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8 Best Dog Foods for High Triglycerides in 2023 – Reviews & Guide

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By Emma Braby

Licking SpanielsHigh triglycerides are words that you don’t want to hear from your vet, and they fall into the same category as high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Triglycerides are fats found in the blood, and high levels of these lead to an increased risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attacks. So, they need to be avoided at all costs for the health of your canine.

To lower them, you need to reduce Fido’s fat intake. And to do this, you need to find a kibble with lower fat content. And this is where this guide comes in. We have found eight of the best low-fat kibbles on the market that will help you to reduce the triglycerides in his blood. All complete with in-depth reviews, so that you can easily find the best one for your dog.

It was a long process finding the crème of the crop, but now you can spend less time trawling the internet and more time exercising Fido (which is the next best way to lower them).

So, let’s get into it.

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A Quick Glance at our Favorites for 2023

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Wellness CORE Grain-Free Reduced Fat Wellness CORE Grain-Free Reduced Fat
  • Premium recipe
  • 25% fewer fats
  • High-quality fats used
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero
  • Great price
  • 14% fat content
  • High-quality fats used
  • Best for Puppies
    Third place
    The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Dehydrated The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Dehydrated
  • Suitable for puppies
  • 14% fat content
  • Taurine listed
  • Merrick Grain-Free Healthy Weight Recipe Merrick Grain-Free Healthy Weight Recipe
  • Lowest fat content
  • High fiber
  • Taurine listed
  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection Blue Buffalo Life Protection
  • Low-fat content
  • Highest fiber content
  • LifeSource Bits
  • The 8 Best Dog Foods for High Triglycerides

    Here we have 8 of the best dog foods that help to lower high triglycerides. Remember that just because a product sits at the top place doesn’t make it the best option for your dog. Instead, read the reviews and the pros and cons, and that way, you can choose the best choice for your dog.

    1. Wellness CORE Reduced Fat Dry Dog Food – Best Overall

    Wellness CORE Grain-Free Reduced Fat

    Check Price on Chewy

    Here we have our top pick for lowering triglycerides in Fido’s blood. This is our number one product because it focuses on a completely balanced diet, all while reducing the fat content.

    It is from Wellness’s Core line, which is a high-protein product. Making this an excellent option for those active dogs who still need a lot of energy for their daily life.

    This kibble is a weight management kibble, and it provides 25% less fat than their original recipe. The fat content in this kibble is 10% to 12%. The healthy fats that this product uses are chicken fat, flaxseed, and salmon oil.

    No unhealthy fats are found in this kibble, and it is a premium option. The only criticism that we have of this product is that it comes with a higher price tag than most others. This means it is not an option for everyone, but those that can stretch their budget slightly will benefit from this fantastic product.

    The fiber content is high, and at 12%, you can be sure that your pooch will feel much fuller for longer.

    • Premium recipe
    • 25% fewer fats
    • High-quality fats used
    • High protein content
    • Taurine for a healthy heart
    • Higher price

    2. Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Dry Dog Food – Best Value

    Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero

    This is our best value pick because it comes in a great big bag for a much lower price than many on this list. This is great for those on a tighter budget but still needing to lower triglycerides in his blood. This makes it the best dog food for high triglycerides for the money.

    The fat content is 14%, which is higher than most on this list, but for the price, it is a good option still. This is the only reason why this product did not make it to the top spot.

    Chicken fat, ground flaxseed, and fish oil are the healthy fats used in this recipe. The fiber content is slightly lower than a high fiber diet, but at 4%, it is much better than a standard kibble.

    • Great price
    • 14% fat content
    • High-quality fats used
    • High protein content
    • Highest fat content on this list
    • No taurine listed

    3. The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food – Best for Puppies

    The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Dehydrated

    This is our favorite pick for puppies because it is of high-quality. But it is not too high in fats like most other high-quality puppy foods available on the market.

    Simply add water to the dehydrated food, which is ideal for those pups who like it moister than standard kibbles.

    The fat content is 14%, which is ideal for puppies who need a lower fat content. Puppies need higher fats because they help them to develop as they should. Without them, they would not develop into healthy adults.

