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9 Best Dog Bark Collars (S, M & L) – 2023 Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

a dog wearing a bark collarDogs are often considered man’s best friend, but what do you do when your furry friend loves to bark? Once a dog learns it’s okay to bark at everything, it will continue to bark nonstop every single day. There are different ways to train your dog not to bark, so it’s important to explore your options.

One of the most popular ways to correct excessive barking is with a dog bark collar, which is used to stop barking right when it happens. However, it can be hard to find the best collar for your dog’s specific needs. Thankfully, we’ve done the research for you. Here is our list of the Best Dog Bark Collars and their in-depth reviews:

Our Favorites of 2023 Compared

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
NPS No Shock NPS No Shock
  • 7 cycling vibration levels
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof design
  • Best Value
    Second place
  • Sensors prevent accidental correction
  • 7 sensitivity levels
  • Adjustable nylon collar
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    SportDOG Programmable SportDOG Programmable
  • Waterproof
  • Submersible
  • 10 adjustable stim levels
  • DogRook DogRook
  • 7 adjustable settings
  • Fits dogs between 10 to 110 pounds
  • 2 different pawprint plates
  • PetYeah Dog Bark Collar PetYeah Dog Bark Collar
  • 5 adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Can be used with or without shock
  • Waterproof with a rechargeable battery
  • The 9 Best Dog Bark Collars

    1. NPS No Shock Bark Collar – Best Overall


    The NPS No Shock Bark Collar is a no-shock bark collar that auto-adjusts to correct your dog’s barking. It intensifies with each bark, preventing your dog from barking multiple times in a row. The collar has seven vibration levels that it cycles through to progressively correct your dog, teaching your dog to stop barking in the first place. It’s safe for dogs that weigh between 6 to 120 pounds, as well as dogs with thick coats and bigger sized necks.

    The collar also has a lightweight and waterproof design, which is ideal for dogs that enjoy outdoor activities. The problem with this model is that it may pick up dogs that are next to your dog if their barks are similar, so you’ll have to remove it around certain dogs. Another issue is that some dogs ignore the vibration completely, even on the highest settings. If your dog responds to vibration correction and you’re looking for an above-average bark collar, the NPS No Shock Bark Collar may be a good option to try. Overall, we think this is the best dog bark collar available today.

    • Intensifies with each bark
    • 7 cycling vibration levels
    • Lightweight and waterproof design
    • Safe for dogs between 6 and 120 pounds
    • May pick up dogs barking close by
    • Some dogs ignore vibration completely

    2. MONTAUR Dog Bark Collar – Best Value

    MONTAUR Dog Bark Collar

    The MONTAUR Dog Bark Collaris a no-shock vibrating bark collar designed to train your dog without the use of negative reinforcement. It’s made with sensors that prevent accidental correction, consistently training your dog not to bark. The collar has 7 sensitivity levels that you can adjust to match your dog’s level of response, so you won’t harm your dog from too strong of a correction.

    The nylon collar the barking mechanism is on is fully adjustable, fitting small to large-sized dogs. It’s also less expensive than other models, especially compared to premium barking collars. However, it’s advertised as a waterproof collar, but it doesn’t seem safe for use in the water. Some dogs may also not respond to the vibration at all, requiring a different model to correct the barking. For these reasons, we kept it out of our #1 spot on this list.

    Otherwise, The Montaur Bark Collar is the best bark collar for your money.

    • Sensors prevent accidental correction
    • 7 sensitivity levels
    • Adjustable nylon collar
    • Less expensive than other models
    • Not waterproof as advertised
    • Some dogs may not respond

    3. SportDOG SBC-10 Programmable Dog Bark Collar – Premium Choice

    SportDOG SBC-10

    The SportDOG SBC-10 Programmable Bark Collar is a premium bark collar with a sleek design. It’s waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet, safe to use in all types of weather and outdoor activities. It’s programmed with 10 adjustable static stimulation levels, so it can be adjusted to your dog’s sensitivity. The progressive correction dissuades your dog from barking, correcting your dog faster than normal bark collars. It also fits dogs over 8 pounds, and dog necks up to 22 inches.

