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10 Best Brushes for Golden Retrievers – 2024 Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Golden retrievers are known as much for their affectionate, boundless enthusiasm as for their thick, cuddly manes. While you may love petting your golden’s soft fur, you also may know how difficult it is to keep it looking lustrous and smooth. You can’t pick up just any brush and expect it to get through your golden retriever’s dense coat. You need a brush designed specifically for tough tangles and to prevent matting.

There’s a variety of brushes on the market today that claim to be able to handle your dog’s challenging fur. Some products are up to the task, while others will waste your time and money.

We’ve narrowed the choices down to the best golden retriever brushes. Our list includes helpful reviews and quick-reference pros and cons lists.

Hopefully, we can help you find the right brush for your golden retriever.

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The Quick Look at Our Favourites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Hertzko Slicker Brush Hertzko Slicker Brush
  • Effectively removes mats
  • tangles
  • and excess hair
  • Easy-to-clean retractable feature
  • Ergonomic handle with non-slip grip
  • Best Value
    Second place
    FURminator Slicker Brush FURminator Slicker Brush
  • Two styles of bristles
  • Bending feature on dual head
  • Ergonomic handle with comfort grip
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    HappyDogz Deshedding Tool HappyDogz Deshedding Tool
  • 4-inch-wide stainless-steel comb
  • Sturdy handle with bent design
  • Ergonomic
  • non-slip grip
  • Glendan Dog Brush Glendan Dog Brush
  • Handle rotates 360 degrees
  • Comfort grip
  • Eyelet for easy storage
  • Conair Pet-It for Dog Brush Conair Pet-It for Dog Brush
  • Unique palm-shaped design
  • Ideal for dogs with anxiety of large brushes
  • Boar bristle brush for smooth
  • shiny coat
  • The 10 Best Dog Brushes for Golden Retrievers

    1. Hertzko Slicker Brush — Best Overall


    For its effectiveness and easy-to-clean mechanism, we placed the Hertzko slicker brush first on our list as the best overall brush for your golden retriever. This slicker brush has fine wire bristles that can groom your golden’s undercoat to gently remove mats and loose hair.

    When your brush is full, you can operate the retractable feature with the click of a button and slide off the excess hair with one swipe. We found that this mechanism makes using this brush helpful and convenient. Keep in mind that wear and tear on this moving part can cause breakage.

    This brush has an ergonomic handle with a comfortable, non-slip grip, which decreases hand and wrist fatigue and strain as you work through knots. Your dog will also enjoy this brush’s massaging quality. However, in order to prevent scratching your dog with the stiff bristles, be sure to apply light pressure.

    • Effectively removes mats, tangles, and excess hair
    • Easy-to-clean retractable feature
    • Ergonomic handle with non-slip grip
    • Offer massaging sensation (when used properly)
    • Retracting mechanism may break over time
    • Bristles may be too harsh depending on grooming practices

    2. FURminator Slicker Brush — Best Value


    If you’re looking for the best brush for golden retrievers for the money, then you may want to consider the FURminator slicker brush. At a great price, you’ll get a brush that works well and is comfortable to use.

    The FURminator offers you two different styles of bristles — straight or bent — on either side of the brush. Its dual head is designed to bend, which places the bristles into the most effective positions as you work around your dog’s body. This brush collects plenty of loose hair and can work through a golden retriever’s dense fur. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to clean it when it gets full.

    Both the handle and the dual head are made of anti-microbial plastic, which reduces the spread of germs and bacteria. This slicker brush is well-constructed, with an ergonomic handle and a comfortable grip. However, we learned of durability issues with the handle after multiple uses.

    • Best value
    • Two styles of bristles
    • Bending feature on dual head
    • Ergonomic handle with comfort grip
    • Anti-microbial plastic
    • Difficult to clean
    • Handle may break after multiple uses

    3. HappyDogz Deshedding Tool — Premium Choice


    Our premium choice due to its solid construction goes to HappyDogz Magic Pro de-shedding tool. Resembling a hand rake, this brush features a 4-inch-wide stainless-steel comb. The sturdy plastic handle is bent to place the comb at the perfect angle as you remove large quantities of excess hair from your golden retriever.

