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When Is National Cat Lovers Month? 2023 Update & Facts

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Cat owners know that every day is a good time to spoil their cats by showering them with affection, giving them their favorite healthy food, and offering the occasional treat. But National Cat Lovers’ Month, which has been held every December since the mid-1990s, presents an even greater opportunity to show your cat how much they mean to you.

You may find some local events in your area, but most owners will mark the occasion at home in the company of their own cats.

About National Cat Lovers Month

For nearly 10,000 years, people and cats have lived alongside one another. Since becoming domesticated, cats have lived in our homes and have also proven useful, chasing and catching rodents and other potential pests, although the majority of cats are kept in a level of luxury that negates the need for them to so much as lift a paw. National Cat Lovers’ Month is an opportunity for owners to celebrate the relationship we have with our cats. How to celebrate this national event will depend on you, and your cat’s preferences, but we have given you some ideas further down the page.

National Cat Lovers’ Month runs every year in December, starting on December 1st and culminating on December 31st.

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Image Credit: Uschi_Du, Pixabay

Ideas to Celebrate National Cat Lovers Month

Whether you own cats or not, you can celebrate National Cat Lovers’ Month. Base your chosen festivities on what you and your cat enjoy.

1. Visit a Cat Cafe

asian woman playing with cats in a cat cafe
Image Credit: Boyloso, Shutterstock

Dog meets are fairly commonplace. There are groups and clubs for specific breeds and certain types of dogs. There are training classes, sports meetings, and other group activities that encourage dogs and their owners to come together. But cat meets are very rare, typically reserved for shows and exhibitions. One place you can go to see cats together is a cat café. You may need to book in advance, typically for an allotted time, but you will be able to sit and have a coffee while stroking and loving multiple cats. Some cafes also adopt the cats they have out.

2. Visit a Shelter

If you’re looking to get a little more hands-on, you can volunteer at a local cat shelter or cat charity. Most charities are crying out for volunteers who are willing to come and clean up after their cats, while many welcome visitors to come and simply spend some time with the cats. If you have the money, leave a donation for the charity to help them continue their good work.

3. Donate to a Cat Charity

adopting a cat from shelter
Image Credit: JW Design, Shutterstock

Local rescues aren’t the only cat charities that need our help. Millions of cats are sent to shelters around the country every year, and, sadly, hundreds of thousands of them are euthanized through no fault of their own. If you can’t adopt a cat because your landlord doesn’t allow it or you don’t want to leave an adopted cat alone all day while you are out to work, consider donating to a charity instead.

4. Groom Your Cat

If you do have your own cats, National Cat Lovers’ Month is the ideal opportunity to show them how much you care for and appreciate them. Get out the grooming equipment and give your cat a good brush. Grooming benefits you both. Most cats enjoy the tactile experience, and it helps prevent knotting and matting of the fur. It can also be a soothing experience for owners, and removing the dead hair on a brush means that less shed hair is likely to make it on furniture and clothes.

5. Play with Your Cat

young woman playing with two ragdoll cats while giving a treat
Image Credit: Atmosphere1, Shutterstock

Cats need exercise, and it is especially important that indoor cats get regular playtime to offer this required exercise as well as mental stimulation. Get a wand toy or small stuffed mice and spend half an hour playing. It will enhance the bond between the two of you and may even help prevent destructive and other unwanted behavior.

6. Take Your Cat for a Walk

We typically associate walk time with pet dogs, but cats can also be walked. It can take time to desensitize your cat to wearing a harness and leash, but it is a great way for predominantly indoor cats to experience the outdoors. Another option is to install a catio, which is a secure area outdoors that can be linked to the house via a cat flap or that you carry your cat to let it have time outside.

7. Try Training Them

Woman training a cat
Image Credit: DimaBerlin, Shutterstock

Another activity we more often associate with pet dogs is training, but cats are intelligent animals and many of them can also be trained. In fact, most owners train their cats when they teach them to pee and poop in a litter tray. This training can be extended, and some cats can learn to play fetch, give high fives, and more. It is a great way to interact with your cat and to keep their mind active.

Are There Any Other National Cat Holidays?

There are numerous national days meant to celebrate cats:

  • National Cat Day is celebrated every year, on October 29th
  • January 2nd is Happy Mew Year for Cats Day
  • March 2nd is International Rescue Cat Day
  • April 6th is National Siamese Cat Day
  • October 27th is National Black Cat Day


Cats are the second most popular pet after dogs. They live in our homes, give us love, and they entertain us throughout the year. December is the month when we can give our cats a little extra love and some extra attention as it is National Cat Lovers’ Month. You may find some events in your local area, or you can visit cat cafes and cat shelters to celebrate the month.

Alternatively, buy your cats some extra healthy treats, groom them more often, and offer plenty of playtime, to mark the occasion.

Featured Image Credit: Veera, Shutterstock

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