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Young Again Cat Food Reviews [2021]


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Looking for healthy food for your cat and wondering if Young Again cat food is good enough to try? Yes, this manufacturer is on everyone’s lips, but what makes it different and better (or worse?) than others? You’re at the right place: 

Hepper.com is calling your attention to the ultimate Young Again cat food review.

Young Again cat food is a popular low-carbohydrate and meat-based dry food brand on the market. What makes them different from other pet foods and why so many pet owners trust their feline’s health to this company – let’s answer these and other questions in our detailed Young Again cat food review.

As a pet owner who loves your feline, you worry about her health and overall well-being. No wonder why you read dozens of cat food reviews to choose the best ration for your pet. You evaluate and compare brands, checking them for product variety, ingredients quality, price, species-appropriateness, customer reviews, and many other criteria.

So today we’ve done the job for you. Here’s the ultimate Young Again dry cat food review for you to decide if they’re worth your cat’s interest and your money.

At Hepper.com, we have rated the brand in six areas: its reputation, its product ingredients (their quality and variety), health benefits your cat can get, its cost, and customer feedback (a correlation of positive and negative reviews on the web).

About Young Again Cat Food Company

While we are doing Young Again cat food review here, this company creates lines of nutritionally complete foods for dogs and ferrets too. Formerly known as Pretty Bird International, Inc., Young Again first introduced their products in 1990 and became a favorite among pet owners who cared about their pets’ health.

Young Again Pet Food manufacture their products in Stacy, Minnesota, sourcing ingredients from Switzerland, Finland, Scotland, Germany, France, India, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. The company is famous for their fresh approach to nutrition: they were the first to produce a 50% meat-based cat food and grain-free cat food with no gluten and less than 6% carbs.

Young Again is also known for its gluten-free diets for cats. They develop pet foods that contain nucleotides, the ingredients your cat needs for a strong immune system, physical health, and optimal well-being. The meat ingredients Young Again uses in their food are from USDA and/or FDA-approved human-grade food manufacturing facilities.

Working with vets and nutritionists, Young Again Pet Food continually researches new recipes and diet ideas, applying the latest technology and quality control practices for your pet’s health.

They sell cat food at the official website only, providing detailed information for cat owners on health issues their pet may have and on optimal diets to choose for a pet’s well-being.

Has Young Again Cat Food Been Recalled?

According to the information from Petful research and Young Again Pet Food website, it hasn’t been recalled.
Back in 2013, the company’s sales manager shared the official appeal to all the rumors on Facebook:

The same information can be found in the FAQ answers at Young Again Pet Food’s official website, regularly updated for the latest news and changes.

What Kinds of Food Does Young Again Offer?

Young Again dry cat food has three primary lines, and each of them comes with several recipes.

1) The 50/22 line

Young Again 50/22 cat food is about products with at least 50% protein and 22% fat. You’ll find two recipes in this line: Li’l Bites – for kittens, and Original (Premium High) – for both kittens and adult cats.

  • Li’l Bites is a premium high protein cat food for small kittens, which contains less than 6% starch. The manufacturer says that it doesn’t work for adult cats because its kibble size is too small and therefore uncomfortable for big cats to eat. The same reason is why you shouldn’t feed your flat-faced kitten with this food: it will be difficult for her to pick up small kibbles.
  • Original is a premium cat food containing 100% meat protein, with no grains, glutens, or plant protein that may add unnecessary starch to your cat’s ration. Both kittens and adult cats may eat it to build muscles, get energy, and maintain a healthy weight and urinary tract.

2) The ZERO line

Young Again ZERO cat food is about recipes with less than 1% carbohydrate. Food-sensitive cats and cats that need control of their mineral levels will find this line useful.

Three recipes are in the line: ZERO Premium, ZERO Mature, and LID ZERO Mature.

  • ZERO Premium helps to prevent obesity and diabetes. Add this carnivore-based food to your cat’s diet to effectively treat or even reverse her health problems. With less than 1% starch inside, this food is okay to feed every cat in the house.
  • ZERO Mature is perfect for adult cats whose bodies require fewer nutrients (excess levels of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium can create health problems) to combat aging. Rich in vitamins, this recipe helps cats maintain a healthy weight and a soft fur.
  • LID ZERO Mature is cat food with a limited ingredient formula, perfect for cats with allergies to protein.

3) Mature Health

Besides, Young Again offers Mature Health cat food. This line is focused on calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium recipes to help your cat combat aging. It saves from kidney issues, gives energy, and prevents problems with bones.