    The fiber content is 4%, which is high enough for a puppy. Any more, and you might risk digestive issues or constipation.

    Taurine is also listed, which is great for the healthy development of his cardiac system. EPA and DHA are listed, which is ideal for the healthy development of cognitive function and eye health for all puppies.

    • Suitable for puppies
    • 14% fat content
    • Taurine listed
    • EPA and DHA for puppy growth
    • One of the highest fat contents here

    4. Merrick Grain-Free Healthy Weight Recipe Dry Dog Food

    Merrick Grain-Free Healthy Weight

    This product has an 8% fat content, which is the lowest fat content on this list. The only reason that this didn’t make it higher on our list is that it is very low in fats, and as such, it is not suited for all dogs.

    But for those with exceptionally high levels of triglycerides in their blood, this is an excellent option for them.

    Despite being low in fats, the fats that Merrick does use are of great quality. These include salmon oils, flaxseed, chicken fat, and sunflower oil.

    Taurine is also listed, which is ideal for his already struggling cardiac system. The fiber content is 5%, which makes this a high fiber diet too. Fibers such as sweet potatoes and peas will help to keep him feeling fuller for longer.

    There is not much that we do not like about this kibble. The only criticism we can see is that some of the reviews note that it was too rich for their dogs. But this was only very few, and for most, it was a fantastic option.

    • Lowest fat content
    • High fiber
    • Taurine listed
    • Complete nutrition
    • Can be too rich for some

    5. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food

    Blue Buffalo Life Protection

    This kibble is another healthy weight option, and the fat content is as low as 9%. This makes this an excellent choice for those dogs looking to lower the triglycerides in their blood.

    It offers a well-balanced diet, and the first two ingredients are deboned chicken and chicken meal. Not only does this mean that it is full of taste, it is full of amino acids for his muscle mass as well.

    In addition to the kibble pieces, there are LifeSource Bits too. These are exclusive to Blue Buffalo, and they are packed full of superfoods that keep him feeling and looking healthy.

    The only criticism that we have of this product is that the fiber content is super high. At 10%, this can be too much for some dogs, and it could lead to constipation or other digestive issues.

    Taurine is listed, which is that all-important mineral that helps to keep his cardiac system healthy.

    • Low-fat content
    • Highest fiber content
    • Taurine listed
    • LifeSource Bits
    • Can be too fibrous for some
    • Some dogs eat around LifeSource Bits

    6. CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food

    CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE

    This is another healthy weight kibble, and as such, the fat content is low at 9%. This is great for those who are on the higher end of the triglycerides.

    Chicken, chicken meal, and turkey meal are the first three ingredients, which contribute to a protein content of 28%. These ingredients supply dogs with the energy that they need and the taste that they crave.

    The primary fat used is chicken fat. Each kibble piece is fortified with healthy omega fatty acids. As well as probiotics that aid his digestive processes and promote friendly gut bacteria.

    The fiber content is 5%, which makes this another high fiber diet. It is also a limited ingredient diet that lists only nine key ingredients, making this an excellent option for those dogs who have a sensitive digestive system as well.

    The only real criticism we have of this product is that it carries a higher price point than some, meaning it is not available to all. But again, it is highly rated, making this an excellent option for those looking to better the health of their dog’s blood.

    • Low-fat content
    • High fiber diet
    • Taurine listed
    • Made some dogs poop more often
    • Higher price point

    7. Natural Balance Original Whole Body Health Dry Dog Food

    Natural Balance Original Ultra

    This is our penultimate option, and this is because the fat content is 15%. This does make it the kibble with the highest fat content on our list, but it is of better quality than the last option. The fats found in this kibble are chicken fat, fish oil, and flaxseed, but thankfully they are healthy fats.

    This kibble offers an overall balanced diet, and the protein content is reasonably high at 29%. The first two ingredients are chicken and chicken meal.

    The fiber content is 5%, which makes it a highly fibrous diet that helps to keep your pup feeling fuller for longer.

    Other than the higher fat content, some reviewers found that their dogs turned their noses up at this kibble. But otherwise, the majority of customers dogs enjoyed this kibble and did very well on it.

