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10 Best Dog Beds for Labs – 2024 Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

A dog bed for labs Labs can get pretty big and heavy and often require a bed that’s not just comfortable but provides plenty of support. It’s important to make sure your dog always has proper support for the sake of its health and longevity, but labs are especially susceptible to joint pain.

When looking to replace the beds that our labs sleep on, we decided to do a thorough test and see which beds our dogs preferred. We took notes during the whole process, and all of our findings have been included in the following reviews.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Friends Forever Friends Forever
  • Water-resistant liner
  • Soft cover
  • Great for dogs with arthritis and joint pain
  • Best Value
    Second place
    BarksBar BarksBar
  • Affordably priced
  • Removable machine washable cover
  • Rim cushion
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Big Barker Big Barker
  • Ultra-soft microfiber
  • 7” of orthopedic foam support
  • Oversized
  • Furhaven Furhaven
  • Very affordable
  • 3” foam for comfort
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Dogbed4less Dogbed4less
  • Waterproof liner
  • 2 extra covers
  • 4” thick memory foam
  • The 10 Best Dog Beds for Labs

    1. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed – Best Overall

    Friends Forever

    For your lab’s ultimate comfort, you want a bed that’s soft but still provides great support and has ample room for them to stretch out however they see fit. The Friends Forever orthopedic dog bed is just such a product. The base mattress is built from 4-inch thick human-grade mattress foam to provide plenty of support, while still being soft and supple. The rim is raised another five inches surrounding the perimeter and is filled with poly-fill for exceptional comfort.

    If your dog should have an accident, the water-resistant liner should protect the mattress foam beneath from being ruined. If that happens, the cover is removable and can be washed by machine. Other than accidents, you shouldn’t have to clean it much since the cover is fur and hair resistant. In case you’ll be placing this on a hard surface, the bottom is non-skid to make sure it stays in place. This isn’t one of the cheaper beds for labs, but it is the one we recommend the highest.

    • Excellent head, hip, and bone support
    • Great for dogs with arthritis and joint pain
    • Water-resistant liner
    • Soft cover is removable and machine washable
    • Pricey

    2. BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed – Best Value


    When you want to keep your lab comfy but you don’t want to break the bank, we suggest checking out the BarksBar Gray Orthopedic dog bed. Four inches of solid orthopedic foam keep your furry companion supported yet comfortable. Around the perimeter a cotton-padded rim cushion contours to your lab’s neck, back, and hips to provide support and decompression. This makes it a great choice for any dog suffering from pain or discomfort.

    The cover is not only ultra-soft, but it’s also machine-washable. According to reviews, dogs love the feel of this bed and never hesitated to make it their own. Even on tile and wood floors, the non-slip rubber backing kept the bed in place, instead of sliding all over, as we’ve experienced with other products. Of course, it wasn’t perfect or it would have earned the top position. The cover was durable enough to be washed, but it’s still rather thin and susceptible to holes from chewing, or even an untrimmed nail. At the end of the day, it keeps our dogs comfortable and supported without costing too much, which is why we think it’s the best dog bed for labs for the money.

    • Affordably priced
    • 4” solid orthopedic foam base
    • Rim cushion provides support and decompression
    • Removable machine washable cover
    • Non-slip rubber backing doesn’t let the bed slide
    • The cover is thin and can develop holes if clawed at

    3. Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed – Premium Choice

    Big Barker

    The Big Barker Top Orthopedic dog bed is our premium choice pick, and honestly, it would be our top recommendation if it weren’t so expensive. If you don’t mind spending a small fortune to keep your lab in exceptional comfort, then it’s pretty hard to beat. It’s oversized to allow even the largest dogs to spread out and have plenty of room. It’s also available in four neutral colors that should fit well in a variety of home settings.

    Of course, the most important factors are comfort and durability, which the Big Barker excels at. With 3 inches of support foam sandwiched between 2 inches of comfort foam on both sides, your lab will have 7 total inches of comfortable foam support. Another 4 inches of contoured foam at the top will allow them to prop up their neck and decompress. As far as durability, the 10-year warranty on this bed was the best that we saw and provides absolute peace of mind. The machine-washable cover is 100% microfiber and ultra-plush to the touch. Most labs love this bed and it isn’t hard to see why, though it’s a bit of an investment.

    • Oversized to fit even the largest labs
    • 10-year warranty
    • Ultra-soft microfiber
    • 7” of orthopedic foam support
    • Very expensive

    See our reviews of the best Puppy beds here!

