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7 Best Andis Dog Clippers of 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Andis dog clippers

Grooming your dog is an essential part of having a pet. It is also important to your furry friend because it can impact their health. Making sure you have the right tools isn’t necessarily easy, considering the wealth of products out there on the market.

With these reviews, we hope to steer you in the right direction for one of the more important pieces of dog grooming equipment: clippers. Specifically, we’ll be discussing clippers from a brand known to excel in pet grooming: Andis.

In the summertime, your dog will thank you for using them, and in the meantime, we’re just happy to help. On to the reviews!

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2023

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Andis ProClip 2-Speed Andis ProClip 2-Speed
  • Quiet
  • Low vibration
  • Shatterproof
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Andis Easy Clip Pro-Animal Andis Easy Clip Pro-Animal
  • Shatterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Two-speed rotary motor
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Andis Excel Pro-Animal Andis Excel Pro-Animal
  • Five speeds
  • 120V motor
  • Rechargeable
  • Andis UltraEdge Super Andis UltraEdge Super
  • Heavy design
  • Cool and quiet
  • Power lock
  • Andis ProClip Speed Andis ProClip Speed
  • Same Andis quality
  • Extremely quiet
  • Low vibration
  • The 7 Best Andis Dog Clippers

    1. Andis ProClip Clipper – Best Overall

    Andis 22340

    Check Price on Chewy

    This 120-volt clipper is our choice for the top pick in this year. A huge plus for this set of clippers is its versatility. It can be used for dogs of all coat lengths, as it is powerful enough to be able to make it through super thick coats without grabbing or pulling, as well as delicate enough to be used on short-haired breeds that just need a little cleanup. This is achieved by using a two-speed rotary motor.

    Once you have groomed your pal, you might be dreading the cleaning process. You don’t have to worry about it with these clippers. The blade is detachable, which makes for an easy cleaning experience each and every time.

    While it seems that most of the world is going wireless these days, this product is not, which does have its benefits. With a wireless clipper, you have to consider power loss and power consistency. With a corded clipper, there’s no need to worry about this blade slowing down. The cord is also long enough (14 feet) that you won’t have to pull your dog closer to get the right trim. If, for some reason, you do get tangled up and drop these clippers, it’s fine — the shatter-proof housing ensures a long life of use.

    There’s a reason that these clippers are trusted by professionals. They are a quality product for grooming your dog, but even more than that, your pet will feel comfortable when you are using these clippers, as they are low vibration and quiet.

    Some users find the blades difficult to remove, but that is a rare gripe. It’s not hard to see why we think that these are the best Andis dog clippers.

    • Blades hard to remove/attach

    2. Andis EasyClip Clipper – Best Value

    Andis 65785

    Made with a two-speed rotary motor, these clippers are wonderful for dogs with thicker coats. They are also designed to stay cool during the grooming process, making for a comfortable experience for your pet.

    Cleaning is quite easy as well, as the blades are detachable. You will need a standard screwdriver to do this, but you will be able to get rid of jams and gunk. This will prevent pulling on your pet and enhance the comfort of the grooming experience.

    This is another corded device. The cord itself is 12 feet long, to make sure you have plenty of room to maneuver around your pet. These clippers are made from shatter-free material, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking if you accidentally drop them. This product is meant to last a lifetime, and the quality is backed up by professional testimony.

    The only thing that sets this product back is that the included guards don’t exactly fit. Even still, we find these to be the best Andis dog clippers for the money.

    • Shatterproof
    • Easy to clean
    • Two-speed rotary motor
    • Guards don’t fit

    3. Andis Excel Clipper – Premium Choice

    Andis 65290

    This set of clippers can get through really thick fur. Made with as a variable five-speed, there isn’t a tuft of fur that these clippers can’t cut. The 120V motor can go all the way to 4,500 SPM.

    As with the other Andis products, cleaning is meant to be easy — the blade is detachable, so you get rid of all the gunk and then throw it right back on.

    This product is charged from the back but can be used during charging. The battery life itself is quite long, and it takes a while for the power loss to become noticeable. Some groomers claim that they can use it throughout an entire work day.

    The ceramic blade will keep your dog cool too! Ceramic is generally only heated up to a fraction of steel. This pair of clippers is made with the same shatterproof casing that the others are, but this also comes with a non-slip grip. On top of all that, this product offers a financing plan for those who would prefer that option.

