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10 Best Dog Grooming Tables – 2024 Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Whether you’re a professional groomer or a dog owner who enjoys taking care of your dog’s grooming needs yourself, you need the right tools for the job. Beyond clippers, combs, and brushes, the place where you groom your dog is of equal importance. If you don’t want to constantly bend down or would like to provide your dog or clients with a neater job, you need your own dog grooming table.

There are several considerations that go into selecting the best dog grooming table to fit your dog’s or client’s needs, such as the size of the dog, the table’s durability, its safety features, and your budget. You’ll also need to decide whether you plan to travel with the table and how much grooming you plan to do.

We’ve compiled the 10 best dog grooming tables with detailed reviews. To help you make a more informed purchase, we’ve also included helpful pros and cons lists and a buyer’s guide.

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A Quick Glance at Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Polar Aurora Foldable Grooming Table Polar Aurora Foldable Grooming Table
  • Well-made, solid, rustproof stainless-steel construction
  • Non-slip, static-free, easy-to-clean matting
  • Rounded aluminum-edged tabletop
  • Most Portable
    Second place
    Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table
  • Portable and easy place where you need it
  • Non-slip material on tabletop
  • Adjustable grooming arm and loop
  • Best Value
    Third place
    Go Pet Club Dog Grooming Table Go Pet Club Dog Grooming Table
  • Made with durable, rust-proof materials
  • Portable with foldable legs that lock open
  • Rubber capped feet
  • Flying Pig Heavy Duty Grooming Table Flying Pig Heavy Duty Grooming Table
  • Weight capacity of 330 pounds
  • Heavy duty, rustproof, stainless-steel construction
  • Unique bone-shaped tabletop design
  • Go Pet Club Electric Grooming Table Go Pet Club Electric Grooming Table
  • Electric height adjustment
  • Z-lift frame and H-style base for optimal stability
  • Non-slip and static-free tabletop surface
  • The 10 Best Dog Grooming Tables

    1. Polar Aurora Foldable Grooming Table – Best Overall

    Polar Aurora Foldable Grooming Table

    For the best dog grooming table overall, you may want to consider the Polar Aurora foldable grooming table. This well-made table offers thoughtful features and a solid stainless-steel, rustproof construction.

    The Polar Aurora grooming table for dogs includes a tabletop with rounded aluminum edging and a heavy-duty rubber matting with a non-slip, static-free surface that’s easy to clean. An adjustable grooming arm is secured firmly to the table with a stainless-steel clamp. The arm features a strong leash loop, a sturdy buckle, and a security nylon grooming noose.

    The goalpost-style legs fold for convenient storage, have an adjustable height at the base, and employ non-slip foot pads. This grooming table for dogs is strong enough to hold a dog up to 250 pounds. Additionally, a removable storage shelf for all your grooming necessities is located underneath.

    We only found a few minor assembly issues with the foldable legs and the grooming arm. Also, the rubber matting may have a slight chemical odor.

    • Well-made, solid, rustproof stainless-steel construction
    • Rounded aluminum-edged tabletop
    • Non-slip, static-free, easy-to-clean matting
    • Adjustable grooming arm with stainless-steel clamp
    • Includes leash loop, sturdy buckle and grooming noose
    • Foldable legs for convenient storage
    • Non-slip, adjustable-height foot pads
    • Removeable storage shelf
    • Weight capacity of up to 250 pounds
    • Minor assembly issues with foldable legs and grooming arm
    • Matting may have slight chemical odor

    2. Master Equipment Dog Grooming Table – Most Portable

    Master Equipment TP160 17 Pet Grooming Table

    If you’re looking for a portable table, we recommend the Master Equipment pet grooming table. This small dog grooming table has a circular work surface that measures 18 inches.

    Ideal for small and toy dog breeds, you can easily carry this dog grooming table and place it where you need it. The included grooming arm is adjustable to your dog’s height, is affixed to the table by four screws, and comes with a loop to hold your dog in place as you work.

