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8 Best Dog Crate Fans – 2024 Reviews & Top Picks

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a dog crate fan

Most dogs spend at least a few hours per day in their crate—there’s nothing wrong with that fact. However, leaving your dog in their crate when the weather is hot and muggy can be not just uncomfortable but also unsafe.

One of the simplest solutions to this problem is investing in a dog crate fan. These convenient devices offer airflow to your dog that prevents overheating and keeps them as comfy as possible.

If you’re going to rely on a small fan to keep your dog cool, though, you want only the best. As the summer months approach, the last thing you want is to settle for something unreliable that won’t last through the heat. To help you with your search, we’ve put together reviews of some of the best-selling dog crate fans currently on the market.

With this information (and a little bit of your own research) you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect summer den for your beloved pup.


A Quick Look at Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
SkyGenius Desk Fan SkyGenius Desk Fan
  • Extremely portable
  • Clips directly to your dog’s crate
  • Features a rechargeable battery
  • Best Value
    Second place
  • Five speed settings
  • Makes very little noise
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 hours
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    GOODSOZ Solar Panel GOODSOZ Solar Panel
  • Eco-friendly
  • Portable
  • Solar panel is waterproof
  • Metro Vacuum Cooling Metro Vacuum Cooling
  • Long battery life
  • Hangs on any crate or carrier
  • Silent operation
  • ProSelect Cooling ProSelect Cooling
  • Unique cooling system
  • Provides cool air for up to 2 hours
  • Easily attaches to crate or carrier
  • The 8 Best Dog Crate Fans

    1. SkyGenius Clip on Mini Desk Fan – Best Overall

    SkyGenius SKG-F130 Clip on Mini Desk Fan

    If you think keeping your dog safe and cool in their crate requires an elaborate setup, think again. The SkyGenius  Clip on Mini Desk Fan is our pick for the best dog crate fan overall. This fan offers full horizontal and vertical rotation and clips onto almost any surface, giving you plenty of flexibility when setting up your dog’s den.

    This fan connects to any USB port or wall outlet, so you can power it both at home and on the go. The rechargeable battery holds 2.5 to 6 hours of power, depending on which setting you use.

    While this fan works great when it’s functioning, its lifespan is a bit disappointing. Some owners reported that this fan stopped working after just a handful of uses. When the battery is low on power, the fan will turn off and on by itself.

    • Extremely portable and versatile
    • Clips directly to your dog’s crate
    • Features a rechargeable battery
    • Plugs into USB port or wall outlet
    • May stop working after a few uses
    • Turns off and on when the battery is low

    2. EXCOUP USB Dog Crate Fan – Best Value

    EXCOUP PF-01XX USB Pet Fan

    For the best dog crate fan for the money, our top pick is definitely the EXCOUP USB Pet Fan. This fan easily clips onto any crate or travel carrier to keep your dog cool either on the move or while relaxing at home. The low-noise design ensures your dog won’t be stressed or afraid of the fan’s presence.

    This pet fan features five different speeds so your dog won’t get too cold. The rechargeable battery lasts for 4 to 6 hours depending on which speed you choose. Plus, the smooth and compact design won’t snag your dog’s fur.

    The biggest issue with this dog crate fan is the overall quality. Many owners report receiving fans that either never worked or stopped working after a very short time. Some dogs also still dislike this fan despite the low-noise design.

    • Makes very little noise
    • Clips onto crate or carrier
    • Five speed settings
    • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 hours
    • Quality control is very unreliable
    • Still too noisy for some dogs

    3. GOODSOZ Solar Panel Fan – Premium Choice

    GOODSOZ 10W Solar Panel Fan

    If your pup has an outdoor dog house, kennel, or crate, then the GOODSOZ 10W Solar Panel Fan will keep them nice and cool without raising your energy bill. This compact fan connects to a small solar panel that can be placed on top of your dog’s crate for maximum exposure.

    When used inside, the fan can also be plugged in with a traditional USB port. This dog crate fan can keep your dog cool even when you don’t have access to an electrical outlet.

    Since this fan relies on a solar panel, the speed is largely dependent on the weather. On sunny days, the fan will run much faster than on cloudy days. Also, this fan and solar panel won’t be very effective if your dog’s crate is located under a tree or other structure.

    • Eco-friendly and portable
    • Works with solar panel and USB cable
    • Great for camping and use in outdoor spaces
    • Solar panel is waterproof
    • Won’t work in shade
    • Fan slows down in cloudy weather

    4. Metro Vacuum Dog Crate Cooling Fan

    Metro Vacuum CCF-1 Crate Cooling Fan

    The Metro Vacuum CCF-1 Crate Cooling Fan is an excellent accessory for your dog’s crate or travel carrier. This fan easily hooks onto the side of any crate and offers two different speeds to choose from.

    This simple fan will run for up to 100 hours with just two batteries. Once those batteries run out, just replace them and enjoy another 100 hours of cooling and air circulation wherever your dog goes. It’s also designed for quiet operation for your dog’s comfort.

    Since this fan utilizes a basic hanging design, it’s not very stable once installed. If your dog’s crate is bumped or moved, there’s a high chance that the fan will fall off. While this fan offers two different speeds, neither one is very powerful.

    • Long battery life
    • Multiple speed settings
    • Hangs on any crate or carrier
    • Silent operation
    • Falls off easily
    • Not very powerful
    • May produce a burning plastic odor

    5. ProSelect Dog Crate Fan Cooling System

    ProSelect ZW11038 Crate Fan Cooling System

    The ProSelect ZW11038 Crate Fan Cooling System offers a unique take on a traditional pet fan design. This system attaches to a ProSelect Fan to improve cool air production and keep your dog safe even in the hottest weather.

