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6 DIY Dog Grooming Tables You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

Jana Blagojevic

By Jana Blagojevic

yorkie being groomed on table

If you’re looking into getting a dog grooming table, you’ll know that they can cost over a thousand dollars. While it may be necessary to get a table, spending that kind of money is not always a possibility. Thankfully, there are plenty of DIY projects that teach you how to build a dog grooming table and can save you money in the long run. Some of these tables are on the difficult side, so it’s important to wear safety gear when handling any tools or machinery. Aside from the potential difficulty, these DIY Grooming Tables are great projects that you can make from home.

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Top 6 DIY Dog Grooming Table Plans

1. Cheap Small Grooming Table – Instructables

Cheap Small Grooming Table – Instructables
Image Credit: Instructables
Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced
Materials: Old table, 15mm copper wall plate elbow (outside water tap adaptor), 15mm compression elbow, 15mm copper pipe, 15mm saddle pipe clips, 4 carpet tiles

This DIY grooming table repurposes an old table to make a cheap dog grooming station. This does involve some skill with tools and crafting, so it’s not recommended for beginner DIYers. However, it makes a great team project if you have friends that enjoy doing DIY as well.

2. Easy DIY Dog Grooming Table – Dexter’s Dog Days

Easy DIY Dog Grooming Table – Dexter’s Dog Days
Image Credit: Dexter’s Dog Days
Difficulty: Intermediate
Materials: 1) ½″ x 2′ x 4′ oak plywood, (1) roll of anti-slip rubber surface, (4) ¼″ x 1½″ machine bolt (and nuts), (4) 1″ washers, to match the bolts above, Black & Decker Workmate (repurposed), Elmer’s spray adhesive, weight for stability, reciprocating saw, drill with ¼″ bit, utility knife, crescent wrench for the nuts, pen or pencil, clamp-on Grooming Arm

Next on our list of DIY dog grooming tables is from Dexter’s Dog Days. A quick trip to the hardware store and a saw is all you’ll need for this crafty DIY grooming table. This is probably one of the easier tables to make, but it’s still a great DIY project. It’s also made with inexpensive materials, so it’ll save you money as well.

3. DIY Wood Grooming Table – PET DIYs

DIY Wood Grooming Table - PET DIYs
Image Credit: PET DIYs
Difficulty: Advanced
Materials: Circular saw or hand saw, miter saw or hand saw with a miter box, drill, nail gun or finish nails and hammer, 2” trim molding or baseboard, ⅜” plywood (2’ square), piece of carpet or rubber matting, 1 or 2 strips of hardwood (1- 10′ strip or 2- 6′ pieces), stain/paint/polyurethane, paintbrushes 

Dog grooming tables can take up a lot of space, so this DIY Folding Small Dog Grooming table is perfect for easy storage. This is not a simple project, but it’ll be worth it once it’s done. Learning how to build a dog grooming table also saves you money, since you won’t have to buy an expensive grooming table.

4. DIY Grooming Table for Bigger Dogs – My Brown Newfies

DIY Grooming Table For Big Dogs
Image Credit: My Brown Newfies
Difficulty: Intermediate
Materials: Pressure-treated posts, pressure-treated deck boards, deck screws, toggles, nuts, washers, copper pipe or rod, wheels, miter saw, drill, impact drill, speed square, tape measure, hole saw

This adorable wooden grooming table is pretty simple to make if you have experience using all the power tools required. It is affordable, practical, and has a cute rustic design. It is entirely customizable to your dog’s size and weight, so you can customize this grooming table once you consider those factors.

5. DIY Dog Grooming and Washing Station – Creating Home by Nicole

Difficulty: Easy/intermediate
Materials: Lumber, stock tank, shower tank, shower arm, non-slip tape, garden hose adapter, wood screws, silicon, Teflon tape, pencil, tape measure, miter saw, drill

This adorable dog grooming station allows you to groom and wash your dog in the comfort of your home and is something every dog owner needs. This is especially useful during summer so you don’t have to struggle in your small bathroom and can enjoy a sunny day outside to bathe your dog. It is suitable for all dog sizes and is relatively easy to make.

6. Easy IKEA Dog Grooming Station – Cliff W

Difficulty: Easy
Materials: IKEA shelf, PVC pipes, PVC base, elbow, coupler, metal clip, wire, drill, screws, tape measure

This is the easiest tutorial on our list because it simply involves connecting several PVC pieces and an IKEA shelf to create a new upcycled dog grooming station. It is best for smaller to medium breeds, although it could be used on bigger dogs with some adjustments.

Featured Image Credit: Dmytro Zinkevych, Shutterstock

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