    The tabletop surface has non-slip material lining the work area and comes in a choice of three colors. To help you groom all around your dog, the circular tabletop spins on its low metal base. The spinning motion does not lock, however, and may turn too easily for your preferences.

    • Portable and easy place where you need it
    • Non-slip material on tabletop
    • Adjustable grooming arm and loop
    • Ideal for small and toy dog breeds
    • Work surface spins for easier grooming
    • Tabletop comes in three color choices
    • Not for medium and larger dog breeds
    • Lacking a lock on the spin motion

    3. Go Pet Club Dog Grooming Table – Best Value

    Go Pet Club GT-101 Dog Grooming Table

    For the best dog grooming table for the money, we selected the Go Pet Club dog grooming table. At an affordable price, you’ll get a durable table made with rust-proof materials, portability, and other helpful features.

    The rounded tabletop is edged with aluminum alloy and has a waterproof surface with a pebbled, non-slip texture for your dog’s safety. The work surface comes with an anti-static feature for easy cleaning.

    Capped with non-skid rubber feet, the goalpost-style legs fold up for easy storage and transport. When opened, the legs lock in place for greater stability. However, the leg height is not adjustable, resulting in this table possibly being too low.

    This dog grooming table includes an adjustable grooming arm that comes with a single leash loop and affixes to the tabletop with a clamp. Be aware that the clamp may not hold as tightly as you may need. Also, there’s no option for a second leash loop to better hold your dog in place.

    • Best value
    • Made with durable, rust-proof materials
    • Portable with foldable legs that lock open
    • Rubber capped feet
    • Rounded tabletop with aluminum-alloy edging
    • Non-slip textured and waterproof tabletop surface
    • Anti-static surface for easier maintenance
    • Adjustable grooming arm with leash loop
    • Legs are not adjustable
    • Height of table may be too low
    • Clamp may not be secure on grooming arm
    • No option for a second leash loop

    4. Flying Pig Heavy Duty Grooming Table for Dogs

    Flying Pig FT-2B Heavy Duty Grooming Table 

    Able to hold up to 330 pounds, the Flying Pig heavy-duty grooming table has a solid and durable rustproof stainless-steel construction and a unique bone-shaped tabletop design.

    Although a bit more expensive than other products on our list, you will get helpful features such as goalpost legs that fold for easy transport and storage. The legs also have non-skid feet for greater stability. The stainless-steel edged tabletop on this dog grooming table has textured surface with non-slip matting.

    This dog grooming table comes with an adjustable grooming arm that clamps to the tabletop and comes with a loop and a noose. Also, a storage basket below the tabletop is included for all your grooming tools. However, the storage basket is an open mesh design, which may not hold small tools.

    The legs are not adjustable in height. Also, while the bone-shape of the table may be cute, some dog owners prefer a wider rectangular table.

    • Weight capacity of 330 pounds
    • Heavy duty, rustproof, stainless-steel construction
    • Unique bone-shaped tabletop design
    • Foldable legs for easier transport and storage
    • Non-skid feet
    • Non-slip matting on tabletop surface
    • Adjustable grooming arm with loop and noose
    • Storage basket
    • A bit more expensive
    • Legs are not adjustable in height
    • Storage basket is not ideal for holding smaller tools
    • Some dog owners do not prefer bone-shaped table design

    5. Go Pet Club Electric Grooming Table

    Go Pet Club HGT-888 Electric Grooming Table

    If you’re looking for convenient height adjustment, the Go Pet Club electric grooming table features a motorized lifting mechanism. The design of the electrically powered Z-lift frame operating on an H-style base provides optimal stability as you work.

    The tabletop surface is made from a composite of plastic and rubber materials and features a non-slip, pebbled texture. For better durability and easier maintenance, the tabletop is edged in aluminum alloy and offers a static-free surface.

    The steel adjustable grooming arm clamps onto the table and comes with a grooming leash to keep your dog in place. We found that the grooming arm may not be as high quality and heavy-duty as the rest of the table.