    There are a lot of great features, but it is on the expensive side compared to most barking collars. It also has a short battery life per charge, which can be a problem if it dies and you’re not aware right away. Because of those reasons, we kept it from our Top 2 picks. Otherwise, the SportDOG Bark Collar is a great choice if you’re looking for a premium barking collar.

    • Waterproof and submersible
    • 10 adjustable stim levels
    • Progressive correction dissuades barking
    • Fits dogs over 8 pounds or up to 22-inch necks
    • On the expensive side
    • Short battery life

    4. DogRook Dog Bark Collar


    The DogRook Bark Collar is a no-shock bark collar that uses vibrations to deter barking. It’s programmed with 7 adjustable settings to change the intensity, with no shocking to harm your dog. The nylon collar is fully adjustable to fit most dogs comfortably, suitable to use with dogs between 10 to 110 pounds. It has a cute design, with two different paw print plates to customize it to your style.

    The first issue with this model is that it doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery, so you’ll have to constantly purchase AA batteries to keep it working. Another issue is that it isn’t waterproof or even water-resistant, so it’s not suitable for outdoor use. The whole design doesn’t feel very durable or solid, so it’s best for calmer dogs that mostly stay indoors.

    We recommend trying the DogRook Bark Collar if other models don’t seem to work, but it lacks in quality design and durability.

    • 7 adjustable settings
    • Fits dogs between 10 to 110 pounds
    • 2 different pawprint plates
    • Batteries are not rechargeable
    • Doesn’t feel durable or solid
    • Not a waterproof bark collar

    5. PetYeah Dog Bark Collar

    PetYeah Dog Anti Bark Collar

    The PetYeah Dog Bark Collar is a vibration and shock dog collar that’s used for dogs that need extra correction as they bark. It has 5 adjustable sensitivity levels so it can be programmed to suit your dog’s size and reaction, lessening the chance of the shock being too strong. The collar can be used with or without the shock, which is good for quick learners that no longer need it.

    This collar has a waterproof design with a rechargeable battery, so it’s safe for outdoor use. However, the shock and vibration might not be strong enough for big dogs, or dogs with thick undercoats. Another problem we found with the battery life, which seemed shorter than other bark collars with rechargeable batteries. The biggest issue is that the bark correction device is made with cheap quality materials, so it feels flimsy and easily broken.

    For higher quality barking collars, we recommend trying the TBI and Montaur models.

    • 5 adjustable sensitivity levels
    • Can be used with or without shock
    • Waterproof with a rechargeable battery
    • Not strong enough for big dogs
    • Short battery life
    • Cheap quality plasti

    6. DOG CARE AB01 No Bark Collar


    The DG CARE AB01 Dog Bark Collar is a shock and vibrate barking collar that can be used solely with the vibration setting or in conjunction with the shock setting. It has an auto-adjust feature to correct unwanted barking, deterring your dog from barking nonstop. There are 5 levels of shock sensitivity to choose from, so you can adjust it to your dog’s response and comfort level. It’s also got an LED light indicator that tells you when the battery is low, which is more convenient than it seems.

    Unfortunately, the DOG CARE Dog Bark Collar isn’t suitable for dogs under 20 pounds, but it may not be effective for bigger dogs. It’s made with cheap quality materials and a flimsy design, so it may not hold up for dogs that have high activity levels. It may also be triggered by a close-by dog and accidentally shock your dog, especially dogs of similar breed or size. We recommend trying other models for safer and more consistent results.