    4. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed for Labs

    Furhaven 45436081BX

    Topped with plush faux fur that’s soft on your lab’s most sensitive parts, the Furhaven pet dog bed is a very affordable option that still provides plenty of comfort for your canine companion. 3 inches of foam will keep them off the floor, and the soft rim cushion will provide support in any position they choose. It’s available in several sizes, though labs will likely need the Jumbo or Jumbo Plus. Unfortunately, on these sizes, there is no zipper to remove the cover, which makes it much more difficult to keep clean and free of odors.

    For selection, the Furhaven is offered in seven different color options, which is more than most of the other beds available. This isn’t the kind of feature that sells us on a particular bed, but it is worth noting. The cover seemed to be a bit thinner than we’d like, and not quite durable enough to survive being chewed.

    • Very affordable
    • Many colors to choose from
    • 3” foam for comfort
    • Will not survive chewing
    • Jumbo size doesn’t have a removable cover

    5. Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Bed


    Oversized and thick yet affordable, this premium memory foam dog bed from Dogbed4less seemed like it was going to be a winner at first glance, except for the strong and unpleasant odor that was emitted for the first couple of days according to some customers. The 4-inch-thick memory foam seemed nice and comfortable and really appreciated that two extra covers were included, though neither is machine-washable.

    The main denim cover can be washed by machine, though it’s nowhere near as thick and durable as jean denim. You can use all three external covers at once for extra protection if desired since they are pretty thin. A waterproof liner surrounds the main mattress foam and keeps it dry in case of an accident. Unfortunately, the liner is stiff and makes a crackling noise that none of our dogs seemed too comfortable with. Altogether, it’s not a bad bed, but it’s not good enough to climb any higher than the fifth position on our list.

    • Waterproof liner
    • Two extra covers
    • 4” thick memory foam
    • Strong unpleasant odor
    • Denim cover is thin
    • The liner makes a crackling noise that dogs don’t like

    6. BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Beds


    At just 3 inches thick, the BarkBox memory foam dog bed is noticeably thinner than other beds we reviewed, though most dogs still seem to find it comfortable. Rather than regular memory foam, this bed employs therapeutic gel memory foam that did seem to outperform the foam on some other beds. That said, we’d still like to see it reach at least 4 inches in thickness so we don’t have to worry about our larger dogs sinking too deep. The cover is removable and machine-washable. It’s also priced affordably and won’t put a dent in your savings.

    We prefer the beds that have rim cushion support, which the BarkBox does not have. Especially for dogs with joint problems, the support of a rim cushion is vital. The cover is supposed to be waterproof, but according to some customers, this claim proves to be untrue. One accident was all it took to soak through to the foam beneath. Lastly, it needs 72 hours to inflate to full size.

    • Therapeutic gel memory foam
    • Machine-washable cover
    • Affordably priced
    • No rim cushion support
    • Needs 72 hours to inflate once unpacked
    • Thinner than other options
    • Not waterproof as advertised

    7. Go Pet Club Solid Memory Foam Pet Bed

    Go Pet Club Solid BB-36

    Crafted from non-allergenic memory foam and suede, this pet bed from Go Pet Club is an affordably priced pick that doesn’t stand out from the rest. It includes a suede cover and a waterproof cover with non-slip bottoms so the bed doesn’t migrate on hard floors. The memory foam is 4 inches thick to provide enough comfort for your lab, but that’s the best thing we can say about this bed.

    The lack of a rim cushion on this bed is the first drawback, and the chemical odor is intense according to some customers. It had to be left in the garage for several days before bringing it into the house. Like many of the other waterproof covers, this one makes a crinkling sound that was very off-putting to some dogs. On top of this, the cover is thin and easily penetrated by dog’s nails from regular use. In the end, we don’t think it’s worth the money you’ll save since it will likely need to be replaced before too long.

    • Waterproof cover and suede cover
    • Non-slip bottom
    • 4” thick memory foam
    • Doesn’t have rim cushion
    • The cover is thin and prone to ripping
    • Terrible chemical odor when new
    • Crinkling noise from waterproof cover

    8. Majestic Pet Suede Dog Bed

    Majestic Pet 78899567501

    With seven colors to choose from, you should have no problem finding one of these suede dog beds from Majestic Pet that will look good inside your home. At first glance, it looked plush and comfortable. It’s filled with high-loft polyester and was very soft at first but needed nearly constant rotating and fluffing to avoid becoming compressed and thin according to reviews.