    The issue with these clippers is that the power button can sink, making them unusable. This is a rare occurrence, and the Andis customer service team is incredibly helpful.

    • Five speeds
    • 120V motor
    • Rechargeable
    • Power button sinks into clippers

    4. Andis UltraEdge Pet Clipper

    Andis 23280

    With a frequency of 60 hertz, this is a cool and quiet-running pair of clippers. Of course, when it comes to grooming your dog, the cooler and quieter, the better! The two-speed super rotary motor makes this product perfect for all breeds of dogs, no matter how thick their hair gets.

    This is another corded trimmer from Andis. The cord is 14 feet long, so you don’t have to worry about tripping over it in the middle of your grooming. You also won’t have to worry about your clippers accidentally turning off with the slip of a hand. The power button has a locking mechanism to keep it in place. The wide barrel design of these clippers is perfect for those who prefer to hold something that feels substantial, though this is one of the heavier Andis models.

    As with the other Andis clippers, the blade is removable for easy cleaning after your shave job is complete.

    Certain users have complained of overheating with this product. Sometimes it overheats to the point of the plastic melting.

    • Heavy design
    • Cool and quiet
    • Power lock
    • Some will overheat

    Have a dog with matted hair? Check out these clippers!

    5. Andis ProClip Clipper

    Andis 22215

    This set of Andis dog grooming clippers come with all the bells and whistles you would expect out of a pair of Andis clippers. They are nice and quiet, have a good sturdy construction, and can get through most coats of hair. The blades are removable for easy cleaning, and once removed, they’re easy to attach again.

    With this product, you’ll want to use a coolant on the blade. This will help it from overheating and give your pet the grooming experience that they deserve. The vibrations and noise of this product are at a minimum. Even around the face and paws, dogs seem unbothered by these clippers.

    There are durability concerns, however. Some users report that it stopped working after only a couple weeks of use. Of course, if you run into this problem, we recommend contacting their customer service team. They have a great reputation for being helpful and getting you situated correctly.

    • Same Andis quality
    • Extremely quiet and low vibration
    • Durability issues

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    6. Andis ProClip Clipper

    Andis AD405 43

    Another wonderful clipper from Andis, this product is especially good for people who prefer a wide grip. These Andis pet clippers come with a number 10 blade and is as easy to use and clean as all the other Andis products on this list. Getting through a thick coat of fur won’t be an issue with these clippers. While these are very quiet and low vibration, it is recommended to buy some form of coolant to use with these because they can get hot quickly.

    An added bonus of these Andis clippers in that you can use them on yourself as well! If you are a bearded person, these will easily go through the thickest of beards.

    These clippers suffer the same fate of other Andis clippers, which is an overheating motor that can cause them to break. Again, we recommend using a coolant with these.

    • Can be used on you!
    • Number 10 blade
    • Overheating motor

    7. Andis UltraEdge Clipper

    Andis 802192

    This is the international offering for Andis and hasn’t received much traction so far, but we can tell you that the construction is supposed to be the same and the quality is expected to live up to superior Andis quality.

    If you are wondering why this is number seven on our list, it is simply because they are untested.

    • Andis brand
    • Unknown legacy

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    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Andis Dog Clippers

    When looking to purchase a pair of Andis clippers, it is more nuanced of a buying decision because all the choices are from the same company, and most of the products are manufactured similarly. You can get the same warranty with everything (which we recommend), and with the exception of a few, all have the same features. The only thing that you’ll have to take into account if you have already decided to buy a pair of Andis clippers is the price point.

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    Andis is the industry leader in pet grooming, so we were thrilled to go over its best products. The clippers are quiet with low vibration, low enough that even squeamish pets allow this Andis clipper near their face. The kind of Andis pet clippers you want is up to you and ultimately, comes down to price and how it feels in your hands. There are durability issues with certain models, but the customer service team is world class and will have you right back on your dog grooming feet in no time.

    So, which way are you leaning? The value of the EasyClip is hard to ignore, and so is the heft of our premium choice, the Excel. And what about our pick for the best Andis dog grooming clippers, the ProClip?

    Between those and the others, you should have yourself the exact Andis dog grooming clippers you need to get your dog done up nicely. If these reviews do anything, we hope they lead to a comfortable experience with your dog.

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