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23 Cat Holiday Cards for Christmas, Valentine’s, and More!

Elizabeth Gray

By Elizabeth Gray

orange cat in christmas sweater

Some people like to joke that holidays were invented by greeting card companies just to sell more products. While we can neither confirm nor deny this theory, we know that cards are one of the best ways to mark any occasion. If you love cats or know someone who does, sending a kitty-themed card can make the greeting extra special. Check out these 23 cat holiday cards for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and more!

The 23 Cat Holiday Cards

Christmas and Other Winter Holiday Cards

1. Bad Cat Christmas Cards

Masterpiece Studios Holiday Collection

These funny Christmas cards commemorate one of the dangerous truths about cats around the holidays: they can be really rough on the tree. Many cat owners can relate to the sentiment expressed on the front of this card. If you have multiple kitty lovers on your Christmas list, this card is available in an 18-count box set with envelopes included. These cards are printed on high-quality paper and include a cute message on the inside. There’s plenty of room for your own thoughts, too.

2. Sleeping Santa Kittens Cards

Christmas Cats Holiday Card Assortment Pack

What better way to spread holiday cheer than with these adorable cards featuring snoozing kittens in Santa hats? This multi-pack includes 25 cards with five designs, and some of them feature puppies as well. Nothing says “peace on earth” like these two traditional “enemy” species cuddled close. They’re made in the USA and printed on cardstock, but they are a bit small. You’ll need to fold them yourself, but they’re scored to make it easier. Each card includes a holiday message, and envelopes are included.

3. Santa with Snoozing Cats Cards

Santa with Snoozing Cats Cards

Think of the earth this holiday season with these sustainably printed, eco-friendly cards. Made in the USA, this 12-pack of cards features an adorable image of Santa catching a quick cat nap with multiple feline friends. A brief printed message inside leaves plenty of room to personalize each card. Both the cards and the envelopes are printed on recycled paper. The printing process itself uses solar power. Give the earth the gift of using these cards.

4. Funny Cat Christmas Card

NobleWorks - Merry Christmas Greeting Card with Envelope

This funny cartoon card features Santa attempting to wrangle reluctant kitties to pull his sleigh instead of reindeer. The card comes with an envelope and features a silly message inside. If sending terrible puns at Christmas is wrong, we don’t want to be right! Produced by a small business, the card is 30% recycled content. The card can be mailed with standard postage and is sure to get a good chuckle out of whoever receives it.

5. Kittens in Stockings Christmas Cards

Avanti Press Christmas Cards

If you know someone whose wish is a stocking full of kittens, this is the card for you.  These cards feature an adorable photo of five stockings full of kittens, including one adventurous orange feline pointed the wrong way around. They’re available in 10, 20, 50, or 100-count boxes and include extra envelopes. The cards are composed of 35% recycled material, and there’s a cute message inside with space for your greetings as well.

6. Kitten in Gelt Card

NobleWorks - 12 Humuruos Chanukah Greeting Cards Box Set

These adorable Hanukkah cards feature a kitten snoozing in a pile of gelt with another holiday pun-filled message inside. They’re produced by a small business with products made in the US and Canada and contain 30% recycled content. If you spend your holiday season shooing your cat away from spinning dreidels, this is the card for you. It comes as a set of 12 cards with envelopes included.

Father’s Day Cat Cards

7. Best Cat Dad Card

OJsensai Happy Fathers Day Card

For the father with fur children, choose this sweet, high-quality card. It is blank inside for you to write as much as possible about that special cat Dad. If you’re feeling really brave, try having your cat “sign” the card with a pawprint too. This sturdy card comes with an envelope and mails with standard postage. It’s not fancy but offers plenty of room for personalization and creativity.

8. Cat Love Card

Recycled Paper Greetings How a Cat Shows They Love You

This hilarious card will be instantly relatable to the cat dads in your life and any other kitty fanatic. We may know our cats love us, but sometimes they have a funny way of showing it! This card comes with an envelope and includes a message inside. The card is manufactured from sustainable, recycled materials, and cat dads with a sense of humor will love it.

9. Poop Joke Card

Alzombi Funny Cat Father's Day Card

For the dad with a sense of humor who’s not easily offended, this card is the perfect way to say thank you on Father’s Day. It’s printed on recycled cardstock and comes with an envelope. The inside is blank, and you can write down every single thing you put your Dad through in the past year. Or, let the satisfied cartoon kitty and their smelly contribution on the front of the card speak for themselves.

Mother’s Day Cards

10. Pop-up Card

Lovepop Purrfect Mom Pop-Up Card

This unique card is not your average Mother’s Day greeting, and it features adorable pop-up art with several kitties relaxing on a cat tree. There’s a blank note card included to write your own note to Mom. The card is beautifully designed and comes with an envelope. Be aware that if you’re mailing this card, it will probably need extra postage. This handcrafted card is perfect for the cat-loving mom who appreciates something a little different.

11. Cat with Kittens Card

Decolove Mother's Day Card

This card features a photo of a mother cat with three adorable kittens. It’s blank inside with an envelope, and it’s a good choice for honoring any mother in your life, not just your own. Many mothers can relate to the kitty in this photo, trying to relax while their babies crawl into their personal space. On Mother’s Day, this card is a good reminder that motherhood comes with many challenges, but shared experiences can unite us all.

