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9 Best Cat Trees for Multiple Cats in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Quincy Miller

By Quincy Miller

actual photo of cat in Go Pet Club 53-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

If you have more than one cat in your home, you know that it’s absolutely essential to give each one plenty of options when it comes to resting and relaxing, and that means finding a cat tree that can accommodate multiple kitties.

In these reviews, we look at the best cat trees for multiple cats on the market today. We’ve included everything from basic trees to those with multiple condos and perches, allowing you to choose the one that perfectly suits every one of your cats.

A Quick Comparison of Our Winners of 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo
  • Multiple platforms for sleeping
  • Two boxes for hiding
  • Plenty of climbing room
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Go Pet Club Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo Go Pet Club Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo
  • Large condo with room for several cats
  • Several platforms for lounging
  • Six scratching posts
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Amarkat Faux Fleece Cat Tree & Condo Amarkat Faux Fleece Cat Tree & Condo
  • Can support 80 pounds of cat
  • Border around upper platforms prevents falls
  • Multiple platforms and scratching posts
  • Tiger Tough Playground Cat Tree & Condo Tiger Tough Playground Cat Tree & Condo
  • Easy to put together
  • Covered in plush, comfy carpet
  • Five platforms for lounging
  • EliteField Faux Fur Cat Tree EliteField Faux Fur Cat Tree
  • Good for smaller apartments
  • Platforms have sisal mats in middle
  • Won’t dominate a room
  • The 9 Best Cat Trees for Multiple Cats

    1. Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo — Best Overall

    Frisco 55-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

    Check Price on Chewy

    There’s enough room for every kitty to stretch out on the Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo. It has multiple platforms for cats to sleep on and a couple of boxes for them to hide in.

    At 72 inches tall, this tree will offer plenty of room for your cats to climb and will give them a chance to get well away from the dog if need be. The platforms are close enough together that they can jump from place to place without issue.

    There are several dangling toys for cats to bat and play with as well, and while they’re not attached in the most durable fashion, they’ll provide plenty of entertainment while they last. Your cats will also find 10 scratching posts wrapped in sisal, giving them a place to sharpen their claws that isn’t your couch. They can take advantage of the two scratching boards as well.

    The Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo has enough variety to keep even the busiest cat household happy, making it the clear choice for the best overall cat tree for multiple cats.

    • Multiple platforms for sleeping
    • Two boxes for hiding
    • Plenty of climbing room
    • 10 sisal-wrapped scratching posts
    • Several dangling toys to play with

    • Dangling toys aren’t attached securely

    2. Go Pet Club Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo — Best Value

    Go Pet Club 53-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

    Sleek and simple, the Go Pet Club Cat Tree & Condo is a budget-friendly model that can nevertheless keep multiple cats occupied for hours on end, making it our choice for the best cat tree for multiple cats for the money.

    There’s a large condo near the base, and if your cats get along, there’s no reason that several can’t hang out there simultaneously. There’s a spacious platform on top of it, in case your cats are the type that would prefer to slap at each other from different levels rather than coexist peacefully.

    Above that, there are two more platforms for your kitties to sleep or lounge on, as well as three scratching posts to go with the three below the condo. It’s available in four different colors, including a funky paw print option. You can easily find a color that will match your home’s existing décor.

    It’s top-heavy, though, so you might want to anchor it to a wall. It won’t last forever either, but at this price, that’s to be expected. If you want a tree that will keep your cats (and your wallet) happy, the Go Pet Club Cat Tree & Condo is definitely worth considering.

    • Great value for the price
    • Large condo with room for several cats
    • Several platforms for lounging
    • Six scratching posts
    • Available in four different colors

    • A little top-heavy
    • Not the most durable option

    3. Amarkat Faux Fleece Cat Tree & Condo — Premium Choice

    Armarkat 77-in Faux Fleece Cat Tree & Condo

    If you truly want to spoil every one of your kitties, the Amarkat Faux Fleece is a great way to do it. You’ll pay a premium for spoiling them, of course, but they’ll surely appreciate it (even though they might not show it).