    • Auto-adjust feature to correct barking
    • 5 levels of shock sensitivity
    • LED light indicator for low battery
    • Not suitable for smaller dogs under 20 pounds
    • Cheap quality materials and design
    • May be triggered by close-by dogs

    7. Authen q7 Bark Collar

    Authen q7 Bark Collar

    Authen q7 Bark Collar is a shock barking collar to help curb your dog’s excessive barking. The shocking mechanism is programmed with 5 shock levels, so you can adjust it to your dog’s sensitivity and comfort. It’s made with a built-in battery for convenient charging, so you won’t have to buy batteries each week.

    The collar part is adjustable and made with nylon, fitting most dog necks comfortably. However, it doesn’t consistently vibrate or shock in time, so it may not be as effective as other bark collars. Another issue is that bigger dogs may not feel anything, rendering it useless as a barking correction tool. It’s also advertised as a waterproof dog collar, but the low-quality design doesn’t seem safe for extreme outdoor activities.

    If you’re looking for a high-quality bark collar with technology to prevent accidental shocks, we recommend trying the TBI Pro Collar first.

    • 5 shock levels
    • Adjustable nylon collar
    • Built-in battery for convenient charging
    • Doesn’t consistently vibrate or shock
    • Bigger dogs may not feel anything
    • Advertised as waterproof

    8. Pawious Humane No Shock Rechargeable Bark Collar

    Pawious Humane No Shock

    The Pawious Humane No Shock Rechargeable Anti Barking Collar is a no-shock barking deterrent to teach your dog to bark less. It uses a prong-free design for comfort, so it won’t jab into your dog’s neck as traditional bark collars do. There are 7 progressive levels of vibration that gradually condition your dog not to bark, with adjustable sensitivity for your dog’s comfort level.

    While the prong-less contact points are a good feature, there are other issues with the Pawious no-shock collar that we found. The whole design is cheaply made with low-grade plastic, feeling like it will break easily after a few uses. Another serious concern is the inconsistency of the bark correction, which can cause a delay in the bark conditioning. When it does work it’s sometimes triggered by loud noises, further confusing your dog instead. It’s also not strong enough for bigger dogs, with the strongest setting being too gentle for correction.

    We recommend trying more reliable, better quality bark collars before trying the Pawious collar.

    • Prong-free design for comfort
    • 7 progressive levels of vibration
    • Cheap design with low-grade plastic
    • Inconsistent bark correction
    • Triggered by loud noises
    • Not effective for bigger dogs

    9. SparklyPets Rechargeable Humane Bark Collar


    The SparklyPets Rechargeable Humane Bark Collar is a vibrate and shock collar to help curb excessive barking. It’s programmed with 2 different training modes and 5 shock strength levels, so it’s customizable to your dog’s learning curve and needs.

    It can also be used with or without the shock, in case your dog doesn’t need the shock aspect of the bark training. However, there are some potential issues we found with this model. It tends to be triggered by other dogs barking, even if they don’t necessarily sound like your dog. This can cause confusion and possible trauma, leading to more significant behavioral problems.

    Another problem is that it’s not strong enough for some dogs on the strongest setting, which makes it a useless training tool. It’s advertised as waterproof, but the flimsy design doesn’t seem safe for use near water. It also has one of the shorter battery lifespans compared to the other models. If you’re looking for a safe, waterproof bark collar, we recommend trying one of our Top 3 picks instead.

    • 2 training modes and 5 strength levels
    • Can be used without the shock
    • Triggers from other dogs barking
    • May not be strong enough
    • Short battery lifespan
    • Advertised as waterproof

    Divider 2Conclusion

    After carefully reviewing each model, we found the winner of the best bark collar overall to be the NPS No Shock Bark Collar. It’s the most reliable bark collar with a rechargeable battery and fully adjustable levels. The winner of best bark collar for the value goes to MONTAUR Dog Bark Collar. It’s similar to the TBI, but at a more affordable price.

    Hopefully, our reviews will help you find a barking solution for your dog. We looked for the best models available with your dog’s safety in mind.

    It’s important to use all barking collars the way they’re intended to minimize injury, harm, or trauma. If you’re not sure how to put it on correctly, ask a professional dog trainer to assist you.

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