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What Can Dogs Drink Besides Water? 10 Healthy Options

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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When it comes to your dog’s hydration, nothing can beat clean, fresh water. That said, as a loving pet parent, it’s quite natural to wonder if your dog could drink anything else besides water. After all, we get tea, coffee, milkshakes, juices, alcohol, and more. It’s vital to remember, however, that most human drinks are not suitable for your dog.

In this article, we’ll list 10 delicious and safe drinks that your dog could lick or sip from time to time —not as an alternative to water, but rather as an occasional treat, for example, once every one to two weeks.

Make sure you check with your vet before giving any of the following treats to your dog. Each dog is unique, and your vet knows if your dog has any particularity that makes any of the following drinking treats not suitable for your pooch.

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The 10 Options for Dogs to Drink Instead of Water

1. Fruit juice with no added sugars or sweeteners

strawberry juice
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Store-bought fruit juices often contain added sugar, sweeteners, and food coloring, all of which can be harmful to your dog. You should never offer these types of juices. However, a small amount of homemade pure fruit juice —squeezed fruit with water—can make a delightful treat for your pet. You can even freeze some and offer a refreshing little fruity ice cube to your pooch.

Fruit naturally contains sugar, so consider only giving this option to your dog as a treat, very occasionally, and only in small quantities.

Remember, grapes and grape juice are poisonous for your dog! Watermelon, cantaloupe, banana, blueberries, and strawberries are all perfectly safe in small quantities.

2. Unsweetened Almond Milk

Almonds, unlike other nuts, are not toxic to dogs. Unsweetened almond milk can make a delicious occasional treat for your dog, but before giving it to them, check the ingredients to make sure there are no added ingredients. If you’ve never given your dog almond milk before, consider starting with a tiny sip first in case it causes your pup a stomach upset. Almond milk is high in fat, which makes it unsuitable for some dogs.

Be aware that although almond and cashew milk are considered safe as a very occasional treat for canines, macadamia milk and nuts are toxic for dogs.

3. Coconut Water

coconut water in glass
Image Credit: NUM LPPHOTO, Shutterstock

Coconut water, but not coconut milk, is a safe occasional treat for your dog. It contains water that will help to keep your dog hydrated, as well as nutrients such as potassium, calcium, and vitamin C. Make sure the coconut water you pick is unsweetened; it should just contain coconut water with no added ingredients or additives.

Note that coconut water can’t be used as an alternative or replacement to water, but it can make a nice, nutritious treat.

4. Unsalted Broth

Chicken, beef, and vegetable broth all make for a tasty treat for your pup. The added benefit of giving your dog broth is that it’s usually a good source of protein and essential nutrients.

The broth that you offer to your dog must be homemade so that you know exactly which ingredients have been used, to make sure that it doesn’t contain onion, garlic, or added salt. Onion and garlic are both toxic to dogs, and dogs receive all the salt they need with their regular complete and balanced diet..

For a safer option, only use homemade broth or consider looking at broth that’s formulated especially for dogs.

5. Vegetable Juice

a fresh carrot vegetable juice in a glass
Image Credit: Dream79, Shutterstock

Home made juice made from dog-safe vegetables including carrots and pumpkin with some added water can make a nice, safe treat for your dog. However, it is much more beneficial to give your dog these vegetables whole. Your dog will love eating fresh raw vegetables, such as carrots and cucumbers!

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Can Dogs Drink Milk?

Most adult dogs are lactose intolerant, and as such even a small amount of cow’s milk can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal upset, though it’s important to note that not all dogs react this way.

If you do want to try giving your dog milk, then goat’s milk is a safer option to go with since it contains slightly amount lactose than cow’s milk. As with all foods, if your dog has never tried goat milk before, start with a tiny sip first and see how they respond.

Can Dogs Drink Tea?

No. Your dog should never drink or lick any caffeinated drinks because caffeine is toxic to them. While a tiny amount of unsweetened herbal tea, such as valerian or rooibos tea, shouldn’t cause your dog any health issues, it’s safer to stick with water.