    Keep in mind that although this is a competitively priced grooming table with an electric lift, the price is still significantly higher than the folding table styles. Also, without included wheels and a heavier overall weight, portability is difficult.

    • Electric height adjustment
    • Z-lift frame and H-style base for optimal stability
    • Non-slip and static-free tabletop surface
    • Aluminum-alloy edging on tabletop
    • Adjustable grooming arm with included leash
    • Affordable for a powered-lift grooming table
    • Electric lifts are higher in price than foldable tables
    • Heavy and not easily portable
    • No included wheels for transport
    • Grooming arm may lack sturdiness

    6. GROOMER’S BEST Dog Grooming Table

    GROOMER'S BEST gb36hyt Dog Grooming Table 

    For another powered adjustable lift option, consider the Groomer’s Best dog grooming table. The lifting mechanism is powered by hydraulics. To operate the lift feature, you simply pump the foot pedal.

    Built for durability and ideal for larger dogs, this heavy-duty dog grooming table is constructed with 14-gauge powder-coated steel. It has a steel reinforced tabletop that features a non-slip textured surface. However, the surface is extra rough and does not offer an anti-static property for easier cleaning.

    Keep in mind that despite being one of the most expensive products on our list, neither a grooming arm nor wheels for easier transport are included at purchase. However, the overall weight of this table is not too heavy.

    This large complex grooming table fortunately comes fully assembled at delivery. Also, several storage areas are incorporated into the design, including two small shelves under the table and two handy slots in the table’s surface.

    • Hydraulic lift for adjustable height
    • Heavy-duty, durable 14-gauge powder-coated steel construction
    • Non-slip tabletop surface
    • Steel-reinforced tabletop
    • Full assembled at delivery
    • Several storage areas
    • Expensive for an adjustable lift grooming table
    • Tabletop surface is too rough and difficult to clean
    • Does not include a grooming arm
    • Does not include wheels for easier transport

    7. BestPet Dog Grooming Table

    BestPet Dog Grooming Table 

    This foldable dog grooming table by BestPet Dog is easy to store and is made from rust-resistant metal. It has multiple features for safe and convenient dog grooming.

    The tabletop has rounded edges for a more pleasant work area. The tabletop’s surface is non-slip material and static free for easier cleaning and maintenance. For improved stability, the legs have non-skid feet and employ a triangular support system.

    Although sturdy, this dog grooming table is best suited for medium and smaller dogs. It comes with an adjustable grooming arm that clamps onto the tabletop, as well as a security nylon grooming loop. The ring hook for the safety loop may not be durable enough, however.

    We also found that this table is rather heavy, which limits its portability. The foldable legs are often difficult to operate due to poor quality construction.

    • Foldable legs
    • Rust-resistant metal construction
    • Rounded tabletop edges
    • Non-slip, static-free tabletop surface
    • Non-skid feet
    • Triangular support system for stability
    • Adjustable grooming arm included
    • Not suited for larger dog breeds
    • Poor quality construction on foldable legs and leash ring
    • Less portability due to heaviness
    • Difficulty operating folding legs

    8. Paws & Pals Grooming Table for Dogs

    Paws & Pals PTGR01-BK Grooming Table

    For another folding grooming table option, the Paws & Pals offers an easy setup and fold-down for transport and convenient storage. Though able to accommodate some large dogs, this grooming table is best suited for medium and smaller dogs.

    This dog grooming table includes an adjustable grooming arm with a leash loop that clamps onto the tabletop. The surface of the tabletop has a softly padded, non-slip texture. Although it doesn’t have a static-free feature, the surface is fairly easy to clean.

    Additionally, the steel legs are made with galvanized tubing and are capped with non-slip feet. Overall, this 30-inch-high table is sturdy. However, the legs do not lock open and are not adjustable in height.

    We placed this grooming table lower on our list for its inadequate quality control. We learned of several products that arrived with rust or dents. Also, the tabletop surface matting may give off a toxic odor.

