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6 Best 10-Gallon Rimless Aquariums in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Lindsey Stanton

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Have you been checking out the sleek, attractive trend of rimless aquariums? Have you been considering getting one for yourself but aren’t sure where to start looking? We’ve put together product reviews to help you choose the right 10-gallon rimless aquarium for your needs!

Rimless aquariums are beautiful and modern, often looking like they jumped straight out of a home fashion magazine. What most people don’t realize is that rimless aquariums don’t require very different care from an aquarium with a rim, meaning these interesting products are available to aquatic enthusiasts of all levels, even beginners.

We want you to end up with a 10-gallon rimless aquarium that you love in your space, so use these reviews as a guide to help you pick the perfect rimless aquarium for you!

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Landen Rimless Low Iron Aquarium Landen Rimless Low Iron Aquarium
  • Over 91% transparency
  • 5mm sturdy glass
  • Foam leveling mat included
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Lifegard Aquatics Clear Crystal Aquarium Lifegard Aquatics Clear Crystal Aquarium
  • Sturdy glass
  • Cost-effective
  • Minimalist appeal
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    JBJ Rimless Desktop 10 Gallon Aquarium JBJ Rimless Desktop 10 Gallon Aquarium
  • Full 10-gallon size
  • Includes adjustable LED light
  • Easy setup
  • Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium
  • Seamless corners
  • Leveling mat included
  • Full 10-gallon size
  • Aqueon Ascent Frameless Aquarium Aqueon Ascent Frameless Aquarium
  • Black silicone edges
  • Frameless tank
  • Base creates floated tank look
  • The 6 Best 10-Gallon Rimless Aquariums

    1. Landen Rimless Low Iron Aquarium – Best Overall

    Landen 45P 9.6 Gallon Rimless

    The best overall 10-gallon rimless aquarium is the Landen Rimless Low Iron Aquarium. This aquarium is made from transparent glass on all sides and is rated over 91% transparency. The glass is low iron glass, meaning it has higher clarity and less visual distortion than other types of glass.

    This tank has 5mm glass and is sturdy. The actual volume of this tank is 9.6 gallons. Once filled with water, this tank will weigh around 95 pounds, not including any décor, so make sure you have a sturdy place to put it. This tank is available in multiple sizes as well.

    Like any rimless tank, this tank may have some flexible movement when filled with water, but if you maintain the silicone, then this tank should last you a lifetime. This does not come with a lid or any type of tank equipment, so depending on your intended usage, you may need to purchase these items separately.

    A foam leveling mat is included with this purchase. This tank is intended to be as minimalist as possible. There is a “Landen” logo on the front of the tank toward the bottom, but this can easily be removed with a razor blade.

    • Over 91% transparency
    • 5mm sturdy glass
    • Built to last with high-quality silicone
    • Foam leveling mat included
    • Minimalist appeal
    • Low iron glass has high clarity and minimal visual distortion
    • Heavy enough to not move if bumped
    • Multiple sizes available
    • No lid or tank equipment included
    • May want to remove Landen logo for aesthetics
    • Actual volume just under 10 gallons

    2. Lifegard Aquatics Clear Crystal Aquarium – Best Value

    Lifegard Aquatics

    The best value 10-gallon rimless aquarium for sale for the money is the Lifegard Aquatics Clear Crystal Aquarium. This cost-effective tank is made from high-quality low iron glass, making for excellent clarity. The joints are precision cut and sealed with “invisible” glue, providing clean edges.

    The actual volume of this tank is around 9.6 gallons and is available in two other sizes. When filled with water, this tank will weigh close to 100 pounds, so make sure it is seated in a strong, secure area.

    This tank does not come with a light, filter, or any other tank equipment. Lifegard does sometimes include a foam leveling mat for the tank to sit on as a bonus to the purchase. This tank is a beautiful, minimalist design for a great value.

    • Sturdy glass
    • Cost-effective
    • Low iron glass has high clarity and minimal visual distortion
    • Precision cut joints with invisible glue
    • Minimalist appeal
    • Heavy enough to not move if bumped
    • Multiple sizes available
    • Built to last
    • Leveling mat not always included
    • No lid or tank equipment included
    • Actual volume just under 10 gallons

    3. JBJ Rimless Desktop 10 Gallon Aquarium – Premium Choice

    JBJ Rimless Desktop

    The JBJ Rimless Desktop 10-Gallon Aquarium is the best premium choice for a rimless aquarium. This aquarium is seated on a small black base that is centered under the tank, leaving attractive areas of raised glass. This base is removable if you are happier with the tank sitting flush on a surface.

    This tank requires quick, simple assembly and includes a 10-watt LED light fixture and filter. The filter and light are adjustable and can be placed wherever you’d like on the tank. The LED light has two color options, and the brightness level can be adjusted.

