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10 Best Dog Water Fountains of 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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a dog water Fountain

To find your dog the best water fountain, we’ve done a deep dive into this specialty product niche. In the process, we have reviewed and experimented with a bunch of different fountains, all with the express purpose of connecting you with something that is right for your needs.

A great product will set your pooch up on days where the weather is unbearable. A bad product? Basically useless. We don’t want you to waste your time and money on a dud. There is only one way to avoid that. Read on for our dog water fountain reviews!

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Veken Veken
  • Great capacity
  • Outstanding filtration
  • Different flow styles
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Petmate Petmate
  • Affordable
  • Great reservoir
  • Good filtration system
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    PetSafe PetSafe
  • Huge capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Good filtration system
  • Pioneer Pet Pioneer Pet
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to hookup
  • Pretty decent water reservoir
  • Scuddles Scuddles
  • Unique design concept
  • Hooks up to hose port
  • The 10 Best Dog Water Fountains

    1. Veken VK072 Dog Water Fountain – Best Overall


    The Veken goes down as our best dog water dispenser. It is a quiet unit with a high-quality onboard filtration system that will keep the water clean and tasty. It also includes an 84-ounce capacity, which is more than enough to suit the daily needs of your average dog.

    There are also three different flow styles that you can choose from via an intuitive onboard control system. The controls make it effortless for anyone to use.

    The size of the unit does make it better for smaller dogs, or even cats. You can still use it for larger dogs, but it may be under-sized for them.

    • Great capacity
    • Outstanding filtration
    • Different flow styles
    • Easy controls
    • A little small

    2. Petmate Fresh Flow Dog Fountain – Best Value


    Next up, the best dog fountain for the money. The PetMate is going to be a great option for the buyer that liked the features of our last choice but couldn’t quite swing the price. It still features an excellent filtration system, easy to use controls, and a generous capacity.

    The reservoir can hold up to 108 ounces—nearly a gallon of water at a time. The unit can plugin easily to any standard outlet, which makes it an appropriate choice for most settings. Buyers should note that the exterior of the unit is not particularly durable. If your pup is a wild child, this probably won’t be the water fountain for you.

    • Affordable
    • Great reservoir
    • Good filtration system
    • Not very durable

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    3. PetSafe Drinkwell Dog Water Fountain – Premium Choice


    Next, we have a deluxe option that will be great for people with multiple dogs. The 168-ounce capacity makes it good for pups that need to share a bowl. The unit is easy to clean, and automatically filters all of the water that goes through it.

    Finally, the unit also features an adjustable control system that allows you to easily alter the flow style to suit the preferences of your puppy. The only real reason not to buy this product is the price. If you don’t have a big budget you will probably want to look at something else. Otherwise, it is a great high capacity dog fountain.

    • Huge capacity
    • Easy to clean
    • Good filtration system
    • Very pricey

    4. Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountain for Dogs

    Pioneer Pet

    The Pioneer is a moderately priced unit with an easy to clean design concept. It also comes with a reliable 80-ounce capacity, an ultra-silent motor, and a USB port that makes it easy to hook up to a variety of different outlets.

    The unit is very small and works best for tiny dogs and cats. Bigger dogs will still be able to make use of the large reservoir, but they might find it too easy to knock around the tiny dish. It’s not poorly built, but a hyperactive dog of a certain size won’t have a hard time breaking it.

    • Not great bigger dogs

    5. Scuddles Dog-Feeder Water Fountain


    The Scuddles Dog Feeder features a unique design concept that your dog may enjoy taking advantage of. Rather than featuring a continuous flow like most of the other units on our list, this fountain does not activate until your dog steps on a tiny platform. At that point, they are treated to a blast of hydration not dissimilar to that of a human water fountain.

    The unit can be effortlessly attached to a hose port, so there is no need to worry about the water reservoir. Of course, there are some built-in problems with this system. One is that it can only be used outside. The other is that there is always the risk your dog won’t figure it out.

    Because it isn’t as intuitive as say, a water bowl, it may be problematic for some dogs.

    • Unique design concept
    • Hooks up to hose port
    • Can only be used outside
    • Some dogs may not be able to figure it out

    6. NPET WF020TP Dog Water Fountain


    The NPET features a 3-liter capacity great for households that have several dogs. It is big and durable and large enough to be shared. It is also versatile. The head of the fountain can be easily adjusted to include several different flow styles. The fountainhead naturally filtrates and oxidizes the water, keeping it clean and ensuring that it tastes good for your pets.

    Unfortunately, it is one of the costlier units on the list. The size does increase the value for people with a multi-dog household. However, buyers on a budget are going to want to look for something else.

    • Large
    • Good for multi-dog households
    • Different types of dispersal patterns
    • Pricey

    7. Wonder Creature Pet Fountain

    Wonder Creature

    The Wonder Creature Pet Fountain is a quiet unit that will be good for dogs and cats. It is small in size and features a reliable foam filter that keeps water clean. It also features an LED light that makes the bowl look neat and may help attract your pets to it.

    That said, there are a few issues you will want to keep in mind. For one thing, the bowl is very small which won’t be optimal for larger dogs. It is also fairly fragile. Some animals will have an easy time tearing it apart. It is also on the pricier side.

    • Quiet
    • LED lights
    • Filter
    • Not very durable
    • Pricey

    8. HomeRunPet Dog Water Fountain


    The HomeRunPet is an ultra-quiet dog bowl that will be great for indoor use. The motor operates almost silently so that it won’t disrupt your household, and the filter continuously purifies the water that you put in it for a clean, pleasant drinking experience.

    The unit also comes with a one-year warranty, which is great because a lot can go wrong with bowls like these. If something like that does happen with this unit, you will be covered for a while.