    The thing is truly massive at over 6 feet tall and nearly 60 pounds. It’s capable of supporting up to 80 pounds worth of cat without issue, so you shouldn’t need to worry about it collapsing. All your cats will have something to keep them occupied on this tree. There are 10 scratching posts, six platforms, two condos, and a ramp, so there’s no shortage of entertainment.

    The platforms on top have a border around them, which should keep clumsy cats from rolling off in their sleep. It also gives them a place to hide while they stalk their friends or that bird outside the window. Besides being expensive, it’s a pain to assemble (and the instructions aren’t much help). Once you have it put together, though, the Amarkat Faux Fleece is likely to be your cats’ new favorite hangout spot.

    • Can support 80 pounds of cat
    • Multiple platforms and scratching posts
    • Border around upper platforms prevents falls
    • Sturdy
    • Includes a fun ramp

    • Expensive
    • Hard to assemble

    4. Tiger Tough Playground Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

    Tiger Tough Platform House Playground 59.8-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

    The Tiger Tough Platform House Playground is one of the more elegant options on this list, but that sophistication hides the fact that this tree will be your cats’ version of a La-Z-Boy.

    At nearly 5 feet, it’s not as tall as some of the other models on this list, but it packs plenty of action into that smaller space. There’s a platform for every foot of height, offering plenty of room for multiple cats to stretch out.

    It’s one of the most comfortable trees out there, as it’s padded with plush carpet, ensuring that your cats will love to snuggle up on it. The dark gray color hides hair well too, and assembly is a breeze.

    The layout is a bit odd because there’s no good way to stick it in a corner. That means it’ll have to sit out in the middle of the room, taking up valuable real estate. The Tiger Tough Platform House Playground is one of the best trees on the market, but it has a few slight flaws that keep it from earning a medal here.

    • Easy to put together
    • Five platforms for lounging
    • Covered in plush, comfy carpet
    • Gray color hides hair well

    • A bit on the smaller side
    • Doesn’t fit in corners well

    5. EliteField Faux Fur Cat Tree

    EliteField 40-in Faux Fur Cat Tree

    A diminutive model, the EliteField Cat Tree is a great choice for smaller apartments or anywhere that space is at a premium.

    At 40 inches tall, this tree can fit in most rooms without issue. You can stash it in a corner without it completely dominating the room, yet it’s spaced out well enough that your cats can have a bit of room to themselves.

    It has three staggered platforms leading to a perch on top. Each platform has a sisal mat in the middle, giving your cats plenty of scratching surfaces to use and a different texture to lay on if they so choose.

    The spacing between the platforms also encourages cats to jump around, so even the laziest or most overweight cat will get a little exercise. Bigger cats may hang off the platforms when laying down, though.

    There’s only room for one cat in the perch, so it may be a point of contention if everyone wants to be up high. The carpet has a fairly strong odor out of the box, but that should fade over time. The EliteField Cat Tree is one of the better models on the market, but it has a few kinks that it needs to work out.

    • Good for smaller apartments
    • Won’t dominate a room
    • Platforms have sisal mats in middle
    • Encourages exercise

    • Larger cats will hang off platforms
    • Only room for one cat in perch
    • Carpet has strong odor

    6. Frisco Real Carpet Wooden Cat Tree

    Frisco 65-in Real Carpet Wooden Cat Tree

    The Frisco Real Carpet Tree has a different design than many other models, but that can make it more comfortable for your cats.

    Instead of having multiple flat surfaces, it has four different circular perches that are perfect for curling up for a nap. Each is supported by a sturdy wooden pole, ensuring that your cats will feel safe while they snooze.

    The baskets have serious depth to them, so even the largest cat will have plenty of room to tuck in. However, they’re staggered in such a way that it may be difficult for some cats to reach the higher levels.

    You’ll want your cats to use the scratching posts rather than the carpet, as the threading will come loose easily on the fabric. Unfortunately, though, there’s only one scratching post, so it may be in demand if all your cats simultaneously need a manicure.

    The Frisco Real Carpet Tree is a fun alternative to many of the more standard-style trees out there, but that fun comes with a price.