    • High fiber diet
    • Taurine listed
    • Highest fat content
    • Some dogs turned their nose up

    8. Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind Adult 7+ Dry Dog Food

    Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind Adult 7+

    This kibble is the best option for older seniors. It uses a unique blend of botanical oils that help to stimulate his cognitive functioning, which improves training, attention, and memory.

    This option is especially great for those seniors who have spent most of their lives eating low-quality foods and lots of human table scraps, and are now facing the consequences of poor blood health.

    But, this is the last option on our list. Although the fat content is low at 14%, there are a few criticisms that we have. The first is that the fiber content is low, and at 3%, it is not ideal for satiating many dogs’ appetites. This product does not list taurine, which we know to be essential for cardiac health. And finally, it lists poultry by-product meal, which is not the best quality protein.

    However, it is highly rated and does well as a kibble that uses healthy fats. The healthy fats listed are vegetable oil and fish oils. The protein content is 29%, making this a complete diet that is tasty and full of amino acids essential for a healthy body.

    • Low-fat content
    • Great for seniors
    • Low fiber content
    • No taurine
    • Lists poultry by-product meal

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    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Dog Food for High Triglycerides

    Although we have given you the top eight choices for dogs with high triglycerides, you still need to know how to pick the best option for your dog. Here we are going to run you through all the factors to consider before you choose one for your four-legged bestie.

    What are Triglycerides?

    So, your vet said the words “high triglycerides,” but what are they exactly? Well, triglycerides are an important way to measure the health of his cardiac system. But that’s what blood pressure and cholesterol are for, right? Well, yes, but triglycerides are lesser-known but equally as important.

    Triglycerides are a type of fat found in his blood, and they are also called lipids. After eating, your body converts the excess energy into triglycerides. They are stored in his fat cells, and later on, when he needs the extra energy boost, his body will release it.

    If your dog eats more energy than he needs or burns off, his blood will be high in triglycerides. Having high triglycerides not only leads to overweight dogs, but it also leads to a variety of health risks.

    What do They Mean for Your Dog?

    If your dog has high triglycerides, it is also known in the veterinary field as hyperlipidemia or lipemia. It is something that needs to be taken seriously. Vets often describe dog blood that is high in triglycerides as looking like a strawberry smoothie.

    High triglycerides lead to the thickening of arteries and artery walls. This can lead to higher blood pressure, which in turn leads to a heightened risk of stroke, heart diseases, and cardiac arrest. If his blood is super high in triglycerides, it can also lead to inflammation of the pancreas.

    All of this leads to pain for Fido, worry for you, and increased veterinary bills, to name just a few of the negatives. These unknown menaces are something that you really want to avoid.

    How do You Know if Your Dog Has High Triglycerides?

    Usually, most people find that their dog’s blood is high in triglycerides as a result of other veterinary tests. Such as when his blood is tested for other conditions.

    However, there are a few symptoms of hyperlipidemia to look out for:

    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Loss of appetite
    • Abdominal pain
    • Eye conditions
    • Skin concerns
    • Seizures
    • Abnormal behavior

    If you notice any of these symptoms, be sure to keep an eye on him. Or, if he is displaying the more serious or uncommon symptoms, seek immediate assistance straight away.

    Ways That Nutrition Can Lower Triglycerides

    Nutrition is a crucial way to lower the level of triglycerides. When it comes to feeding him food, there are certain things to think about.

    Better Quality Food

    High-quality foods often use better quality and healthier fats. Healthier fats are crucial, so be sure not to cut fats out of his diet completely. In fact, this will probably make him less fit than he is with higher triglycerides.

    You don’t necessarily have to spend the earth on a good-quality kibble, but you do need to spend a little more than budget store prices.

    Better quality fats are known to lower triglycerides, and low-quality fats are known to increase them, so it’s essential to look for the right fats.

    Examples of higher quality fats are fish oils, flaxseed, plant oils such as canola and sunflower oil, and animal fats such as chicken fat. Avoid unhealthy fats such as tallow and lard.