    This grooming tool offers convenient features from start to finish. The ergonomic handle includes a non-slip grip for comfort, and when it’s time for cleaning, the blade releases with the press of a button. Storage is made easy with a handy eyelet in the handle for hanging up the brush.

    We placed HappyDogz in our third spot because you’ll pay more for this high-quality product, though it’s worth it, as we found that this brush works quite well on golden retrievers.

    • 4-inch-wide stainless-steel comb
    • Sturdy handle with bent design
    • Ergonomic, non-slip grip
    • Blade releases for easy cleaning
    • Eyelet for storing hanging up
    • More expensive than similar products

    4. Glendan Dog Brush


    The handle on the Glendan dog brush rotates 360 degrees to help you achieve the best angle as you brush out your golden retriever. It also has a comfortable grip and an eyelet for easy storage.

    The bristles on this slicker brush come with massage particles to protect your golden’s skin, to increase blood circulation, and to make grooming a more comfortable experience. While we learned that the bristles work well on golden retriever coats, be aware that cleaning all the collected hair can be a time-consuming task.

    This brush is more compact than other models on our list at 6 inches total in length. If you have larger hands, you may not find this brush comfortable to use.

    • Handle rotates 360 degrees
    • Comfort grip
    • Eyelet for easy storage
    • Massage particles on bristle tips
    • Difficult to clean
    • Smaller size handle

    5. Conair Pet-It for Dog Brush


    The Conair Pet-It for Dog fits in the palm of your hand, which allows you to mimic petting your golden retriever as you brush out loose hair, tangles, and debris. Simply slip the plastic grip through your fingers to put the brush in place. The small shape helps with dogs who may experience anxiety with a larger brush.

    Conair offers six different brushes in this unique style: a curry comb, a shampooing massage brush, metal pin brush, boar bristle brush, a soft slicker brush, and a slicker brush. As it’s at an inexpensive price point, you may want to invest in more than one type.

    The boar bristle brush is built with 50% natural boar and 50% synthetic bristles that move smoothly through your golden retriever’s coat. This particular type of boar bristle brush is not intended for removing excess hair or working through matted fur. Instead, it works well to distribute oils in your dog’s fur for a smooth and shiny coat. We learned that you can also use it while shampooing your golden to get into their undercoat.

    • Unique palm-shaped design
    • Ideal for dogs with anxiety of large brushes
    • Six brush styles
    • Affordable price
    • Boar bristle brush for smooth, shiny coat
    • Works well for extra cleaning during shampooing
    • Not for removing excess fur or matting

    6. Oster Combo Brush


    The two-sided dog brush on the Oster Combo brush features round-tip pins on one side and bristles on the other. The pins work effectively to break up tangles and penetrate your golden retriever’s thick undercoat. The bristle side removes matted fur and distributes oils to help your dog’s coat look its best.

    This brush comes with an ergonomic handle that has a grooved grip for improved comfort and better command of the brush. This product is larger than similar models on this list at 9 inches in length, making it better suited for larger breeds.

    We found this brush works rather well on golden retriever coats. However, you may experience pins falling out after tugging through your dog’s dense fur. We also discovered that the shape of pin brush is not convex, making it less effective.

    • Two-sided brush
    • Ergonomic handle with grooved grip
    • Larger size brush
    • Pins tend to fall out
    • Lacking convex shape on pin brush

    7. Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker


    If you’re looking for easy cleanup, the Safari Self-Cleaning slicker brush retracts with the push of a button, allowing you to easily remove all the excess hair you’ve collected. Also, the pins on the Safari are made with durable stainless steel.

    The curved head on this brush allows you to use a natural motion as you groom your golden retriever. The comfortable handle has a solid grip and a full-size length to fit well in your hand.

    While not as effective at removing matts and tangles as higher ranked brushes on our list, the Safari is still a solid choice for using on your golden retriever. However, keep in mind that you may run into problems using the retractable feature. If one or more of the bristles becomes bent, the mechanism jams.

    • Retractable for easier cleaning
    • Stainless-steel pins
    • Curved head for more natural motion
    • Comfortable handle
    • Not as effective as similar products
    • Retractable mechanism may jam

    8. Groomist Dog Brushes


    A combination slicker brush and bristle brush, the Groomist Porcupine dog brush works well on golden retriever’s coats to get through tangles, as well as to restore shine. The Groomist dog brush features pins with ball tips that can penetrate your golden’s undercoat while protecting their skin. At the same time, the bristles bring back your golden retriever’s smooth, lustrous coat.

