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When Is Take Your Cat to Work Day? (Updated in 2024)

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Cat parents probably wonder if there is a cat counterpart for Take Your Dog to Work Day. After all, if dog parents can take their dogs to work, why not cat parents? Well, get ready to mark your calendars for a day of purrs and cuddles! Take Your Cat to Work Day is on the third Monday of June every year.

It’s a purrfect opportunity for cat owners to share their workday with their adorable feline friends. If you’re curious about this wonderful “pet holiday”, read on as we look at the origin and significance of Take Your Cat to Work Day, its history, how to observe it, and even creative ways to participate if your workplace doesn’t allow pets! So, prepare for a day filled with feline fun, bonding, and delightful antics!

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What Is Take Your Cat to Work Day?

Take Your Cat to Work Day is an unofficial celebration that encourages cat owners to bring their furry companions to the workplace. Much like “Take Your Dog to Work Day,” this event celebrates the unique bond between cats and their human counterparts. It aims to promote the benefits of pet ownership and showcases the positive influence cats can have on reducing stress and boosting morale in the workplace.

This day is all about celebrating the joys of having cats as pets and acknowledging the therapeutic effects they can bring to our lives. Cats are known for their independent yet affectionate nature, and their calming presence can make a significant difference in our hectic work environments. Take Your Cat to Work Day allows pet owners to create a positive and relaxed atmosphere while showcasing their love for their feline friends to co-workers.

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When Are the Next Take Your Cat to Work Days?

While Take Your Cat to Work Day typically falls on the third Monday of June, it’s essential to check for updates and confirm the specific date each year.

As long as it follows the third Monday of June pattern, you can expect Take Your Cat to Work Day to fall on the following days:

  • 2023: June 19
  • 2024: June 17
  • 2025: June 16
  • 2026: June 15
  • 2027: June 14

As an unofficial observance, the date might change, so stay tuned to pet-related websites and social media for the latest information!

The History of Take Your Cat to Work Day

Take Your Cat to Work Day only began recently, and it likely emerged as a natural extension of the popular “Take Your Dog to Work Day.” The latter event has been celebrated since the late 1990s and is an official observance in the United States. As cats gained popularity as pets, cat owners wished for a similar opportunity to share their workday with their beloved feline companions, leading to the inception of Take Your Cat to Work Day.

Take Your Cat to Work Day gained momentum through social media, pet-related websites, and word of mouth. While there is no single organization responsible for promoting the day, its popularity has grown steadily over the years, with many workplaces embracing the idea of having a furry visitor for the day.

Take Your Cat to Work Day occurs during the first day of Take Your Pet to Work Week. So, what better way to start your work week than with your beloved feline companion!

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The 6 Tips on How to Take Your Cat to Work

Since there is no local or national organization that monitors or oversees the observance of this holiday, anybody can take part in activities! However, keep in mind that as responsible cat parents, it is important to take your workplace and your cat into consideration.

1. Seek Approval From Your Workplace

Before bringing your cat to work, ensure that your workplace permits pets. Seek approval from your supervisor or HR department and make sure there are no restrictions or guidelines to follow. It is also important to communicate with your fellow cat parent workmates should they wish to bring their cats to work as well!

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2. Make the Necessary Preparations for Your Cat

While this is a day for you and your cat, remember to read and gauge how your cat feels about going to the workplace. If you feel that your cat will be uncomfortable and stressed, it may be best to observe the holiday in a different way.

If your cat is up to it, remember to pack a cat kit with essentials such as a cozy bed, a litter box, food and water dishes, favorite toys, and a scratching post. These familiar items will help your cat feel at ease in the new environment!

3. Make Your Cat Feel Comfortable

If your cat is not accustomed to new places or people, consider introducing them to the office environment gradually. Start with short visits in advance of the holiday to assess their comfort level and gradually extend the duration. Be sure to continue to provide them with assurance as they get used to the new environment.

4. Cat-Proof Your Workspace

While your workplace may have permitted you and your workmates to bring your feline companions, remember that it is still a workplace that was not designed for cats. Ensure that your workspace is safe for your cat by removing any hazardous objects or toxic plants that they could potentially encounter.

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5. Be Considerate

Not everyone in the workplace may be cat parents or share the same enthusiasm for cats. Some people may even be allergic, so it’s best to monitor and be respectful of your co-workers. Ensure that your cat is well-behaved and avoid any disturbances during work hours.

6. Document the Day

Capture the special moments of your cat’s workplace adventure with photos and videos. Sharing these delightful moments with friends and family will surely bring a smile to their faces!


If My Workplace Does Not Allow Pets, How Can I Still Observe This?

If your workplace doesn’t permit pets, you can still celebrate Take Your Cat to Work Day in other fun ways!

Virtual Presence and Playdates

With the dawn of remote working and videoconferencing technology, virtual interactions have been made both possible and easy! You can easily set up a live video call with your cat – and someone else in your household, of course – during breaks or lunchtime. Seeing their adorable face and hearing their purrs can instantly brighten your workday.

You can also organize a virtual cat playdate with other cat owners in your workplace. Share pictures and stories about your feline friends to foster a sense of camaraderie among cat lovers!

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Support Local Animal Shelters

Use the day to support local animal shelters and rescues. You can organize a fundraiser or donate much-needed supplies to help cats in need!


Final Thoughts

Take Your Cat to Work Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the bond between humans and their feline companions. Whether you’re lucky enough to participate in the office or need to get creative with virtual interactions, this day promises an abundance of furry love and joy.

So, get ready to share your workplace with your whiskered friend, and remember to cherish the unforgettable moments you’ll create together. Let the purring commence, and let the feline fiesta begin!

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