A hot cup of something helps to keep most of us feeling cozy through the winter, but it’s important to remember that dogs don’t need the feeling of a hot cuppa. Your dog will appreciate their water at room temperature more than a hot cup of tea.

Should Dogs Drink Anything Other Than Water?

Your dog doesn’t need to drink anything other than fresh, clean water, but there are some circumstances where giving your dog a liquid supplement may be beneficial.

Dogs that are reluctant to drink water may be encouraged to drink if you occasionally add a small amount of dog-safe broth to their water. Additionally, some commercial dog drinks are formulated with extra nutrients and vitamins that aid in recovery or healing.

For very active dogs or dogs that have suffered vomiting and diarrhea, some drinks offer electrolytes, calories, nutrients, and protein.

Finally, you can think of alternative dog drinks as just another treat. A few links of fruit juice will stimulate your dog’s mind as well as their tastebuds!

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The 5 Delicious Purchasable Dog Drinks

1. DoggyRade Supplement

DoggyRade Supplement

DoggyRade is a low-calorie isotonic drink formulated especially for dogs. It helps hydrate your dog, but it also contains probiotics and amino acids to support their digestive health. This drink is a good option for an occasional treat during your active dog’s exercise sessions.

DoggyRade comes in handy pouches that you can take with you when you go for your walk, and it comes pre-made, so you don’t have to worry about mixing or prior preparation.

2. Replenish Dog Water

Replenish Dog Water

Replenish is a chicken broth-based supplement that boosts your dog’s energy and hydration after periods of activity or sickness. It comes in small pouches, and all you need to do is add water.

Formulated by a veterinarian, Replenish Dog Water is marketed to enhance performance, improve brain function, and may even improve your dog’s tracking ability.

3. The Honest Kitchen Beef Bone Broth

The Honest Kitchen Beef Bone Broth

The Honest Kitchen Bone broth makes for the perfect warming liquid treat for your dog. It also provides your furry friend with an extra helping of protein, and you won’t have to worry about harmful ingredients such as salt, onions, or garlic.

The bone broth comes in dehydrated form, so all that’s needed is to mix it up with warm water when you’re ready to serve it up.

4. Nature’s Diet Whole Cream Goat Milk

Nature’s Diet Whole Cream Goat Milk

Cow’s milk has a higher lactose content that can cause some dogs to get sick, but in some of them, goat milk could be fine. Nature’s Diet Goat Milk comes in dehydrated form with no harmful additives, so you can store it in the cupboard and only use it when you need it.

Nature’s Diet Goat Milk makes for a delicious liquid treat that’s packed with protein, calcium, vitamin B-6, vitamin A, and potassium.

5. Bowser Beer for Dogs

Bowser Beer for Dogs

If you’re looking for a quick, tasty drinkable treat for your dog, Bowser Beer is a great option! Despite its name, Bowser Beer contains no alcohol, hops, or beer. Instead, it’s a broth—available in pork, chicken, and beef flavors—that also contains malt barley. Malt barley provides an additional source of vitamin B, amino acids, and glucosamine to promote healthy joints.

Bowser Beer comes ready to serve in liquid form.

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Which Drinks Are Not Safe for Dogs?

Although there are several drink options you can safely offer your dog occasionally, there are also a few liquids you should keep away from them. If ingested, the following drinks can be hazardous and potentially fatal to your pet.

  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Drinks that contain chocolate
  • Grape juice
  • Drinks with added salt, sugar, or artificial sweeteners
  • Drinks that contain xylitol

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Final Thoughts

Small amounts of pure (dog-safe) fruit juice, unsalted bone broth, unsweetened coconut milk, and goat milk are all safe options to give to your dog. However, the most important liquid in your dog’s diet is water; therefore, access to a fresh, clean supply is paramount.

Water helps regulate your dog’s body temperature, transport nutrients around their body, lubricate their joints, and generally keep them hydrated, but your dog may appreciate the occasional treat or supplement!

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