warlock Doberman makes a good pet is truly a hard question to answer. While the Doberman is a great pet that is eager to please its owners and be with their families, crossbreeding can be slightly unpredictable. Warlocks bred from Dobermans and Great Danes have been considered gentle and intelligent. Those bred from Dobermans and Rottweilers have, at times, been considered more aggressive and apt to be temperamental. If you are bringing one of these dogs into your home, it would be best that you know all you can about the breeder, how the dog has been raised, and which breeds were used to create them.

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As you can see, there are a lot of myths and legends surrounding the Warlock Doberman. While many may believe that these dogs are special Dobermans that are simply better than the rest, that isn’t the case. Warlock Dobermans, like any dog, can be treated as part of the family. However, you must understand the downsides to the creation of this dog breed and have all the necessary information about the dog you are bringing into your home.

Featured Image Credit: annolyn, Pixabay

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