12. Upside-Down Cat Card

Upside Down Cat Reading Book

For the moms in your life who appreciate cute cats and good wine, this card is the perfect choice. With a straightforward and hilarious message inside, the greeting will hopefully inspire the mom who receives it to take some time for herself to relax on Mother’s Day. It’s made in the USA and is printed on recycled paper.

13. Best Cat Mom Card

Ziwenhu Funny Cat Mom Gifts for Women

If you’re a cat owner of a certain age, chances are you and your friends are delaying human children in favor of furry ones. Celebrate the cat moms in your life with this cute card. It’s large and flexible to prevent being damaged easily and is made from recycled materials. It comes with a matching envelope and is blank inside for a personalized message. The sweet but cool cartoon on the front features a cat and mom bumping fists/paws.

14. Smashing Day Card

The Best Card Company

This hilarious Mother’s Day card should be appreciated by any mom, whether or not they have a cat. Our feline friends sometimes have a talent for destruction, and the cartoon kitty featured on this card is no exception. The inside is blank, and it can be customized for any mom in your life. Spread laughs and love this Mother’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Cards

15. Funny Cartoon Poem Card

NobleWorks - Pack of 3 Humorous Valentine's Day Greeting Cards with Envelopes

This Valentine’s card is technically for anyone, but only someone who’s lived with a cat can fully appreciate the joke. Available in a 3-pack with envelopes included, this Valentine’s card is a good choice for the non-romantic connections in your life, such as a teacher. There’s plenty of room inside to write your own joke or simply sign your name really big. The card is made from 30% recycled content by a U.S.-based small business.

16. My Other Half Card

CENTRAL 23 Wedding Anniversary Card

This Valentine’s Day Card is versatile enough to work for any type of romantic pairing. It displays a precious hand-drawn cartoon of a cat booping another one on the nose with love and affection. Technically, this card could also work for any romantic occasion, including an anniversary. It’s blank inside and is perfect for writing a sappy love note. If you’re not feeling creative, the card also comes with a list of tips to help you decide what to write.

17. Cat Heart Nose Card

The Best Card Company - 20 Assorted Boxed Valentine's Day Note Cards with Envelopes

This pack of 20 Valentine’s Day cards is perfect for your kid to take to school and hand out. The cards feature photos of various cats with hearts on their nose and a simple, non-romantic greeting inside. It’s made with 30% recycled content, and the cards are made in the U.S. and Canada by a small business. Envelopes are included for these smaller-than-usual cards. There are 10 card designs in total, with two of each. They’re easy to open and high quality, and they’re ideal if you need to spread love in bulk.

18. Cat in Box Card

NobleWorks, Funny Card for Valentine's Day - Animal Love, Cute Valentines Card with Envelope

This Valentine’s Day card pays tribute to one of the most unique and sometimes frustrating quirks of cat behavior. No matter what their toy or gift is, they usually prefer to sit in the box more than anything! Cat lovers are in on the joke and will appreciate this card the most. The message inside isn’t explicitly romantic, so it could work for any kind of Valentine’s greeting.

19. Pop-Up Card

PopLife Love Kitties Pop Up 3D Pop Up Greeting Card

This pop-up card is made completely from recycled materials and features a beautiful image of two cats sitting on an intricate rug. With a separate blank note card included, it can serve as a Valentine’s greeting for any relationship. The pop-up portion can also be removed to serve as a decoration. If you’re planning to mail this card, it will take at least two stamps.

20. Double Pun Card

Funny Romantic Cat Valentine's Day card

When one romantic cat pun just won’t do, reach for this card which offers double the fun. It features an adorable tabby in a foil hat, and the card is made in the USA. It comes with envelopes, and you can order a single or a 5, 10, or 20-pack. The folded card has plenty of room inside for a personalized message to accompany the puns.

21. You’re All I Knead Card

Cute Cat Love Card, Pun Anniversary Card for Him Her

So many cat puns, but only one holiday. This funny Valentine’s Day card features a cute cartoon of two loving kitties. The inside is blank, and this card is a good choice for romantic partners who like to write their own love letters. This high-quality card also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Cat lovers and lovers with cats will all appreciate this unique way to express affection on Valentine’s Day.

Easter Cards

22. Cat in Duck Costume Card

Avanti Press Cat in Duck Costume Funny Easter Card

Sure, you could try to wrestle your cat into a duck costume to celebrate Easter, or you could just buy this greeting card. Featuring a tolerant tabby in a full quack ensemble posing with an Easter basket, this card has everything you love about this spring holiday in one photo. It’s made from recycled cardstock and includes a matching envelope. The message inside is short and sweet, leaving you space for your own Easter greetings.

23. Hoppy Cats Card

The Best Card Company - 10 Vintage Easter Cards with Envelopes

If you have multiple Easter greetings to send, this 10-pack of cards might be just the thing you need. It features photos of gorgeous kitties decked out in bow ties and bunny teeth with cartoon ears, and it’s truly one-of-a-kind. With envelopes included, these cards are made from 30% recycled content. Mail the cards to friends and family or hand them out at work or school to brighten everyone’s day. The simple message inside leaves room for your own springtime sentiment.


These 23 cards offer funny, adorable, and sometimes unusual ways to recognize important holidays in our lives. Giving cards on holidays is always appreciated, but it’s extra special when someone takes the time to find one that matches our interests, in this case, a beloved pet. Stock up on these cards, and you’ll be prepared for every occasion.

Featured Image Credit: GolubaPhoto, Shuttestock

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