    That said, it is still a pricey bowl so be mindful of that.

    • Ultra-quiet
    • Silent motor
    • Good filter
    • Pricey

    9. Amazonbasics 11090-L-WE Pet Fountain


    The Amazonbasics is an affordable product that will be great for larger dogs. The size of the unit may even make it a suitable option for dogs that need to share. There are also several different flow styles to choose from that should keep your dog interested in their bowl.

    Unfortunately, there are some issues to worry about. For one thing, it isn’t an extremely durable exterior that may cut against its life expectancy. There have also been some user complaints pertaining to the filter. The water tends to get a little bit cloudy overtime which some users won’t care for.

    • Affordable
    • Sizable
    • Cloudy water
    • Not very durable

    10. Dog Mate 06040 Water Drinking Fountain

    Dog Mate

    The Dog Mate is a silent unit that comes with several replacement filter cartridges that should keep you covered indefinitely. This is an especially handy inclusion when you factor for the price of the fountain. Without outperforming the other products on this list, it manages to be one of the most expensive options out there. The value concerns may be enough of a reason for some buyers to want to choose something different.

    There are also several complaints pertaining to the overall build quality of the bowl. For one thing, the plastic exterior is likely to crack at the force of an exploratory bite. There are also some rather serious concerns pertaining to the motor.

    We have heard from a number of users who claim that their product stopped working shortly after they bought it. Of course, this is a defect, and not necessarily an issue you should expect to encounter. Still, it is a serious issue that you won’t want to run into.

    At the end of the day, this is not a bad bowl. However, it does feature some shortcomings that don’t stack up well to the other products on our list.

    • Free filter
    • Not very durable
    • Poor motor quality
    • Very pricey

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    Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Dog Water Fountains

    Have you decided on the best dog water fountain yet? It’s hard to choose between ten solid options. Our hope is that the buying considerations below will help to simplify your decision.

    Why Buy a Dog Fountain?

    Let’s be real. A dog fountain is not only for your pup—it’s also for you. Think about how many times you fill up your dog’s water bowl throughout an average day. if you are like most people, you probably have to do it constantly.

    The dog fountain means that you will only need to fill it up once a day, while still guaranteeing that your dog will enjoy fresh, clean water.

    Reservoir Size

    The size of the reservoir will determine how often you need to fill up the unit, and how many dogs can partake. Dog’s daily water needs are fairly similar to that of humans. Most vets recommend somewhere in the neighborhood of 64 ounces (though this number will be contingent on the size of your dog as well.

    For maximum convenience, it can be nice to invest in something that is at least large enough to fulfill your dog’s daily needs.

    However, if you have a household with several dogs you may find it worth your while to invest in a water fountain that can meet all of their needs. This means a larger reservoir but it also may mean a bigger bowl size as well.

    Power Source

    Obviously, filtrated units are going to need some sort of power source. The majority of units on our list plug into wall outlets just like any other electronic. This is generally fine for indoor use, but it doesn’t always lend itself so well to the outdoor setting. If you are looking for an outdoor you have other options to consider. For example, some units are battery-powered.

    We even saw one unit on this list that hooks up directly to your hose for a constant stream of water.


    Without a filter, your dog bowl is going to get nasty really quickly. However, not all filters are created equal. These days, charcoal filters tend to be valued for their performance and their value. However, there are lots of different options out there.

    You will also want to factor in how expensive your filter is to maintain. No matter what style of product you choose, you will need to swap the filter out from time to time. That being the case, it will be to your benefit to learn how expensive replacement cartridges are before you buy the filter.


    While the price of a dog water fountain can vary, it is fairly unusual to find one that costs more than $50. That said, there is a price range to consider. More money tends to buy you a larger reservoir, a better filter, and more dispersal options.

    However, you can always save money on a cheaper unit if you are on a tight budget. After all, chances are pretty good that your dog is going to use whatever water bowl you give them.


    Dogs have a tendency for biting and destruction. And while a playful bite won’t do much damage to your average run of the mill, tin water bowl, it can have serious implications for the plastic units that we looked at on today’s list.

    If you aren’t confident in your dog’s ability to exercise self-control you will find it worthwhile to invest in a product that is built to last.

    Reviews like these are especially handy at figuring out how durable a product is. Short of that, you can always try to speak people who have actually used the products in the past.


    No, we aren’t talking about a vintage Nickelodeon cartoon. We are talking about the ever-handy cat/dog compatibility product. Products that can be used for cats and for dogs are great for the owners of multi-pet households. However, there are some caveats that warrant consideration.

    It’s kind of a common sense thing really: a product that is right for a 100-pound pit pull probably isn’t also going to be right for a seven-pound tabby cat. Cat/dog products tend to work best with smaller dogs. That said, if your pup has a gentle disposition, they may be able to work with pretty much anything.

    Size of the Bowl

    The size of the bowl and the size of the reservoir are not necessarily the same thing. Even if the water storage capacity is really large, chances are that bigger dogs will also want something with a sizable bowl.

    For one thing, it will simply be easier for them to navigate with their bulky bodies. Chances are better that it won’t get knocked around the same way that a smaller bowl would. There is also a psychological factor as well.

    Since bigger dogs will probably be used to larger bowls, investing in a larger water fountain will help them adjust easier. That said, they will also drink out of the toilet if you let them, so if you can’t swing a bigger bowl don’t worry too much.

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    So, what will it be? Did you love the uncompromising quality of our top choice, the Veken VK072 Pet Fountain? Or maybe you loved our runner up choice, the Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow. It’s a great product that gives you plenty of desirable features all for an affordable price.

    All of this said if our dog water fountain reviews taught you anything it should be that everyone’s needs are a little bit different. All of the products on this list are right for someone. The question now is simply which will be right for you.

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