    • Folding legs for easier transport and storage
    • Ideal for medium and small dogs
    • Adjustable grooming arm
    • Softly padded, non-slip tabletop surface
    • Sturdy steel legs with non-slip feet
    • Does not offer static-free work surface
    • Legs do not lock in open position
    • Height of table is not adjustable
    • Inadequate quality control issues
    • Tabletop matting may give off toxic odor

    9. ComfortGroom Electric Grooming Table

    ComfortGroom ET-290 Electric Grooming Table

    The accordion lifting feature of the ComfortGroom electric grooming table adjusts from 12 inches to 48 inches. The lift operates with a foot control, which works on a shelf system to slide in and out as needed.

    This heavy-duty grooming table has a weight limit of 320 pounds. The frame has a steel construction and is finished with scratch-resistant paint. The tabletop has a pebbled non-skid textured surface and rounded corners, and the edges and the surface of the tabletop are made from vinyl trim. It also has four hooks, one on each corner, that provide a place to hang shears and scissors.

    The tabletop is removable for cleaning. However, we found that it lacks durability and the material is difficult to maintain.

    Also, be aware that electric grooming tables are more expensive than foldable tables. You’ll have to buy the adjustable grooming arm separately. You can also purchase castor wheels for improved transport, as well as a table light and a table towel cover.

    • Accordion lifting feature
    • Broad range of height adjustability
    • Weight capacity of 320 pounds
    • Sturdy frame with scratch-resistant paint
    • Non-skid texture tabletop surface
    • Four hooks for shears and scissors
    • Tabletop is difficult to maintain
    • Tabletop material lacks durability
    • More expensive than foldable tables
    • Does not include adjustable grooming arm
    • Wheels and accessories sold separately

    10. LAZY BUDDY Dog Grooming Table

    LAZY BUDDY Dog Grooming Table 

    Our last pick, Lazy Buddy, has everything you need to groom your dog, as well as a foldable design that makes storage and transport easier.

    The tabletop on this grooming table has rounded corners and a non-slip waterproof work surface. The included grooming arm clamps to the tabletop and offers a leash attachment to hold your dog in place. The adjustable arm accommodates most dogs, with the exception of taller dog breeds.

    While the legs capped with non-slip feet are not adjustable, the height of the table stands at 36 inches. This table is ideal for small to large dogs with a weight capacity of 220 pounds.

    We placed the Lazy Buddy last on our list due to its lower quality materials. The tabletop is constructed from a wooden board, which is only protected on the top surface from water. The metal is coated but not listed a rustproof.

    • Foldable design for storage and transport
    • Rounded corners on tabletop
    • Non-slip, waterproof work surface
    • Adjustable grooming arm included with leash attachment
    • Weight capacity 220 pounds
    • Table height is not adjustable
    • Lower quality construction
    • Metal is not rustproof

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    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Dog Grooming Table

    After reading through the reviews of our top 10 picks for the best dog grooming beds, you may still have questions. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll discuss the key components that make a high-quality dog grooming table and go over the pros and cons of foldable tables versus powered lift dog grooming tables.

    Why You Need a Dog Grooming Table

    Let’s start by going over how the benefits of a well-made dog grooming table can make a significant difference in your ability to groom either your own dog or a client’s dog.

    Table Height

    Dog grooming tables are designed to lift the dog you’re grooming to a comfortable height in order for you to do your best work. Bending down to work on a dog on the ground may cause your muscles to strain and impedes your ability to properly see what you’re doing. By placing the dog at a workable height, you’ll improve how well you can clip, cut, brush, and fluff.


    Dog grooming tables ensure the safety of your dog in several ways. Initially, as you groom, your dog may be wet from a bath. As you may know all too well, wet dogs can be difficult to manage, especially on a slippery floor. The work surface of your dog grooming table should have a non-skid, waterproof surface to prevent your dog from slipping, sliding, and possibly becoming injured.