    The filter is easy to set up and uses replaceable filter cartridges. The JBJ Rimless tank includes a glass lid, limiting splashing and protecting fish and invertebrates in the tank. The lid does not provide full coverage, allowing for easy access for feeding and filter maintenance.

    • Removable base creates a unique raised look
    • Includes adjustable LED light with two color options
    • Filter included and uses replaceable filter cartridges
    • Easy setup
    • Includes a clear glass lid
    • Full 10-gallon size
    • Requires some assembly
    • Tank may be unstable on base if heavy décor is used
    • Premium price

    4. Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium

    Penn Plax Curved Corner

    The Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium is a sleek 10-gallon aquarium with rounded, seamless corners at the front of the tank. This tank is made to have high clarity and the rounded corners make watching fish easier. This tank is a full 10 gallons and is available in other sizes as well.

    This tank kit includes a clear plastic lid that is hinged, making for easy access into the tank without having to remove the whole lid and a leveling mat. This kit also includes an internal sponge filter with a replaceable bio sponge, making this a great option for beneficial bacteria colonization. This kit has a plastic LED light that clips on. The light is white light only and does not have adjustable brightness.

    This Penn Plax aquarium kit will add an interesting centerpiece for a modern space.

    • Seamless corners on the front of the tank
    • Full 10-gallon size
    • Includes a hinged lid
    • Internal sponge filter is great for beneficial bacteria colonization
    • LED light clips onto the tank
    • Leveling mat included
    • Available in other sizes
    • LED light is a single color and not adjustable brightness
    • Lid is plastic
    • Curved edges are on the front of the tank only

    5. Aqueon Ascent Frameless Aquarium

    Aq Ascent LED Kit

    The Aqueon Ascent Frameless Aquarium is a glass tank with polished edges. This tank is frameless, but the seams are sealed with black silicone, the tank has a downward slope on top, and the tank sits on a base that floats the tank, giving this an ultra-modern appearance.

    The base safely distributes the weight of the tank, decreasing the risk of glass or base cracks. The back of the tank has a black covering, so this tank can only be viewed from three sides.

    This kit includes a hidden LED light and a quiet internal filter with replaceable filter cartridges. The included LED light is bright enough to grow low-light plants like mosses and Java ferns. The tank has a glass lid with supports that allow the lid to sit on the tank. It is easy to remove for feeding and tank maintenance.

    The tank weighs around 20 pounds, so with the addition of 10 gallons of water, this tank will weigh over 100 pounds, so it’s important to put it on a secure surface that can hold this weight.

    • Black silicone edges
    • Frameless tank with removable glass lid
    • Slanted top gives a modern appearance
    • Base creates floated tank look
    • Base evenly distributes tank weight to decrease risk of cracks
    • Includes internal filter with replaceable filter cartridges
    • LED light is built into the lid
    • Heavy tank
    • LED light can only support low-light plants
    • Lid must be removed and lights turned off for maintenance and feeding
    • Only viewable from three sides

    6. AquaTop Bookshelf Style Aquarium

    AquaTop 12G High Clarity

    The AquaTop Bookshelf Style Aquarium is a low iron glass tank with 91% clarity. The actual volume of the tank is 12 gallons, but you will only be able to put 10-11 gallons into this tank without the water being too close to the rim. This tank has polished beveled edges and seams that are sealed with clear silicone, giving the tank a seamless appearance.

    This tank is made to fit on something wide and short, like a bookshelf, so it is around 35 inches long but only about 9 inches tall. Due to the size of this tank and the 6mm glass, this tank will easily exceed 100 pounds with water in it, so it’s important to make sure the shelf you put this tank on is rated for more than 100 pounds.

    This tank comes with a leveling pad but does not include a lid, light, or filter.

    • Can fit in long, narrow spaces
    • Low iron glass with 91% clarity
    • Glass is 6mm
    • Beveled edges are sealed with clear silicone
    • Includes a leveling pad
    • No lid, light, or filter included
    • Will weigh over 100 pounds with water in it
    • 12-gallon size will only safely hold 10-11 gallons of water
    • Premium price

