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Why Does My Cat Walk On Me? 5 Possible Reasons

Ashley Bates

By Ashley Bates

woman sleeping while a cat walks

Our cats seem to rule the roost at home. They typically do whatever they want, and everyone in the home can handle it. What about behaviors that seem a little strange? Some cats like to curl up on top of heating vents, some like to snooze in clothes baskets, and others will seek refuge under a dark cabinet.

While they might be doing all these things for various reasons, what exactly does it mean if your cat is walking on you? We’re going to explore all of the reasons in this article.

Yep, that’s right. Cats walk all over you. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that they think they’re superior. It’s actually just one more way to spend time with you.

The 5 Possible Reasons Why Cats Walk On You

1. They Do It Because They Can

Sometimes, our cats just do things simply because they can. There’s no real rhyme or reason to it. They like it. It feels good to them, so they do it. We humans have to put a lot of intellectual thought into simple behaviors.

So, there might not be an ulterior motive at all. However, your cat does simply enjoy the behavior, no matter what the underlying cause is, otherwise, they wouldn’t do it at all.

Maybe there’s no real reason your cat stands on you. They could be trying to be close to you and not even realize their foot smashed your giblets.

2. You’re Comfy

Whether it’s packing on those holiday pounds or just your natural physique, your kitty might just think you’re extra cozy! So, maybe it doesn’t feel so good when they stick their tiny toe beans through your ribcage, but they are comfortable. So, that’s all that matters, right?

British shorthair cat sleeping near woman's head
Photo Credit: Georgy Dzyura, Shutterstock

3. They’re Claiming You

If you have other cats in the home, this behavior might be a way to tell all the other kitties that you are already taken! That’s right. They can stand on top of you and stare down their opponents, having your attention all to themselves.

The bottom line is that it’s hard to understand why our cats do their silly things. If your cat walking on you is starting to become bothersome, try to divert their attention to other things. You could place a treat gently beside you when your cat gets distracted. Or, you could gently move them off of you.

4. You Feel Safe

It is instinctual when a kitten is small to seek refuge in a place where they feel comfortable. This instinct doesn’t leave them as they age, so they tend to huddle near people, pets, and circumstances that make them feel protected.

If your cat has chosen you to be their safe place, they might stand on you as a way to feel protected and loved. Who could ask for more?

woman playing with kitten
Photo Credit: uzhursky, Shutterstock

5. They Trust You

This kind of ties in with all of the other reasons why a cat might stand on you, and they all boil down to trust. Your cat counts on you for all their basic needs and more. You give them love, affection, attention, and resources; they truly understand you’re their lifeline.

They show us they trust us and feel protected in numerous ways. If your cat didn’t feel totally trusting of you, would they even come up to you long enough to stand on your abdomen just to hear you cry out in pain? We think not!


Now that you understand why your cat may stand on you, you can relax, knowing that it all boils down to trust. Cats are very picky about who they interact with or allow in such vulnerable, close proximity.

So, in this article, the takeaway is that your kitty loves you, trusts you, feels safe with you, and doesn’t care if you’re cool with the body walking or not. Knowing all this, you should give your kitty a couple of extra kisses today, because they really do love you!

Features Image Credit: Denis Val, Shutterstock

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