    The Benefits of a Grooming Arm

    The second way that a high-quality dog grooming table keeps your dog safe is through the use of a grooming arm. The grooming arm should have a secure connection to the table and be adjustable to the height of your dog. A high-quality grooming arm has two points of hold, at your dog’s head and along your dog’s back haunches. When you’re working with sharp tools such as scissors and shears, the fewer sudden movements your dog makes, the safer they’ll be from unfortunate cuts.

    yorkie being groomed on table
    Image Credit: Dmytro Zinkevych, Shutterstock

    Anti-Static Equals Easier Maintenance

    When you’re finished grooming, the clean-up process begins. One helpful aspect of a dog grooming table is that the mess can be contained to the table’s surface. With a sweep and wipe down of the work surface, cleaning can be quick and easy.

    That said, it helps tremendously if your worksurface has an anti-static property. Dog hairs naturally tend to cling to the textured, rubber matting. However, if you purchase a matting that’s static-free, you’ll save yourself plenty of frustration.

    Tool Storage

    Certain tables have storage areas for your grooming supplies. We highly recommend this feature. The convenience of having everything you need at your fingertips can make the grooming process go much more smoothly.

    Foldable versus Power Lift

    Finally, let’s break down the reasons for purchasing either a dog grooming table with foldable legs or one that powers to an adjustable height. As you decide which style of table to purchase, consider how you’ll be using the table, how much space you have available to use it, and how much you’re willing to spend. The answers to these questions will clearly indicate which type of dog grooming table best meets your needs.

    Affordable Portability

    Foldable dog grooming tables offer two advantages. They’re significantly more affordable, and they’re built for easier transport and storage. Be aware that some foldable dog grooming tables are more stable than others. Consider weight capacity compared to the size of your dog and look for sturdy construction before making a purchase.

    Stability With Lifting Power

    There’s no doubt that powered lift tables tend to be heavier and bulkier. You’ll have to pay more for all that power, but in return, you’ll gain many benefits. These tables offer greater stability, making them better suited for all sizes of dogs, including large breeds. Many of these powered tables offer weight capacities of well over 200 pounds. Also, your dog can easily hop onto the work surface, and the power feature can then lift your dog to a comfortable height. With a foldable table, you have to do the lifting and the height usually isn’t adjustable.

    Grooming the Shih Tzu dog
    Image Credit: siamionau pavel, Shutterstock

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    The Polar Aurora Foldable Grooming Table is our top pick for the best overall dog grooming table. This table is well-made with solid, rustproof, stainless-steel construction. The rounded aluminum-edged tabletop has a non-slip, static-free, easy-to-clean matting. The included adjustable grooming arm comes with a stainless-steel clamp, leash loop, sturdy buckle, and grooming noose. The legs are foldable for convenient storage and have non-slip, adjustable height footpads. This dog grooming table offers a removable storage shelf and has a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds.

    If you’re looking for a highly portable option, we recommend the Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table. This lightweight, smaller table is effortless to take with you and easy to place where you need it. Due to its reduced size, this dog grooming table is ideal for small and toy dog breeds. An adjustable grooming arm and loop are included. The tabletop surface is lined with non-slip material and comes in three color choices. The work surface spins for easier grooming.

    Finally, our choice for the best value goes to the Go Pet Club Dog Grooming Table. For a great price, you’ll get a dog grooming table made with durable, rust-proof materials and is easily portable, with foldable legs that lock open. This dog grooming table has multiple helpful features, including rubber capped feet for better stability and a rounded tabletop with aluminum-alloy edging. The textured non-slip, waterproof work surface has an anti-static property for easier maintenance. An adjustable grooming arm with a leash loop is included.

    We hope that with our detailed reviews, handy pros and cons lists, and useful buyer’s guide, you’ve learned which dog grooming table will work best for your needs. The right dog grooming table can be a fantastic investment. As a dog owner, you can cut the costs you currently pay to your groomer. With a proper work area, you’ll be able to give your dog or a client’s dog high-quality grooming experience.

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