    The bottom of this bed is slippery, and the bed tends to move on the hard floors. It’s also smaller than advertised, and some dogs didn’t quite fit as expected. We did appreciate the waterproof denier base which will protect the floor should an accident occur, though it won’t protect the bed itself any. Overall, we think you’re better off with a bed that won’t compress and flatten out like the BarksBar.

    • Waterproof Denier base
    • High-loft polyester fill is plush and comfortable
    • 7 color options
    • Needs constant rotating and fluffing
    • Fill compresses and flattens out
    • Slippery bottom doesn’t stay put
    • Much smaller than the advertised size

    9. Armarkat M02HJH Pet Bed Mat

    Armarkat M02HJH

    Available in just one color, the Armarkat pet bed doesn’t provide much versatility. It’s also missing the rim cushion that we always prefer to see. That’s two knocks already! However, it’s not all bad. The base is waterproof to protect the floor beneath, essential if placing it on a hardwood floor. Moreover, the base is skid-free so it will stay where you put it. The 7-inch thickness would have been impressive if it was true. Instead, it is just 4 inches thick in reality, a far cry from the advertised height.

    It seems that the foam beds offer more support and better longevity. This bed is filled with poly-fill that tends to crush and flatten out instead of keeping its shape like foam. Though it is cheap, we still don’t think it’s a great deal overall. We recommend picking something that will keep your lab comfortable while laying on it.

    • Waterproof and skid-free base
    • Cheap price
    • No rim cushion support
    • Poly-fill instead of foam
    • Advertised as 7” thick but only 4” in reality

    10. Happy Hounds Oscar Orthopedic Dog Bed

    Happy Hounds

    For the high price, we expected more from the Happy Hounds Oscar Orthopedic dog bed. Instead, it’s just a simple square with few standout features. We did like the machine-washable cover, which features a reversible design for longevity. However, if it gets a hole in it, reversing it is not going to fix anything. Worse, the seams are very weak and may tear easily while trying to open the zipper to wash the cover. Filled with egg-crate foam, the Happy Hounds dog bed is 4 inches thick.

    That said, it’s far too soft and compresses straight to the floor leaving your lab unsupported and uncomfortable.

    • Reversible design
    • Machine-washable cover
    • Overpriced
    • Weak seams tear easily
    • Too soft and doesn’t offer support

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    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Bed For Your Lab

    Dogs spend up to 14 hours a day, including all through the night and several serious naps over the rest of the day. With this amount of laying down and snoozing, it is important that your dog is comfortable throughout these slumber sessions. An uncomfortable sleeping position may not only prevent a dog from getting good rest but can lead to posture and joint problems.

    When looking for the best dog beds for Labs we primarily considered the factors below.


    Start by measuring your dog’s height, from the floor to the top of their shoulders, and body length from the neck to the base of the tail. Add a few extra inches to ensure your dog is comfortable in its bed, and you have a good starting point. However, you should also consider your dog’s preferred sleeping position, whether it prefers to be enclosed or open when sleeping, and the type of bed you intend to buy.

    Dog beds tend to be labeled by size with options ranging from extra small to extra large. You should check the actual measurements of any bed you are considering buying because there are no standard sizes. One company’s medium might be another company’s large. When shopping for a Labrador, start by checking the size of the large beds.

    Bed Type

    Bed type will determine the size of the bed you buy, as well as the cost and additional features of the bed.

    Some of the most common bed types are:
    • High-Wall Beds – The walls don’t necessarily have to be hard, but they are taller than the main body of the bed. The wall is a great spot for your dog to lay its head to get comfortable and the high sides can give a feeling of security that is especially beneficial for anxious and nervous dogs.
    • Donut Beds – The donut bed is round and has raised edges, although those edges are not usually as tall as in high-wall beds. The sides are cushioned, as is the base of the bed, and the whole thing is warm and inviting. Your dog may choose to rest its head on the side or sleep curled up in the bed.
    • Box Beds – The box bed is also similar to a high-wall bed in that it has raised edges, but these are closer to the height of a cushion than in a high-wall bed. This type of bed is ideal for dogs that like to lay their head on something comfortable and in a slightly elevated position.
    • Orthopedic Beds – Orthopedic dog beds are usually made from memory foam and provide additional support to the dog’s body. Although most commonly used for dogs with back and joint problems, some dogs prefer the more stable base they offer.
    • Den Beds – A den bed is like a large fluffy envelope, into which your dog will crawl and curl up. These tend to be very popular with breeds that like to burrow, like Dachshunds. Labradors are more likely to just lay on top of the den bed, although every dog is individual, so yours might appreciate the den.
    • Crate Beds – A crate bed is rectangular and designed to fit across the floor of a crate. They offer much greater comfort than laying directly on the crate floor, although designs vary from mattress-style beds to much plumper, cushioned beds.

