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What Do Cats Think About Humans? You May Be Surprised

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Since cats were first domesticated thousands of years ago, humans have been keeping cats as pets and loving every minute of it! There are millions of pet cats living in America and they come in all sizes and colors. Even though cats are common pets, there is still a lot we don’t know about our feline friends including what they think of us.

Cats are cool, mysterious, and graceful animals. They’re pets that spend a lot of time sleeping and seeking human attention. Most cats don’t seem to care what anyone or anything thinks of them. If you put all this together, you’ll realize that pet cats have it made in the shade! These pretty little creatures seem to have everything they want and need, and they get what they want by meowing at us!

Why Do Cats Like Humans?

Have you ever wondered what cats think about us? Maybe you’ve asked yourself why cats like humans at all. Do they think we’re their servants who should wait on them hand and foot? Or do they view us as bigger and clumsier versions of themselves? We’ve put together some information that may surprise you about what cats think regarding how humans fit into their lives.

cat owner talking to his pet
Image Credit: Piqsels

Cats Don’t View Humans the Same Way Dogs Do

Nobody on earth can read a cat’s mind to find out what these animals think of us. However, scientists have been observing cats for a long time and tell us that cats don’t view us in the same way dogs do.

It’s been proven that dogs interact with humans differently than they interact with other dogs. Dogs play differently with humans than they do with other dogs, and they tend to zero in on human emotion when interacting with people. Cats on the other hand are much more aloof around humans and aren’t so willing to play and interact with people like dogs are. All this suggests that dogs see us as inherently different from them and that cats don’t view us any differently than they view other cats.

grey shorthair cat lying
Image Credit: Anna Hoychuk, Shutterstock

Cats Treat Us Like They Treat Other Cats

When you think about how your cat behaves around you, you’ll likely realize that your cat displays the same behaviors around other cats. For example, your cat shows you affection by rubbing his body up against yours, he uses body language & sounds to express how he feels and sits beside you for companionship and comfort. He may even groom you by licking your skin or hair.

Cats act the same way around other cats as they purr and rub against each other, groom one another, and sit or lay near each other for comfort and protection.

bengal cats licking eachother
Image Credit: Ilona Koeleman, Shutterstock

Cats May See Us As Big Mother Cats Without Hair

Kittens depend on their mothers for love, protection, and food and that’s where all of this is going. Many scientists believe that cats look at humans much the same way young kittens view their mothers. In other words, we’re nothing more than big hairless cats that provide our pet cats with food, protection, and love!

Throughout history, cats have had limited interaction with other living beings other than their own kin. Ancient cats were solitary creatures that preferred living alone, except for lions that have always lived in groups called prides.

The behaviors you see in your pet cat like rubbing, meowing, and licking most likely come from the close relationship mother cats have always had with their kittens. While this is not proven, it can be the reason why cats don’t form the same kind of relationships with humans as dogs do.

ginger kitten licking mother cats head
Image Credit: David D Pixabay


We have a long way to go before we truly understand cats and what they think about us. What we do know is that cats seem to look at us as big mother cats who are put on this earth to take care of them. The next time you spend time with your cat, think about how your feline friend may be viewing you and prepare to have your mind blown!

Featured Image Credit: Piqsels

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