    The ergonomic soft handle makes this brush easy to manipulate. At 10 inches in length, this brush is well-equipped for larger breeds such as golden retrievers.

    We placed this brush lower on the list because it’s not as effective at removing large amounts of excess hair. It also isn’t strong enough to remove matting.

    • Combination slicker brush and bristle brush
    • Pins with ball tips for your dog’s comfort
    • Removes tangles and restores shine
    • Ergonomic handle
    • Large size brush
    • Less effective with excess hair removal
    • Lacking strength to remove matting

    9. AtEase Accents Double Sided Dog Brush

    AtEase Accents

    Constructed out of all-natural two-toned bamboo, the ATEase double-sided dog brush is a grooming product made with sustainable materials, allowing you to feel good about your buying choices. It also has an attractive appearance.

    The wooden handle is designed to fit well in the hand, although it doesn’t provide a non-slip grip, and the size may be small if you have larger hands. A small hole at the top of the handle can be used to store this brush when not in use.

    This double-sided brush features, on one side, a bristle brush for reducing shedding and stimulating your dog’s skin for a healthier coat. On the opposite side, soft pins with comfort tips help remove mats. We found that this brush works rather well on golden retrievers, though perhaps not as effective as products higher on our list.

    • Made with environmentally sustainable bamboo
    • Attractive appearance
    • Double-sided with bristles and pins
    • Lacking a non-slip grip
    • Smaller size handle
    • Not as effective as similar products

    10. Wahl Large Slicker Brush


    The 4.5-inch-wide head on the Wahl large slicker brush is built to cover large sections of your golden retriever. This brush features stainless-steel pins with the intention of providing better strength and longer durability.

    The specially designed pins have slightly curved tips to help detangle hair and reduce shedding. The ergonomic handle comes with a soft grip for a better hold as you groom your dog.

    We placed the Wahl last on our list due to several issues with the pins. They may be sharp, leading to possible damage to your dog’s skin. They may also fall out into your dog’s fur, causing a choking hazard and leaving the brush less effective. Finally, the pins may bend, which further reduces how well the brush performs.

    • Large head
    • Stainless-steel pins with curved tips
    • Ergonomic handle with soft grip
    • Sharp pins
    • Choking hazard due to pins falling out in fur
    • Pins tend to bend easily
    • Pin issues reduce brush’s effectiveness

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    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Brush for Golden Retrievers

    Not all brushes work for Golden Retrievers. Due to their long, heavy-shedding coat, you need to purchase a brush that can penetrate their coat and gently remove the excess fur. Sadly, finding one of these brushes is often easier said than done.

    Below, we’ll go over exactly what to look for when trying to find a brush for your Golden Retriever.

    Types of Brushes to Consider

    There are many types of brushes that may work for a Golden Retriever. For the best grooming experience, you’ll probably want to purchase a few different brushes for different purposes. Each brush is designed for a slightly different purpose, and one brush probably won’t cover your dog’s needs.

    Slicker Brush

    Slicker brushes have very fine bristles very close together. These are designed to remove as much loose hair as possible. They can also help remove tangles and mats. However, they aren’t the gentlest brushes for this purpose. Instead, they work best at the end of a grooming session when you’re only focusing on removing loose fur (and you’ve already tackled the mats).

    These brushes are also very effective for daily maintenance and detangling. If you use them every day, you probably won’t end up with much dog fur in your home.

    wire slicker brush for dogs or cats
    Photo Credit: oksana2010, Shutterstock

    Bristle Brush

    Bristle brushes have soft bristles, making them great for removing loose fur and distributing natural oils. They can give the coat a more polished look and help your canine get a bit cleaner. However, they aren’t great at preventing mats or removing tons of loose fur.

    You can use these brushes for all sorts of dogs, including the Golden Retriever. That said, we don’t recommend only having a bristle brush, as they aren’t effective at removing loose fur.

    Undercoat Rake

    Undercoat rakes are designed to dig into your dog’s thick coat and remove loose fur from the undercoat. They have wide, closely spaced teeth that are very effective at removing loose fur. These are perfectly designed for a Golden Retriever’s dense undercoat and the massive amount of loose fur. If you want to reduce your dog’s shedding, you probably want to purchase one of these brushes.