    Buyer’s Guide

    • Your Intended Use: Are you looking for a 10-gallon rimless aquarium for aquascaping or for keeping fish or invertebrates? Longer, shorter tanks often suit fish better than tall, narrow tanks because they allow for more uninterrupted swimming space. A tall, narrow tank may suit your aquascaping preferences better.
    • Safety: Rimless aquariums aren’t for everyone! Homes with small children may need to avoid rimless aquariums altogether because sometimes the edges can be sharp, and some children will attempt to grab at the edges of the tank. Also, consider where you’re putting the tank. Is it near a walkway sitting on an unstable piece of furniture? You want to make sure you aren’t going to end up with a dangerous mess on your hands.
    • Weight: A gallon of water weighs over 8 pounds. The volume of a tank isn’t necessarily the amount of water you can safely put into the tank, though. You have to account for water displacement from décor and prevent overflow. It’s extremely important to make sure that wherever you’re putting your 10-gallon tank is able to accommodate the amount of weight you’re putting on it. If you’re putting a tank on a surface that is only able to hold 100 pounds, then you’re cutting it close and setting up a disaster in the making. Don’t forget to account for the weight of the tank itself! A glass tank will likely weigh over 10 pounds.
    • To Lid or Not to Lid: What are you intending to keep in your tank? What other pets do you have in your home? Your rimless tank will need a lid if you intend to put fish into it that have a habit of jumping out, like goldfish, or invertebrates that are known to escape tanks, like mystery snails. If you have a cat in the home that can get to the tank, you’ll need a lid to keep your cat from swiping at the tank residents.
      If you’re wanting a clean, modern aquascape or a home for nano shrimp, you don’t necessarily need a lid for your tank. Keep in mind where you’re putting the tank, too. If you’re keeping it on your kitchen counter, you’ll likely want a lid to prevent splashing tank water onto food surfaces. Don’t forget that aquariums can get smelly, which isn’t very appetizing in the middle of your dining table!
    • Necessary Equipment: If you’re getting a tank for plants or animals with low bioload, then you probably won’t need a lot of filtration in your tank. If you’re putting heavy bioload fish, like goldfish, into your tank, then you’ll likely need filtration for a tank larger than 10 gallons. Make sure you pick a tank that has space to accommodate the equipment you need and that your equipment will be fully functional. Putting a HOB filter onto a tall, narrow tank likely won’t create enough filtration for the lower part of the tank.
    Tips for Buyers:
    • Glass Thickness: The standard for small rimless tanks is 5-6mm, so make sure the tank you’re looking at has at least this level of glass thickness. Glass that is too thin can lead to cracks and tank explosions.
    • Warranties: If the product you’re looking at has a warranty that will cover tank or part replacements for cracks, breaks, and equipment malfunctions, then the company that manufactures the product is likely to work with you if there is a problem. Reading customer service reviews for the company itself will help you as well.
    • Additional Equipment: Make sure you are clear on what equipment a product does and doesn’t include. If you’re wanting a tank with a lid, having to come up with a separate glass lid that will fit the tank you purchase may end up costing you more than just purchasing a product that has a pre-fab lid. The same goes for items like filters and LED lights. Have a good idea in mind of the products that you will need for your ideal tank setup before you start shopping. If you need a filter or light, you may save time and money buying a kit that includes the equipment you need that is made to fit the tank you purchase as opposed to having to independently purchase items that may or may not fit the tank well.
    • Test the Tank: One mistake that many people make when it comes to aquariums is not testing the tank to ensure it is water-fast prior to actually setting the tank up. Even high-quality products can have manufacturing mistakes sometimes. All aquariums are at risk of leaking from seams, but this is especially true of rimless tanks since they do not have a brace to help maintain the structure. Fill the new tank with water on a flat surface that isn’t likely to sustain water damage and let it sit for 12-24 hours, and keep a close eye on the tank for leaks. Even the smallest leaks can lead to flooding or tank explosions, so thoroughly check before setting the tank up with a substrate, plants, décor, and aquatic life.
    When You Can Use a Rimless Aquarium When You Should Consider a Different Aquarium Style
    Creating unique aquascapes Rimless tanks often cannot support the water weight of a large tank
    For keeping nano shrimp and feeder animals like brine shrimp For an open-top tank with escape artists, the lip of a rim can reduce escapes by snails and some fish
    To fit into a modern home aesthetic For hiding the waterline
    For clearer viewing while still using glass If the modern aesthetic of rimless isn’t necessary to you, a tank with a rim is often more secure
    For nano reef setups For keeping larger fish
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    There are lots of rimless aquariums on the market! These reviews are our top 6 picks for 10-gallon rimless aquariums.

    While we like the Landon Rimless Low Iron Aquarium for the best overall 10-gallon rimless aquarium, the Lifegard Aquatics Clear Crystal Aquarium is a beautiful option that also fits our best value pick. If you’re looking for a more premium product, the JBJ Rimless Desktop 10-Gallon Aquarium is our favorite premium pick.

    Choosing the best rimless aquarium to fit your space and aesthetic can be difficult, so we hope these product reviews will help take some of the pressure off of you when it comes to picking an aquarium so you can focus on getting your new tank set up and ready for whatever plants or animals you want to fill it with!

    Featured Photo Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

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