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What Kind of Cat is Tom from Tom and Jerry? Famous Cat Breeds Revealed

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By Misty Layne

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It’s interesting looking at cartoon cats and trying to figure out what cat breed they’re based on. Some are surprising, some less so, but it’s always fun to find out! And there are plenty of famous cartoon cats out there to look into—Garfield, Heathcliff, Felix, and more.

Then there’s Tom, from the cartoon “Tom and Jerry”—one of the most famous cartoon cats to ever exist. Have you ever been curious about just what kind of cat Tom from “Tom and Jerry” is? Well, according to the Wiki for “Tom and Jerry,” Tom is a Domestic Shorthair (though there are some who believe he was based on a Russian Blue).1

What is Tom and Jerry?

You’re probably already familiar with “Tom and Jerry”, but just in case you’re not, it’s a classic American cartoon. Featuring a hapless cat that’s always trying to get the best of a clever mouse, the characters of Tom and Jerry debuted back in 1940. Born from the minds of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, “Tom and Jerry” featured lots of visual humor and cartoon violence as Tom constantly tried to catch Jerry. The show is so popular it’s still around today; in fact, 2021 saw a big-screen version of the show come to life!

What is a Domestic Shorthair?

The Domestic Shorthair isn’t actually a breed in and of itself; it’s a mixed breed cat. That means the Domestic Shorthair comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns (though, at times, they may look exactly like certain cat breeds depending on their ancestry). They often get mixed up with the American Shorthair, partially due to the name but also because they both have muscular builds. However, the American Shorthair is an actual recognized breed and not a mix of breeds like the Domestic Shorthair.

The Domestic Shorthair’s personality can be just as varied as its appearance. You’ll find a mixture of sweet and affectionate, bold and daring, shy and aloof, and more. No matter their personality, though, the Domestic Shorthair is a popular pet to have.

The Domestic Shorthair is also quite easy to care for, which is another reason it makes a great pet. They are a very low-maintenance cat that rarely needs grooming, is relatively healthy, and is super friendly no matter the personality type.

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Image Credit: Editor77, Shutterstock

Final Thoughts

It can be fun and interesting to find out what kind of cat breed cartoon cats are based on. When it comes to Tom from the famous classic cartoon, “Tom and Jerry”, it appears that he is a gray and white Domestic Shorthair. Not to be confused with the American Shorthair, which is a cat breed, the Domestic Shorthair isn’t a breed but is a type of cat made up of a mix of breeds. This enables them to be wildly varied in color, pattern, and personality. However, one commonality you’ll find amongst the Domestic Shorthair is that they make great pets. No matter what type of personality they have—shy, energetic, affectionate, reserved, or a mix—these cats are known for being exceptionally friendly. They’re also easy to care for and generally healthy. And with the color combos of Domestic Shorthairs out there, maybe you’ll find your own Tom!


Featured Image Credit: Bicanski on Pixnio

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