    • Four baskets for lounging
    • Each basket supported by sturdy wooden pole
    • Room for larger cats

    • Staggered in awkward way
    • Carpet gets damaged easily
    • Only one scratching post

    7. Go Pet Club Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

    Go Pet Club 51-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

    The Go Pet Club Cat Tree & Condo has a stacked design that ensures that each of your cats will have the same opportunity to enjoy its features. While this is nice, it has a few drawbacks that hurt its overall score.

    It has two large condos, making it a good choice for timid cats because they’ll have several places to escape and hide if they need to. Having a condo on the bottom also makes it a good choice for older cats or those with mobility issues, as they can enjoy the tree without having to climb it.

    It’s a bit pricey for what’s a fairly small tree, though, and there’s not much vertical space to explore. The fact that this cat tree for older cats is built out rather than up means it will take up more floor space in your home as well.

    While the condos are nice, the perches are small, and many cats will have trouble fitting into them comfortably.

    The Go Pet Club Cat Tree & Condo is an excellent choice for senior cats or those who like to hide, but for everyone else, you can probably get more bang for your buck with another tree.

    • Good for timid cats
    • Lower condo is ideal for older cats or those with mobility issues

    • Pricey for what you get
    • Takes up floor space
    • Not ideal for climbers
    • Perches are small

    8. MidWest Feline Nuvo Tower Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

    MidWest Feline Nuvo Tower 50.5-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

    If you’re tired of the same old boring, cream-colored cat trees, the MidWest Feline Nuvo Tower will be a sight for sore eyes. It comes in two different color schemes, and while one does have cream carpet, the other is a striking floral black print.

    There’s more to a cat tree than attractiveness, of course, and this tree isn’t as stellar in those categories. It tends to wobble when cats are jumping around on it, and while it doesn’t seem like it will collapse, it may make you nervous. You might want to attach it to a wall.

    There are a few design flaws that need correcting too. When you attach the top platform, you have to choose between not screwing it in all the way or allowing a bit of bolt to stick out through the top.

    Putting it together isn’t easy in general, as the instructions aren’t helpful and the pieces aren’t marked. Expect guesswork during the installation process. The design isn’t a complete lost cause, though. It’s easy for a cat to get from the lower levels from the top, and it manages to do this without needing a sizable footprint.

    The MidWest Feline Nuvo Tower is far from perfect, but if you want something a little off the beaten path, it manages to be stylish and fun for cats to boot.

    • Comes in two attractive prints
    • Easy for cats to get from lower levels to top

    • Tends to wobble
    • Should be attached to a wall
    • Bolt sticks up through top platform
    • Difficult to assemble

    9. Yaheetech Plush Multi-Cat Tree & Condo

    Yaheetech 51-in Plush Multi-Cat Tree & Condo

    The Yaheetech Multi-Cat has a few fun features that some other options lack, but it also has a few drawbacks that prevent it from being ranked much higher than this.

    There’s a hammock and a barrel on this tree that offers cats more lounging areas, not to mention giving them more variety to choose from. That’s a nice touch, but neither is big enough for most cats.

    If you take those features away, there’s not much room for more than a couple cats at a time. The condo and perch are also small, so expect to see dangling cat butts, and the platforms aren’t really suitable for anything except jumping to the next level.

    It’s also not as sturdy as you’d probably like. It’s not likely to fall apart or anything, but a large cat will certainly put it under a bit of strain. The dangling ball is fun while it lasts, but don’t expect it to last too long.

    All in all, the Yaheetech Multi-Cat has a few interesting things going for it, but it needs retooling if it wants to be ranked any higher on this list.

    • Has a hammock and barrel

    • Too small for many cats
    • Platforms only good as jumping-off point
    • Not sturdy enough for large cats
    • Dangling ball won’t last long

    Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Cat Trees for Multiple Cats

    Buying a cat tree seems like it should be easy — after all, how hard is it to entertain a cat? They can spend hours just looking out a window.

    While this won’t be the toughest buying decision that you’ll ever make, that doesn’t mean you should just buy the first tree you see either, especially if you’re trying to make multiple cats happy.