    Every Golden Retriever owner should have one of these brushes, even if you also use other brushes for more daily maintenance.

    Dematting Tools

    Golden Retrievers can get matted. These can be serious if left unchecked, as they can get very close to their skin and cause sores. If you let your dog get too matted, you may have to shave them, which isn’t good for their coat.

    These brushes are designed to effectively remove mats as gently as possible. You should have one handy just in case your dog develops a thicker mat that is hard to remove with a basic brush.

    comb for dematting detangling pet dog or cat fur hair
    Image Credit: sophiecat, Shutterstock


    You should have at least one comb to help get in places that are hard to reach with a brush, such as on your dog’s face or arms. Combs are extremely cheap, so there is no reason not to have one. We do recommend purchasing a stainless steel one—not a plastic one. Golden Retrievers do have extremely thick fur, and the plastic combs often can’t withstand the thickness.

    Grooming Gloves

    Grooming gloves are pretty popular, but they may not be very effective for a Golden Retriever. Often, these gloves work best for dogs with shorter fur or those that don’t have much excess fur. For Golden Retrievers, you need something a bit more intense.

    person using grooming gloves on golden retriever dog fur
    Image Credit: goir, Shutterstock

    Factors to Consider

    Now that you know what type of brush to get, you need to choose a quality brush of that type. There are several factors you need to consider, as there isn’t necessarily a brush that is best for everyone.

    • Your Comfort Level: If you’re very comfortable with grooming, you may be able to purchase a professional-level brush. If you aren’t, then a user-friendly option may be your best bet.
    • Your Dog’s Comfort Level: Some dogs are more sensitive to grooming than others. If your dog is sensitive or easily agitated, you may want to invest in a gentler brush.
    • Durability: Stainless steel brushes are your best option. Avoid plastic brushes, as the teeth tend to break after only a few uses. Plus, there usually isn’t a huge cost difference between the two.
    • Cost: How much the brush costs is also important. While brushes usually aren’t that expensive, the price can add up when you’re purchasing several. Avoid purchasing brushes that aren’t very effective but more expensive due to their brand.
    • Ease of Cleaning: Some brushes are easier to remove fur from than others. You don’t want to purchase a brush that requires you to prick your fingers every time you need to remove the fur.

    How Often Do Golden Retrievers Need to be Brushed?

    You should brush your Golden Retriever at least once a week. This grooming session should be very comprehensive and involve removing all the mats you find to prevent them from becoming too thick. Otherwise, your dog’s coat may become so matted that they may need to be trimmed.

    However, we also recommend giving them a quick once-over with a deshedding brush or undercoat rake a couple of other times a week. You don’t need to remove mats during these grooming sessions. Just focus on removing loose fur and debris. These sessions are more so to keep fur from ending up all over your furniture.

    Of course, you may have to adjust this timing depending on your dog and the time of year. During shedding season, it may make sense to use an undercoat rake daily.

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    The Hertzko FBA Self Cleaning Slicker Brush earns its top spot on our list as the best overall dog brush for golden retrievers. This slicker brush effectively removes matts, tangles, and excess hair, as well as offering your dog a massaging sensation when used properly. When the brush is full, a retractable feature makes for easy cleanup.

    For the best value, we recommend the FURminator Firm Grooming Slicker Brush. The lower price doesn’t limit this brush’s features. It comes with two styles of bristles, a bending feature on the dual head for improved performance, and an ergonomic handle with a comfort grip. It’s also made with anti-microbial plastic.

    Finally, we selected the HappyDogz Magic Pro Deshedding Tool as our premium choice for its solid design. This brush employs a 4-inch-wide stainless-steel comb, a sturdy handle with a bent design, and an ergonomic, non-slip grip. The blade releases for easy cleaning and comes with an eyelet for storing.

    We hope that after reading through our detailed reviews and pros and cons lists, you’ve discovered the best golden retriever brush that will feel good in your hand and that your dog will enjoy. The right brush can help you restore and maintain your golden retriever’s beautiful coat.

    Check out our reviews for the most useful:

    Featured Image Credit: Kaz, Golden Retriever, Pixabay

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