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8 Bernedoodle Haircuts & Grooming Styles in 2023 (with Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Mini Bernedoodle puppy

The Bernedoodle is a mixture of Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle and is its own unique and beautiful dog breed. The Poodle is, of course, quite famous for its distinctive haircuts, so it can be expected that the Bernedoodle should sport a great haircut as well. Please read on as we’ll go over the most popular hairstyles that you and everyone who encounters your Bernedoodle will enjoy.

Divider 8The Hair Genetics

Let’s have a quick look at Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog hair before we get started. The makeup of the Bernedoodle’s coat will depend on which one of his parents he takes after the most, but it’s almost a guarantee that he’ll sport some of the Poodle’s signature curls.

The Berner originated in the Swiss Alps and has a thick double coat consisting of a woolly undercoat and an outer coat that is a little longer and shaggy. The Berner is famous for his black, rust, and white coloring. Unfortunately, he sheds a great deal, which requires brushing several times a week.

The Poodle actually has a single coat of hair that consists of very dense, curly hair (rather than fur) that sheds minimally. They are considered hypoallergenic and make great dogs for allergy sufferers, and they come in a wide variety of colors. Grooming the Poodle is more of an ordeal than it is for the Berner, and for many Poodle owners, the easiest option is bringing the dog into a professional groomer or keeping their Poodle closely trimmed.

a bernedoodle puppy lying on the grass
Image Credit: Cavan-Images, Shutterstock

The 8 Bernedoodle Haircuts & Grooming Styles

The Bernedoodle could have a variety of different colors, lengths, and fur styles because of the differences between his parents. Their coats may be the same rust, black, and white as their Berner parent, or they could be black, black and white, or many other variations.

The fur will more than likely be wavy at the very least but, more often than not, has some of the same curls as their Poodle parent. The more curlier their coat, the more likely they will shed less and will be hypoallergenic.

There are several haircuts you can opt into for your Bernedoodle, so, without further ado, here are 8 haircuts for you to consider in alphabetical order:

1. Kennel Cut

The Kennel Cut is essentially short hair that is the same length over the dog’s entire body. This could also be a different version of the Summer Cut, which can be seen below at number 7. This one has the easiest upkeep as your Bernedoodle is essentially shaved down, which will not only keep him cool, but it will prevent dirt and mats from accumulating in his hair. You also won’t need to brush him nearly as often.

2. Lamb Cut

The Lamb Cut allows for a longer length of hair on the body, and the legs are also kept fuzzy and longer. The face, tail, and feet are usually shaved closely but with a fluffy topknot and ears. This cut, like the Poodle Cut, will rely on your Bernedoodle having inherited the Poodle’s curls.

3. Lion Cut

The Lion Cut is a popular cut for Pomeranians but can look cute on most breeds. This cut involves closely shaving the hair down on the body and legs but leaving tufts of hair on the tip of the tail and feet. The crowning glory of the lion’s mane involves leaving the hair long on the head and around the neck and chest.

4. Mohawk Cut

This Bernedoodle haircut is self-explanatory and pretty fun! The Mohawk Cut involves a Kennel Cut on your Bernedoodle’s body and leaving a stripe of hair that runs vertically along the top of your dog’s head that can extend as far as you want (some Mohawks even extend down the entire length of the dog’s body and through to the tail). There are even dog owners that use Kool-Aid to safely dye their dog’s Mohawk!

5. Poodle-Inspired Cut

This Bernedoodle haircut will look exactly as it sounds. Most of us are familiar with the traditional Poodle cut, short fur on the legs and body, and longer hair on the lower parts of the legs, the top of the head, and the tail. The ears, tail, topknot, and legs are always thick and fluffy. This cut may suit some Bernedoodles since they are part Poodle but will only work if they have the traditional Poodle curls.

6. Puppy Cut

This one is also known as the Teddy Bear Cut and is usually cut to make the fur look fluffy and is kept to the same length over the entire body (even the tail, head, and ears). The hair is usually layered along the legs, feet, and sides of the body. The hair on his head is cut rounded and in layers. This cut can be any length you want but is guaranteed to make your Bernedoodle look adorable.

7. Summer Cut

The Summer Cut is a different version of the Winter Cut (see below) but with the hair trimmed shorter over the entire body so your Bernedoodle will stay cooler over the hotter months. It is kept about less than an inch on the body and 1 inch on the legs, but with longer hair on the tail. It looks similar to the Winter Cut but is just shorter overall.

8. Winter Cut

The Winter Cut is designed to keep your Bernedoodle warm over the winter months. It’s a slightly longer cut where 1 inch of fur is kept on the chest and face and 3 inches everywhere else and with extra hair on the tail. You should avoid this cut if you’re living somewhere particularly hot as you don’t want your Bernedoodle overheating.Divider 7

Summing up Bernadoodles Haircuts

Considerations should be made regarding how much time you have for grooming and how comfortable you would like them to be. If it’s cold out, that’s not the best time to get your Bernedoodle a Kennel or Summer Cut. It might be fun to experiment to decide which one of these will not only best suit your Bernedoodle, but what he seems to be the most comfortable in. Whether you choose to grow out your Bernedoodle’s hair or get him one of these Bernedoodle haircuts, he will more than likely be the most adorable dog on the block.

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Featured Image Credit: Kat-Franklin, Shutterstock

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