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When Is Respect Your Cat Day 2023? Facts & How to Celebrate It

Jana Blagojevic

By Jana Blagojevic

cat owner listening to music

We can all agree that cats are one of the most unique pets on earth and if you have a cat, you are probably aware of how cats can improve your day. So, every day should be a Respect Your Cat Day! But many people and cat parents are not aware of this annual event.

It is celebrated on March 28th every year, and if you are interested in how this day came about and its importance, stick with us.

History of Respect Your Cat Day

The true history of Respect Your Cat Day is unknown. However, there are several interesting theories and ideas. One such theory states that this day dates back to 1384 when King Richard II of England issued an official order which banned the consumption of cats by his subjects. Other theories speculate that this holiday earned its spot simply because of the love and care every cat owner should provide to raise more awareness about cats’ healthy habits and lifestyles. Since cats were adored even in Ancient Egypt, 4,000 years ago, they still have an exceptional place in our hearts and deserve a celebration in their name once in a while.

The Importance of Respect Your Cat Day

You should celebrate Respect Your Cat Day for various reasons if you are a cat parent. First and foremost, cats are compassionate and intuitive beings, so they pick up on any emotion or gesture you send them. Spending time with them while you provide them with extra love and care can ensure your cat is happier than ever. Celebrating this special day will enhance your bond with your cat while ensuring their overall physical and mental health.

cat getting tickles from the owner
Image Credit: Sozina Kseniia, Shutterstock

Tips for Celebrating Respect Your Cat Day

1. Play Your Cat’s Favorite Games

On this special day, you can show your respect towards your cat by playing their favorite games. If your cat adores playing puzzle games or teasing games, then this is the ideal time to show how much you enjoy spending time with them.

2. Allow Your Cat to Express Emotions

While cats are perceived to be less emotional than dogs, cats are compassionate and loving creatures. They adore giving love and receiving it. However, even cats need their space and time alone, so respecting these moments is another way to celebrate this day.

3. Feed Them Their Favorite Meal

One more excellent way to respect your cat and celebrate this holiday is to feed your cat their favorite meal. Also, make sure to reward your cat throughout the day with their favorite and most delicious snacks.

Final Thoughts

Respect Your Cat Day is a wonderful day that celebrates your amazing feline and your strong bond. Celebrating this day is the perfect way to show your respect towards your cat, ensure its health, and keep it happy. Your cat will be delighted by the extra attention it gets, especially if it’s paired with some delicious treats!

Featured Image credit: Artem Oleshko, Shutterstock

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