    Sleeping Position

    When choosing the size and style of bed for your Labrador, consider what position they sleep in. Do they prefer to stretch out with their legs in every direction, or do they curl up with their nose under their tail? If yours is a Labrador that stretches out, you will want a larger bed. One with high walls may not be suitable. On the other hand, if your dog curls up to sleep, a high-wall bed is a good choice, and you won’t need as big a bed as you would if your dog stretches out.

    cheerful brown dog labrador posing on a bed near a Christmas tree
    Photo Credit: Valeriya Dzyuba, Shutterstock

    Washable Material

    Dogs get dirty and damp, and even those who are clean and groom themselves well can leave a smell behind on their bed, not to mention hair and other debris. As such, a dog bed can get dirty quite quickly. Choosing a bed that is covered in a washable material is a good idea. Some covers can be machine washed, which is convenient, while others need hand washing. In some cases, the whole bed can be put in the washing machine, although this may lead to a misshapen bed.

    Waterproof Beds

    Whether your dog is old and can’t control its bladder, or they regularly go out and play in puddles or bodies of water, if your dog comes back and rolls in its bed, it can cause the bed to get damp and start to smell. Waterproof beds prevent this from being a long-term problem because the waterproof material prevents urine, water, or other liquids from getting through and onto the main bed cushion.

    Where Should You Put a Dog’s Bed?

    For your dog’s main bed, try and choose a quiet area of the house where your pup won’t be disturbed during the night. Opt for somewhere that is warm and draft-free, and where your dog won’t be exposed to too much noise or traffic. If you have multiple beds, you can put them in different locations and let your dog decide. If your dog already has a favorite spot, you can try putting the bed there.

    A single dog only needs one bed. If you have multiple dogs, you should give them at least one each to prevent competition and squabbling. A dog can have more than one bed, giving them the choice of which to sleep in at any time.

    Do Dogs Prefer Hard or Soft Beds?

    It really depends on the individual dog as to whether it prefers a hard or soft bed. Puppies and young dogs might enjoy a harder surface, while old dogs or those with joint problems may prefer a soft bed, but your dog could go against these general rules. If your dog prefers to lay on the wooden floor, they might prefer a hard bed. If they like getting on the bed, a soft bed might be the better option.

    Do Dogs Prefer Round or Rectangle Beds?

    Again, this depends on the dog and especially the position they prefer to sleep in. A dog that likes to stretch out will benefit from having a rectangular bed. A dog that likes to curl up will prefer a round bed.

    dog bed
    Photo Credit: Jareerat, Shutterstock

    How Long Do Dog Beds Last?

    How often a bed lasts depends on the quality of the bed, how often it is used, and how it is treated. Yours might last 2 years before it needs replacing. A cheaper bed that is well-used and gets rough treatment from your dog might need replacing in as little as a few months.

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    As loving lab owners, few things matter to us as much as the comfort of our furry family members. We’ve let our labs lay on every bed we could get our hands on. We have our opinions, and so do our dogs. The Friends Forever Orthopedic dog bed was the one we thought performed the best. Featuring 4-inch-thick mattress foam, a water-resistant liner, and a 5-inch high-rim support cushion, we think it’s the most comfortable and supportive bed for your lab to lay on.

    For the best value, we think it’s hard to beat the BarksBar Gray Orthopedic dog bed in our second position. It’s affordably priced but still offers a four-inch solid orthopedic foam base, a removable cover that’s machine washable, and a non-slip rubber backing to keep it in place. Finally, the Big Barker Top Orthopedic dog bed was our pick for premium choice. It’s oversized to fit even the largest dogs, covered in ultra-soft microfiber, has seven inches of supportive foam, and is protected by a ten-year warranty.

    We truly hope that our article will help you find the best dog beds for labs. We wish you the best of luck in your search!

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