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9 Best Designer Dog ID Tag Brands of 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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One of the first things people say to be when getting a puppy is a dog ID tag, in case your puppy escapes or gets lost. Although ID tags have been around for a long time, most were those boring aluminum or cheap plastic ones. They weren’t exactly pretty to the eye, but they did what they were meant to do. Slowly, more and more designer ID tags started showing up in pet stores and online over the past two decades.

Today, there are quite a few premium designer dog ID tag companies that aim to help ID your dog in style.

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The 9 Best Designer Dog ID Tags

1. Dog Tag Art

dog tag art logo

Dog Tag Art is more than a dog ID tag company; it’s a company that embraces style and functionality. ID tags no longer have to be boring and straightforward, thanks to this company’s hard work and dedication. The categories are endless, ranging from beautiful premade designs to custom-made tags.

But what makes Dog Tag Art stand out is their appreciation for the arts and giving artists an opportunity to showcase their talents. They also have a wide selection of collars, leashes, and tag protectors, so you can easily coordinate your dog’s new accessories. If you’re looking for a durable yet stylish tag for your dog, Dog Tag Art will exceed expectations.

Every tag is an excellent piece of art at Dog Tag Art, but we really love the customization that they offer. If you have a favorite picture of your dog or a homemade piece of art, the custom-designed dog tag is a great option.

2. dogIDs Designer Dog ID Tags

dogids logo

dogIDs is a great one-stop accessory shop for your dog, featuring hundreds of unique designs and ID tag shapes. The founders started the company in their basement and flourished, now running a successful dog accessory business. We really like their selection and style, especially having different types of metal available.  From football teams to chic designer tags, dogIDs has one of the best selections of dog ID tags available. They also have a wide variety of collars, harnesses, and leashes, which can be embroidered with your dog’s name. dogIDs even carry dog treats, beds, and other dog accessories, which is excellent for first-time dog owners looking to prepare for a new dog.

dogIDs has an extensive collection of designer tags that can be customized and beautiful designs to coordinate with your style. Their ID tags are also high quality and will look great on any dog collar.

3. Dog Tuff

dogs wearing Dogtuff ID tags

Dog Tuff is a great company for designer dog accessories, offering a wide selection of stylish ID tags. It’s a family-owned company with a goal to help dog owners everywhere. They have an excellent collection of designer and artistic tags, giving their customers top-quality products. Whether you’re looking for durability or fashionable, TuffDog has an ID tag for it. They also have “tough toys” and dog accessories, which are great for dogs that enjoy a good chew. Although their dog tag collection isn’t as extensive as our other picks, TuffDog is still a great company that has a lot to offer.

Diamonds are a dog’s best friend with the Diamante series of dog ID tags, giving your dog some bling to its ID. This is our favorite product, but we wish there were a few more designs with this style.

4. Rockstar Puppy Boutique

rockstar puppy logo

If your puppy or dog is Instagram famous, the Rockstar Puppy Boutique is the place to shop for your dog’s ID tag. Ranging from funny ID tags to premium-grade crystal dog collar charms, this store is the ultimate chic dog accessory shop. Their collection of ID tags is not too small, but the customization is somewhat limited. Rockstar Puppy Boutique sells other things as well and even has motorcycle carriers, covering a lot of bases for your dog. It even carries premium dog bed frames and furniture that can match your home’s décor. Whether you have a social media star or want to spruce up your dog’s collar, this dog boutique is a premium dog shopping experience.

The amethyst dog ID tag is our favorite ID from this shop, bringing some crystal healing and style to your dog’s accessories. It’s available in two sizes, which is perfect for toy-sized dogs that can’t have heavy tags.

5. Puplife

puplife logo

Puplife is a family-owned and operated company that started in 2003, bringing a wide range of dog products. Their ID collection has multiple metal and shape choices to choose from, as well as sports team products. Puplife doesn’t have as many designer and stylish tags as the other companies, but their products are still high quality and worth a try. Puplife also sells dog collars that can be customized, leashes, and all other dog necessities. They even have training tips and a dog blog to follow, which shows their dedication to bringing the best for their customers.

Our favorite ID from Puplife has to be their sterling silver collection, which has multiple tags that can be engraved. The sterling silver is such a nice upgrade from the traditional ID tag, but it may get scratched easily.

6. Love Your Pets

loveyourpets logo

Love Your Pets is a small shop with dog accessories with a decent collection of dog ID tags. Their IDs range from soundless tags to deluxe and stylish tags, which covers a wide customer base. Love Your Pets also has matching collars and leashes for a coordinated set, giving your dog the ultimate stylish look. Their ID tag collection isn’t nearly as extensive as the other brands, but their high-quality products are worth looking at.

Our favorite tag from Love Your Pets is the glitter and enamel dog bone tag made with stainless steel. It’s sparkly and stylish with a glitter color of your choice but made with durable stainless steel.

7. Silver Paw Pet Tags

dog with silver paw tags

Silver Paw Pet Tags is a company out of Maine that focuses on making top-quality dog tags that will last a lifetime. While their collection is actually quite small, the great thing about this company is that they do dog ID tags by weight. This is really great for dogs that can’t carry a heavy tag but need a durable ID tag. They’re also stylish and beautifully designed, creating a mix of style and durability. They also sell ID accessories and keychains, but they don’t sell additional dog products. If you’re looking for a designer dog tag by weight, this is a great shop to try.

Our favorite thing about Silver Paw Pet Tags is that they sell their tags by the weight of your dog. This is such a neat feature and can help you find the appropriate size tag for your dog.

8. Desert Paw Designer Dog ID Tags

desert paw logo

Desert Paw is a chic novelty dog shop that has stuff for both you and your pooch, with bandanas, IDs, collars, and T-shirts for the human. They have a small but adorable selection of IDs to choose from, which can be laser engraved with your dog’s name and address. Desert Paw also sells novelty toys for your dog, which are perfect for dogs that enjoy stuffed animal toys. Their products are premium and designed for the stylish dogs of the world, but we wish they had a bigger selection in general.

The “So Extra” glitter tag is our favorite since most dogs can be quite “extra” throughout the day. It’s so cute, and the glitter makes it even better.

9. Qalo

Qalo Blush Floral Silicone Dog ID Tag

Qalo is a tag-making company that makes silent tags for both humans and dogs, specializing in silicone tags that are naturally silent. Although their dog tag selection isn’t too fancy, it deserves to be on the list since it is designer and premium quality. Silent dog tags can be pretty and look nice, while the lack of a jingling sound is great for working and hunting dogs. If you’re looking for function more than style but don’t want to lose out on a nice-looking tag, Qalo tags are a good product to try.

The tropical floral silicone dog tag by Qalo is a beautiful spin on plain tags. It’ll spruce up your dog’s collar without making that metallic ID tag sound, so it’s great on your dog’s ears and yours as well.

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Finding a chic, fashionable dog ID tag doesn’t have to be a challenge, and we hope our list will help. There are great companies that specialize in customized designer tags, ranging in materials and specialties. Whether you’re looking for glitter or sterling silver, there’s a dog tag out there that coordinates with your dog’s look. Still, it is important to remember that an ID tag is for identifying, and style shouldn’t always be the main focus. With the companies that we listed, style and functionality go hand-in-hand.

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