Two products are also marked as ZERO (you could see them in the ZERO line category): ZERO Mature and LID ZERO Mature. But there’s one more food recipe here, for senior cats to support health, stay energetic, and get all the necessary ingredients to prevent kidney issues.

  • Mature Health is a premium high protein cat food from Young Again for felines with renal disease. Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 acids, it reduces discomfort your cat can feel with aging.

Top Questions Customers Ask About Young Again Cat Food

The whole list of general FAQs about Young Again is available on their official website. Here we are going to answer a few of them, those worrying customers most.

How long does the Young Again cat food last for multiple cats?

According to the information from the Young Again website, an 8 lb. bag of Young Again high protein food lasts about 104 days for an 8-10 lb. cat. So, if you have multiple cats at home – just divide these days by the number of cats, considering their weight.

Note! When you just start feeding your cats with Young Again, they will likely consume more food than they usually do. But no worries: they’ll level it off after a short time, once they get used to it.

How much Young Again cat food should each cat eat per day?

According to nutrition experts, a healthy and active cat of 10 lb requires 270-320 calories per day.

As you could remember from our recipe reviews, Young Again cat food is nutrient-dense (645-675 calories per cup). So it appears that your cat will need about a ¼ or ⅓ cup of it per day, depending on her weight.

Some vets say that dry food is taboo for cats. If so, how can I trust my pet health to Young Again that design dry cat food only?

Reasons vets say so is that most manufacturers add grains and carbs to their food recipes, which is bad for cat health. Also, it’s believed that cats will never drink enough water alone, as they consume it from food. And as far as you understand, dry food can’t give cats enough hydration.

That said, the best decision would be to combine dry food from Young Again with wet food from other manufacturers, whom you trust. While wet food is juicy and smells delicious for a cat, dry food contains all the nutrients she needs, and it helps your cat keep teeth healthy. (Except for older cats who may have tooth decay: it can be painful for them to eat dry food then.)

When do I know it’s time to switch my cat to another Young Again pet food recipe?

Some pet owners wonder if they should switch a cat to the Mature Health line after some years, but they still can’t understand when it’s time to consider the cat mature.

A cat is mature when her bones stop growing. For most cats, that’s about two years of age, but it still depends on the breed. Consulting your vet or breeder will be the ultimate solution here. And anyway, there’s no need to change a recipe if your cat’s food is properly balanced and she loves it.

How much weight will a cat gain on Young Again cat food before she starts to lose some?

The same as with any other type of pet food that’s new to your cat, she may consume more Young Again first. But it won’t make her overweight, as some owners believe. Your task here is to help your cat control her diet: don’t feed her more than she needs per day (for a healthy, active cat of 10 lb, it’s about 300 calories), and her weight will be okay.

Yes, most experts recommend free-choice feeding so your cat could choose to eat whenever it suits her. You can follow this recommendation once your pet is fully converted to Young Again cat food. Before that, she’ll risk overeating 40 to 60% more food than needed.

Interesting Facts About Young Again

Though some customers consider Young Again far from perfect for cats, because of its dry form and limited recipes, most are loyal to this brand. They say it’s the food saving their cats from diabetes and giving muscles, shiny fur, and energy to their pets.

Here are some facts about Young Again that you may love:

  • It’s a small company, and they always struggle for quality rather than size. Young Again advocates low-carb and grain-free cat food to save felines from diabetes and other health issues the diet may cause.
  • Though some consider Young Again pet food expensive, it’s low cost compared to others.
  • What inspired manufacturers to design their cat food recipes was… a mouse! They wanted to make it approximate to the diet of a wild cat, which is full of animal protein and fat, not plants or grains.
  • Young Again source the ingredients for their products from different countries (see the About section of our review for more details), but their meat is US-sourced only.

One ingredient in Young Again’s cat food recipes – pork protein concentrate – raised tons of questions from customers a while back. The manufacturer explains that it’s just pork with collagen extracted, i.e., “highly digestible pork meat which is 80% protein, 10 % fat, and very low in ash.”

In a Word

Young Again cat food is one of the lowest-carbohydrate products you can offer to a cat. Designed with love to pets, it contains high-quality ingredients your feline needs for a healthy and happy life: highly digestible protein, animal-sourced fatty acids, calcium, phosphorous, and more.

And yet, we don’t recommend you limit your cat’s diet to Young Again only. It’s dry food, so no matter how thoughtfully formulated it is – it’s still deficient in water. Feed your cat with Young Again in rotation with the healthiest wet cat food and make sure your pet consumes enough moisture to prevent problems with her urinary tract.

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