    Reduced-Fat Content

    Unless your vet has prescribed a particular kibble, look for a one that has fewer fats. This is at the heart of treating hyperlipidemia. Within 6 to 12 hours, vets can usually see a lower rate of triglycerides in his blood if a high-fat diet is a leading cause.

    The American Association of Feed Control Officials, who govern the standards of pet foods, state that adult dogs need a fat content of at least 5%, and puppies need a fat content of 8%. Aim for a fat content similar to this, as this is the lowest amount that he needs to be healthy.

    Weight management kibbles wills tick to the lower fat contents suggested above, so these are great options to look out for. Even if your pooch doesn’t need to lose weight, they will lower his triglycerides.

    Thankfully, high-quality weight management kibbles focus on a well-balanced diet, too, so he will not miss out on other essential nutrition.

    Pomeranian with kibble and water
    Image Credit: ElenaYakimova, Shutterstock

    High Fiber Content

    Foods that are lower in fats means less energy and calories. But this can also mean that Fido feels hungrier much quicker. Fiber helps to keep him feeling fuller for longer, and fiber is low in calories. This is why foods with lower fats are usually boosted with higher fiber content.

    A high fiber diet is anything above 5%. A typical kibble will have fiber content that falls between 2% and 5%. Look at the guaranteed analysis section on the packaging label, and it will tell you.

    Look for Taurine

    As high triglycerides affect his cardiac system, an excellent mineral to look out for is taurine. Taurine is an amino acid that assists in metabolic processes and his cardiac system. Although taurine will not prevent high blood pressure and heart attacks, it will keep his cardiac system healthier.

    For this reason, many pet foods include this mineral in their ingredients list. So, if your pooch is suffering from high triglycerides, choose a kibble with this micro-ingredient in.

    Can High Triglycerides be a Symptom of Something Else?

    Yes, they can – it doesn’t just mean that your dog has eaten too much fat. If his blood is high in triglycerides, it could be a symptom of the following health conditions:

    • Type two diabetes
    • Metabolic syndrome
    • Hypothyroidism
    • Cushing’s disease

    It can also be a side effect of certain medications, such as steroids, which can alter his levels of triglycerides. Your vet will talk you through everything that you need to know about what is causing high levels of triglycerides. As well as how best to solve them if it is as a result of other health concerns or medications.

    Are Certain Breeds More Prone to High Triglycerides?

    Yes, certain breeds are more prone to higher levels of triglycerides in their blood. Breeds such as Schnauzers, Shetland Sheepdogs, and Collies are particularly prone to this problem. This does not mean that other breeds will not develop hyperlipidemia, so it’s always best to try to avoid it by feeding him healthier nutrition.

    Avoid Feeding Him Fatty Human Food

    This is an increasing cause of heightened triglycerides in dog blood. Although a tiny bite of cheese or sausage is ok once a week or two weeks, feeding him something naughty every day is not. Avoid feeding your dog anything other than food intended for dogs.

    Corgi Eating
    Image Credit: Anastasiya Tsiasemnikava, Shutterstock

    Exercise Is Also Important

    As a quick side note, but one we think is useful for our readers who have found this guide, is to talk about other ways to lower triglycerides. Because changing Fido’s nutrition isn’t the only way to reduce them. Exercise is crucial because it uses up that excess energy. So, after changing his diet, get your pooch out and about, and burning those extra calories.

    Divider 4Final Thoughts

    Hopefully, we have made the world of triglycerides a little easier for you to get your head around. Not only do you now know what they are, but also how they can negatively affect his health. More importantly, you now know how to reduce them, which is simply by lowering his fat intake.

    This is straightforward if you know which foods to feed him, and thankfully, you now have eight options to pick from, all with reviews. They suit the majority of dogs suffering from high triglycerides, and there is bound to be something here for every dog.

    Our favorite overall option is the Wellness Core Grain-Free Reduced Fat Dry Dog Food option. And the best value for the money is the Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Dry Dog Food choice. But by picking any one of these options, you can be sure that you are taking the right steps towards lowering the triglycerides in his blood.

    Featured Image Credit: Fotyma, Shutterstock

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