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When Is Newfoundland Dog Day 2023? History & How To Celebrate

Oliver Jones

By Oliver Jones

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As a hero to many and friend to all, the Newfoundland is one dog worthy of celebration. National Newfoundland Dog Day falls on March 25th, offering dog lovers a chance to honor one of the canine kingdom’s noblest breeds. Find out why Newfoundlands are so respected and how you can promote these magnificent pups as we explore Newfoundland Dog Day.

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When Is Newfoundland Dog Day?

Newfoundland Dog Day occurs every March 25th. The operator of LoveNewfoundlands.com founded the holiday on her Newfoundland’s birthday to honor the value these pups have brought and continue to bring to their owners and communities. Although many call it “National Newfoundland Dog Day,” anyone across the globe can recognize the occasion, and it’s hardly the only day during the year you can set aside to celebrate your dog.

Why We Celebrate Newfoundlands

Meeting a Newfoundland once is all it takes to understand why they’ve earned their celebration and regret that we only have one holiday saluting this sweet, devoted breed. Newfoundlands are the definitive gentle giant of the canine kingdom; they’re a patient, noble, and heroic breed deserving of anyone’s appreciation. Though protective and loyal to a fault, they’re gracious and patient to all and a pleasure to have in nearly any setting.

J.M. Barrie’s representation of the Newfoundland in Peter Pan captures the essence of their caring and courteous manner. In the classic tale, Nana played the role of the Darlings’ nursemaid and their greatest help with Wendy, John, and Michael. The nod to the Newfoundland was significant and appropriate, commending and cementing their reputation as a superior family dog and friend to children.

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Image Credit: Marsan, Shutterstock

Newfoundland Dog Breed History

The Newfoundland originated in Newfoundland, Canada, around the time of European settlement. With massive bodies weighing over 150 pounds in many cases, they became incomparable workers with delightfully mild temperaments and extreme pulling power.

Newfoundlands were a natural fit for exhaustive labor along the shore. When they weren’t hauling in fishing nets, they would pull carts. But where Newfoundlands excelled was search and rescue at sea, thanks to their large bodies, swimmer builds, and keen detection senses. They were powerful enough to rescue boaters and lost cargo, with webbed feet and a thick, double coat insulating against the cold sea.

Records of the Newfoundland’s character and heroism abound. Lord Byron praised his dog for his “beauty without vanity, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity, and all the virtues of man without his voices.”

Such a sentiment accurately describes the Newfoundland as a breed, and there’s history to prove it. Alongside their role in Lewis and Clark’s expedition across America, there are countless tales of Newfoundlands saving people by the dozens and rescuing entire shiploads of travelers. In perhaps their most famous feat of fearless devotion, a Newfoundland jumped into rough waters to save Napoleon Bonaparte while at sea during his Elba exile.

How to Celebrate Newfoundland Dog Day

Newfoundland Dog Day only comes once a year, so you should make every effort to do it right. Here are a few ideas to help you plan your dog’s celebration:

  • Set aside time for fetch or your dog’s favorite game
  • Take your dog to the dog park
  • Have a special grooming day
  • Take your Newfoundland swimming at the beach
  • Try out agility or obedience training
  • Check Newfoundland dog owner groups on social media in your area to find dog-focused events
  • If you still have snow by Newfoundland Dog Day, test a well-trained Newfoundland’s skills at skijoring
  • Grab ice cream treats for you and your dog, and enjoy a night watching TV

Only you know what gets your Newfoundland feeling happy and excited. Take the time until Newfoundland Dog Day to get creative and find a fun bonding activity to make the day memorable for your dog.

Image Credit: Pandas, Shutterstock

How to Care for a Newfoundland

Newfoundlands have a laidback and undemanding nature, but they’re no less in need of appropriate care than the next breed. With Newfoundland Dog Day in mind, it’s important to remember that one of the best ways to recognize and treat our dogs is to ensure they have the most fulfilling, happiest life possible.

Although they’re content to hang in the home with their favorite people, Newfoundlands still need at least 30 minutes of daily activity through walks and outdoor playtime. Training is an excellent way to exercise their minds, strength, and endurance.

Pulling competitions are a natural fit for one of the strongest dog breeds in the world. But their versatility may surprise you. Newfoundlands have also excelled in agility, herding, dock diving, rally, obedience, and even Fast CAT competitions.

Aside from balancing an appropriate exercise routine with a high-quality diet, your Newfoundland will need a disciplined grooming routine to tame that dense coat. A slicker and pin brush will be crucial tools, especially during the semi-annual heavy shedding seasons.

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Final Thoughts

Every day is a treat when you have a Newfoundland in the home, so why not repay your pet with at least one day of the year that’s all about them? March 25th is Newfoundland Dog Day, and you can plan a unique adventure or spend special time with your favorite dog at home. There’s no wrong way to do it, and with a dog this loyal, even a little extra attention can mean the world to them.

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