    This system features a freezer pack that attaches to a separate ProSelect fan. With this freezer pack installed, your dog can enjoy up to 2 hours of cool and refreshing air. This system easily mounts onto any metal crate or carrier.

    If you use this fan system in extremely hot weather, the lifespan will likely be much shorter than 2 hours. In other words, the more your dog needs this system to stay comfortable, the shorter it will last. You also need to purchase the actual fan separately, which is both a hassle and an additional expense.

    • Unique cooling system for ProSelect Fan
    • Provides cool air for up to 2 hours
    • Easily attaches to crate or carrier
    • Fan sold separately
    • Doesn’t last long in hot weather
    • Need to purchase multiple items for continuous use

    6. Pet Magasin Fan for Dog Crates

    Pet Magasin Fan for Dog Crate

    The Pet Magasin Fan for Dog Crate is another deceptively simple option for owners looking to keep their pup cool in the summer months. This fan is extra-compact and clips onto almost any style crate for convenience and versatility.

    You have the option to hook this fan up to a USB port, or wall outlet, or use AA batteries for power on the go. This fan swivels 360 degrees and can be used with the included clip or attached to a standalone base.

    While this fan will do in a pinch, it just doesn’t offer much power. It will only provide enough airflow for very small crates and carriers. Also, some owners reported that their fan would only work with the included cord—not with batteries.

    • Versatile and portable design
    • Swivels 360 degrees
    • Use with cable or AA batteries
    • Fan isn’t very powerful
    • Only offers enough airflow for small crates
    • Battery power may not work
    • Short battery lifespan

    7. O2COOL Pet Crate Fan

    O2COOL PF05001 Pet Crate Fan

    The O2COOL Pet Crate Fan is a great option if you’re searching for a simple, low-profile fan to attach to your dog’s crate. This fan features a non-intrusive design and two different speeds to fit a variety of airflow needs.

    Along with hanging this fan on this side of your dog’s crate or carrier, it also includes a fold-out base for standalone use. It offers quiet operation and runs on standard D batteries.

    While this fan relies on replaceable batteries, it does not last very long. Some owners reported that their fan only lasted one night with fresh batteries. The fan also falls off easily, especially if your dog’s crate is being moved.

    • Simple, non-intrusive design
    • Includes a foldout base or connects to side of crate
    • Quiet operation
    • Not very powerful
    • Doesn’t attach to crate securely
    • Short battery life
    • Not large enough for most crates

    8. Cool Pup Dog Crate Fan

    Cool Pup PEZW11039 Dog Crate Cooling Fan

    The Cool Pup Dog Crate Cooling Fan is another simple fan that easily attaches to most metal crates and carriers. It features two different speeds that remove warm air from your dog’s space to keep them cool and comfortable in warmer weather. It also includes a freezer pack that can be inserted into the fan for even colder airflow.

    This compact hanging fan runs on standard C batteries, so you don’t need to worry about charging the fan or carrying around a cable. It also features a thermometer so you can check exactly how warm it is in and around your dog’s crate at any time.

    Like many of the other fans on our list, the main issue with this model is that it doesn’t have a reliable lifespan. Some users reported that the fan stopped working shortly after purchasing. If you want to plug this fan into a standard outlet and forego the batteries, you’ll need to buy the AC/DC adapter separately.

    • May have a short lifespan
    • Doesn’t use rechargeable batteries
    • Power cable sold separately
    • Not large enough for all crates

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    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Dog Crate Fan

    While a dog crate fan is a great tool, it’s not the end-all-be-all of dog comfort and safety. Always give your dog plenty of shade and water in warmer weather.

    If you’re going to rely on one of these fans to keep your dog cool, here’s what you need to consider:


    Unless you have a small dog (and crate) most fans won’t be large enough to keep the heat completely under control. A fan is a great way to alleviate some of your dog’s discomfort during hot weather but it won’t eliminate the dangers associated with heatstroke and dehydration.

    Even if your dog’s crate or carrier is fairly small, you should always supervise them in extremely hot conditions.

    Power source

    For your dog’s safety and comfort, it’s important to choose a fan with a reliable power source. The last thing you want is to discover your dog’s crate fan has died in the middle of a heatwave.

    The most reliable power source is a USB or AC/DC adapter. Batteries, including rechargeable ones, can die unannounced, and solar panels can stop working if clouds cover the sun.


    There may be times when your dog prefers more or less airflow in their crate. Because of this, a fan with multiple speed settings is a great investment.

    Keep in mind that using the highest setting on your dog’s fan might dry out their eyes or even make them too cold. Also, some dogs dislike the sound of a fan, especially when placed on a high setting.Divider 2


    No matter your local climate, investing in a dog crate fan can be a great way to ensure your dog is cool and comfortable throughout every season.

    If you’re looking to purchase a fan for a dog crate, our pick for the best dog crate fane overall SkyGenius Clip on Mini Desk Fan. This fan is very portable and clips right onto your dog’s crate or carrier. You can power this fan with a rechargeable battery, a USB cable, or a wall outlet.

    For dog owners shopping on a budget, we suggest the EXCOUP USB Pet Fan. This fan is affordable, clips directly on your dog’s crate, and is designed for quiet operation. You can choose from five speed settings and the rechargeable battery lasts for hours.

    Finally, if you want to help the environment but also don’t mind spending a little extra, we recommend the GOODSOZ 10W Solar Panel Fan. This eco-friendly fan can be used outdoors with the solar panel or indoors with the USB cable adapter. It’s great for when you don’t have access to traditional power sources, such as while camping.

    When you find yourself trying to keep your dog cool during the warmer months, we hope our reviews of the best dog crate fans will help you find the perfect fan for you and your dog’s needs. The only hot dogs in your life should be on the grill!

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