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How Much Does an Akita Cost? 2024 Price Guide

Oliver Jones

By Oliver Jones

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A large and fluffy dog, the Akita was originally developed to guard and protect Japanese royalty. A truly impressive breed, the Akita is known for his commanding presence, high intelligence, and deep devotion to his family.

Today’s Akita is a gentle giant. Growing to weigh as much as 120 pounds, the Akita is a breed that is best suited for experienced owners who are ready to invest the time and effort to properly train and socialize this massive dog.

But how much does it cost to own an Akita? Before you decide to bring home an adorable Akita puppy, it’s smart to know if your budget can comfortably accommodate a new dog. Here’s everything you need to know about the costs of buying and owning an Akita.

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Akita Price: One-Time Costs

Adding any type of dog to your family is a huge responsibility and investment. To sufficiently care for, and train a dog takes both time and money. Before you decide to add an Akita to your household, it’s critical to know if you have enough time and funds to care for a new dog. How much does an Akita cost?

A new Akita puppy doesn’t just come with one-time costs. You will be spending money to properly care for your pet for the rest of his life. The average cost of owning an Akita during the course of his lifetime is about $26,000.

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Free Akitas

There are many ways to buy and own a dog on a budget. Many of the initial puppy products your new Akita will need you can even get for free. Ask your family or friends if they have any unused dog crates or carriers stashed in their garages or basements. You can also search internet classified pages or neighborhood Facebook groups for free dog supplies, including food and water bowls, gently used toys, and leashes.

Akita Adoption

  • $75–$400

If you’re on the fence about buying an Akita, why not consider adopting one? There are tons of loving dogs in shelters that deserve to find their forever home. Adoption fees for an Akita will fall between $75 and $400. The price depends on the age of the dog and your location.

It’s important to take the proper precautions before adopting an Akita from a shelter. This breed is prone to aggression and it’s critical that you know the history and personality of the dog before you bring it home.

Akita Breeders

  • $600–$1,900

An Akita puppy from a reputable breeder will cost between $600 and $1,900. The cost of the puppy is determined by a variety of factors, including its bloodline, pedigree and registration papers, health screenings, and more.

Never be tempted to buy an Akita from a puppy mill or backyard breeder. While these facilities often sell puppies for appealingly low prices, the dogs that come from these low-scale operations are often afflicted with many behavioral and health complications.

Akita Price: Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $250–$950

The initial cost of Akita supplies will run between $250 and $950. On average, you will spend around $500 for such a large dog. First-time costs cover such things as puppy supplies and health care.

Image by: Nikoleta Vukovic, Shutterstock

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List of Akita Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar $15–$30
Spay/Neuter $75–$400
X-Ray Cost $200–$400
Ultrasound Cost $250–$500
Microchip $15–$45
Teeth Cleaning $150–$300
Bed/Tank/Cage $30–$70
Nail Clipper (optional) $7
Brush (optional) $10
Litter Box n/a
Litter Scoop n/a
Toys $30–$60
Carrier $70
Food and Water Bowls $10–$40

How Much Does an Akita Cost Per Month?

  • $30–$100 per month

The average monthly cost of Akita ownership is between $30 and $100. However, this is just an estimate. Depending on your dog’s unique needs, you may spend less or more per month. Special factors to consider include your Akita’s grooming needs, emergency or annual vet visits, if your dog is on a prescription diet, and if you plan on traveling.

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Akita Health Care Costs

  • $0–$50 per month

On average, expect to pay between $0 and $50 per month on your Akita’s health care needs. This is if your dog doesn’t require any emergency medical attention. An annual wellness visit for a large dog will cost between $125 and $265. These annual visits will include a wellness check blood work (if needed), vaccines, and a heartworm test.

Akita Food Costs

  • $20–$40 per month

Akitas are large dogs that can weigh between 70 and 120 pounds. As such, your Akita’s food costs will be more than those of a smaller dog breed. An adult Akita will consume close to 400 pounds of food annually. Premium, large-dog kibble can cost between $20 and $35 per month. The average monthly cost of tasty dog treats is about $5. If your Akita is on a prescription diet, the average monthly cost of dog food can be as high as $100.

Akita Grooming Costs

  • $0–$80 per month

Your Akita should be professionally groomed about six times per year unless you choose to do it at home. A professional grooming session for a large dog will cost about $60 to $80. This includes bathing, brushing, styling, nail trimming, ear and eye cleaning, and hair removal.

An at-home grooming kit for an Akita can cost between $30 and $300. You can buy these kits online or at your local pet store.

Akita Medications and Vet Visits

  • $20–$60 per month

It’s recommended that every dog takes monthly preventative flea and heartworm medication. This can cost around $20 per month. Your Akita, depending upon his age, might need additional medications, which can boost his total monthly medication expenses up to $60.

Emergencies can happen. If your Akita needs immediate medical attention from a vet, expect to pay as much as $300 for a trip to an emergency vet clinic. Additional tests and treatments will cost more. It’s wise to have an emergency fund set up to cover the unexpected.

Image Credit: uadrienn, Pixabay

Akita Pet Insurance Costs

  • $20–$50 per month

Pet insurance can cost between $20 and $50 per month, depending on the coverage you choose. Pet insurance is critical to have as it can offset the price of expensive emergency medical services. When shopping around for pet insurance, consider the services included, when the coverage starts, the deductible amount and type, and reimbursement limits.

Akita Environment Maintenance Costs

  • $0–$50 per month

Owning a dog as large as an Akita can potentially affect your house. Combat doggy odors by stocking up on pet deodorizer spray every month for about $20. If your new Akita puppy enjoys chewing on things he shouldn’t be (your carpet or furniture), you will need to cover the costs of the damage.

Akita Entertainment Costs

  • $20–$200 per month

Akitas are very, very smart dogs. As such, yours will need plenty of mental stimulation. A bored Akita can resort to bad behaviors, including excessive barking and destructive chewing. Provide your Akita with fun, engaging, and even challenging toys, such as a puppy puzzle. You can even consider enrolling your Akita in a weekly agility or training class, which will cost $200 for four weekly sessions.

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Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

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Total Monthly Cost of Owning an Akita

  • $30–$100 per month

The total average monthly cost of owning an Akita will fall between $30 and $100. Depending upon your Akita’s health, grooming, and entertainment needs, the monthly price can be exceptionally higher.

Additional Costs to Factor In

There will always be unexpected costs that come along with dog ownership. Boarding your dog if you plan on traveling will cost about $50 per day. If your Akita chews through a wall or destroys a piece of expensive furniture, you’ll have to pay to repair the damage. If your dog needs training or socialization classes, expect to pay about $60–$100 per class. As we stated before, it’s a good idea to have a pet emergency fund in place to cover these unexpected costs.

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Owning an Akita On a Budget

Owning an Akita doesn’t have to break the bank. You can still provide your dog with top-notch care without paying a fortune. Consider taking your Akita to a low-cost pet clinic to receive affordable medical treatments. Grooming your Akita at home will save on professional grooming costs. Ask a trusted relative to look after your Akita when you’re on vacation to avoid boarding fees.

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Conclusion: Akita Price

Owning an Akita will cost you between $30 and $100 every month. Akitas can live for as long as 14 years. Are you ready to spend money on your dog’s needs for that long?

Akitas are loyal, loving dogs that will provide you with years of endless devotion and affection. The love you receive from your dog is priceless.

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