    Here, we walk you through the questions that you should ask before making a purchase on cat trees for multiple cats, so you stand the best chance of getting something that will satisfy all parties involved.

    What Kind of Features Do Cat Trees Have That You Should Be Aware Of?

    Most cat trees will have the same basic features: vertical space for climbing, posts wrapped in claw-friendly material for scratching, and a few places for cats to lay down and relax. Beyond that, though, you’ll see quite a few other bells and whistles.

    Condos are one of the biggest features of many cat trees. These are basically just carpeted boxes that your cat can hide in if they’re feeling timid or anti-social. Condos tend to be valuable real estate on a cat tree, so if you don’t want your cats fighting over one, pick a model that has several or one in which the condos are roomy enough to house multiple kitties at once.

    You’ll also encounter interesting ways for your cat to reach the top of the tree. Some have multiple platforms, others have ramps, and still others have a series of holes and tubes or something similar. Ultimately, it’s just a question of what you feel your cats will enjoy the most, as one layout isn’t inherently better than another.

    Many also have dangling toys attached to certain platforms in order to give your cats something to bat around. While these are a nice touch, they seldom last long, so you shouldn’t base your buying decision on the number of hanging balls or feathers on any given tree.

    Finally, some trees are really out there in terms of design. You’ll find “modern” cat trees with real leaves and branches, with the idea being that they recreate a cat’s experience of being in the wild. These can be cool (and expensive), but it’s rare to find one that can comfortably accommodate multiple cats.

    What Makes the Best Cat Tree for Your Personal Situation?

    To answer this question, you’ll need to have a good understanding of both your living situation and your cats’ preferences. Because the latter consideration is so important, you shouldn’t buy an expensive cat tree until you’ve gotten to know your cats’ likes and dislikes fairly well.

    The most important thing is to understand what your cat values in a tree. Some need a variety of scratching surfaces, while others just like having an assortment of places to lay down. Timid cats usually prefer having condos to hide in, while an athletic cat may just want the most climbing space possible (and a senior cat may not want much climbing room at all).

    Obviously, if you have multiple cats, you’ll need to cater to several different preferences at once. That generally means buying a larger cat tree than normal. A larger cat tree will also give each cat more room to stretch out without putting them in each other’s bubbles.

    As for your personal living situation, try to find a tree that will fit in well in whichever room you’ll be placing it. If you don’t have the space to spare, you’ll want a tree that uses vertical space rather than spreading out laterally, as that will minimize its footprint.

    You should pay special attention to the base of the tree as well. While most are square, some have a more unorthodox style, and that can make it difficult to fit them in a corner, which can throw off your plans when it comes time to put one in a room.

    two cats on a cat tree condo
    Image Credit: Christopher Teixeira, Shutterstock

    Is There Anything Else That You Should Know About Buying a Cat Tree?

    Safety is of paramount importance. Try to find one that’s solidly built and sturdy, and if you need to, fasten it to a wall so it won’t tip over if your cats get rambunctious on it.

    You should also think about whether you care about its appearance or not. Some trees are more likely to show dirt, hair, and other debris than others, and some have fabric that will become worn more quickly than others. If this doesn’t matter to you, then don’t worry about it, but if it does, it will require a bit more research.

    You should make sure that everything is suitable for your specific cats as well. That means that the condos and platforms should be large enough for them to lay in comfortably and that everything is capable of supporting their weight.

    Ultimately, though, this shouldn’t be too stressful of a decision. Your cats will likely love anything that you bring home.


    We believe that the Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo is the best cat tree for multiple cats out there today. It has a nice variety of platforms for your cats to choose from, not to mention an incredible assortment of scratching posts. Every one of your kitties should love it.

    The Go Pet Club Cat Tree & Condo is another excellent option, and it’s considerably cheaper than our top pick. If money’s your primary concern, it should be at the top of your list for the best cat tree for multiple cats for the money.

    Cats are notoriously picky about everything, but we think that these reviews will help you find a cat tree that can actually satisfy every single feline in your house. Or you can buy an individual tree for every cat you own — it makes no difference to them, as long as you’re committed to their entertainment.

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